Finding Alison

Finding Alison

By:  Reagan Adkison  Ongoing
Language: English
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After being held captive for a year, Alison must adjust back to her normal life but what she doesn't realize is that her life is far from normal. Will she be able to forget enough to have a great future or will she