By:  Opemipo Olukoga  Ongoing
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Poor or rich, Influential or infamous, there will always be moments that has left us downcasted; moments becoming memories that has created a habitual space in our hearts. 24 year old Linda Solanke, daughter to political juggernaut and a career-crazy lady battles with her past which has become a strong contender as she thoroughly thrive to attain success in spite of nightmares, regrets from her past and confrontations from those she perceive as malicious. What do the world expect from a 24 year old lady? Success? Is marriage a necessity? When the troubled Linda meets the striving young man, Bode Thomas after giving up on love, we wonder if she will assure herself that life is not really as cruel as she had thought but can Bode's fiery nature make her tick? Will Linda look past her fears and doubts by finally pleasing the world by agreeing to the basis that she really need a man afterwards? Won't her past haunt her once more when things get better and the unexpected happens? When trouble set in once more, what should be done? Read and discover in "Sought-After Peace" a new thrilling novel!

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21 Chapters
       Rattling past the thorny bushes and sprawled twigs with weeds within, a startled young lady in blue yelped out. She scrambled breathlessly with her chest, heaving like one whose pulse would recede any moment and wave a goodbye to the world afterwards. Her black boots skidded the floor, wracking some plants and buds which were about to bloom; she stamped her feet on the ground as the glimmering sun spluttered its rays on her forehead while it shone and glittered like a gold hidden parcel discovered after decades.            "Oh Jeez!" She mumbled, scuttled more and gasped convulsively. She turned abruptly and averted her eyes to the road, walking down a narrow lane. From all indications, there was no glimpse of who was running after her yet she ran more - cringing with fear  and a headwarmer hoisted on her head. She felt sweat trickle down her knees and under suppression, her ankle give a shrilly creak. S
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Chapter 1
      One could saunter idly down the terraced road with the chilly and misty atmosphere welcoming bumps on one's arms. One could settle down on  a pavement and pensively watch the sun sets, appearing from its harbour with golden rays. One could rather stir about with awe having seen spindly trees sway like ballerinas in a ballet performance with dropping birches and boughs as one stamp and crumple the dried leaves laying idly on the floor, One could trail off the street and peer at the black birds loitering in the sky and the ones on electric poles with chirpy noises and pointed beaks like nails. One could stride across the lawn, feasting a glance on trimmed grasses with sunflowers and daffodils within - spead out like a little bed laid for a kid to rest on. One could edge forth and wade one's legs in a bid to feel the misty meadows between one's toes. One could settle down on a furry cushion, a cup of coffee clenched in the right palm and blanket encovering one
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 Dashing nervously into the hospital's reception, she grimaced with pain - her right hand supporting her waist side. The nurses were sitted behind counters with their glinting uniforms and pen reclining in their chest-pockets in a weary state;  some staring at opened files with diverted attention as they summoned the sitted ones to be patient. Linda Solanke gasped, averting her gaze at the ones on the seat. Aunt Yomola,  a plump but tall woman with face, polished glanced at Linda with her face portraying anger and disbelief. Linda cringed, she had spent up to an hour trying to get into something comfy; her rough drive could have claimed her life and with nerves, she swept past the street and bridge with haste amidst almost being stuck in a traffic congestion and everyone would attest to the fact that it was weary and distasteful to sit behind the wheel for hours.      Linda mumbled a prayer, paving a path for a grin which appeared on her face aft
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Yanking off his brown woolen towel from the hanger beside the dismantled electrical appliances, Bode Thomas crouched, picking up a candlestick from the cemented floor.  The whitish wax was still drooping as it smeared the back of his palm in collision with his brown skin. Bode rose, walking towards the curtain briskly as he shoved it aside; The clouds were yet to glitter or showcase it's ever bright light and  darkness subdued the ambience which was yet to subside but for the glimmering stars which had his for dawn has bodily appeared. The rooster with its shriek voice cried out while he grimaced with his ears - bare to the angry retorts from his chatty neighbors. Bode hastingly spread his bedcover on the tiny bed reclining on the floor, his towel resting on his poised arms . Monday as the first day of the week was always hectic and full of stress and bustle, he was aware of being apt for an herculean task this day, his battle and squabble with his lousy neighbors always e
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Chapter 4
The sky was flanked by whitish clumps of clouds with little droplets of rainwater emanating from its abode like sifted flour being poured into a large basin and the weary wind ragingly blowing off things at its pleasure. The large, spindly trees around swirled wearily like an old woman with broken boughs bending and dry leaves falling from its branches.Linda Solanke grumbled with distort, sighing at the intrusion of rainfall and the mist veiling her soggy windscreen in scuffle with the car's wiper which was battling with all might. She took a U-turn, her gaze pensively directed on the road. It was quite appalling when her father called at 5 in the morning, she had scrambled breathlessly under the duvet in anticipation of good news. A family meeting was one she never envisioned for she knew how the turn-out will be. With the cranky Bambi Amah Solanke and daredevil daughter, she thought. There would be room
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Unbuckling his sandals with his legs caked in dust and his damp toes moistening the foot mat, Bode Thomas sighed; his crumpled blue shirt holding on to him. With its hustle and bustle all day, the boisterous noise from the walking pedestrians and sitted travellers awaiting cabs , truck drivers and the long queue of different means of transport - dishevelled humans behind the wheels; Lagos was still considered as the largest of all states  and most populated of all states in Nigeria. One would marvel at how hours pass and how impatience and disappointment reveal itself on the harsh faces of Lagosians as every single move enliven them with joy like one who just received an appointment or promotion. The cracking and hoarse voice of men as they battle to move forward with vulgar words and slangs emanating from their dark lips was one scene to watch except if bottles are broken and one has to take to one's heels.         Bode Thomas twitched his nose,
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Chapter 6
       The cackling noise from chirping birds with pointed beaks leaning on downtrodden boughs overshadowed the rumbling torrent of the flowing sea. A wavering wind whirred, positioning the leaves in diverse places on the sandy floor surface with white pebbles stationed near the seaway. Tall sandcastles stood still, kids yelling with great focus and excitement just as they will if Santa Claus was to arrive on Christ's day. Colourful bikinis greatly occupied everywhere with young ladies marvelling at the sight of the seawaves and husky men showcasing huge shoulders, their boxershorts revealing half of their thigh.        Linda Solanke flinched, girdled by mirth and inestimable joy with her bikini clinging tightly to her body frame with a tanned derm and hat shoving away the beams of light illuminating from the clouds. She silently giggled with garbling glee, running - her legs squibbling with the beachsand as she endeavoured not to dest
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Chapter 7
Clement, direct Lady Philips to the massage therapist. We've discussed and she craves for facial and Thai massage. Tell Job,  the masseur that the client who booked an apartment for microdermabrasion at 2pm might arrive soon. The medical history of Lady Philips has been compiled and cursorily checked , she's fit for the therapy she requested and its appropriate for her current health status. " Bambi Amah Solanke rattled off quickly, a headgear rested on her round face and chubby neck; her dress glittering with great splendour as the hem brushed the frame of the standing young man in blue T-shirt with Ronbi beautifully inscribed at its back. Bambi tilted her neck, beaming and revealing a set of white teeth at her clients as some garbingly stared like a lost peripatetic. She settled down, laughing while a clownish client cracked a joke.             "Well, Mrs Solanke. You're doing a good job here. " A lady commended, her
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Chapter 8
Linda heavily sighed, settling down silently the ceramic tray with brown-red cookies already stowed on its flat surface. With her frigid frame and a deceptive smile - lips parting in disgust, Linda observed her gulp down the orange juice hurriedly like a thief hastingly pilfering drinks and quickly gulping down one in a bid to quench his thirst and for his devised schemes not to be nipped. Linda could still hear the pattering sound of rain on rooftops like a truck offloading huge stones being stacked in it. She sat wearingly, her gaze directed apprehensively over the woman's huge gait. A new neighbor, she claim. Mrs Jones said communal living exists here and though there are rich people residing here, people just like you yet pride is missing for we love to correlate and unite; Linda remembered her words and repulsively , she glanced towards the  painting which she bought five years ago from France. When things go sour and she feels deserted, it gave her relief - a soothing one
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Chapter 9
Flanked by the blue - colored walls and office upholsteries with stacked files peering through the large office desk; Linda Solanke giggled, staring at the red-haired lady as she gulped down her tea. She coughed slightly, her right palm cupping her mouth while she flashed a glance at the sitted lady again. The laughter emitting from her lips was strange, surreal and her frigid self seemed flexible and less cold - lukewarm. The red - haired lady beamed with a polished face - the makeup concealing her eye-bags and coarse skin. She magnificiently sat like a queen or empress meeting up with an emperor or a monarch, her furry jacket brushing the tiled floor swiftly while she spoke with her right palm under the tea-mug.           "Linda,  you know family matters too. That bond! But I really do understand where you're diving to. And your experience in that meeting, hilarious! " The lady laughed; now placing the mug on a silver tray at th
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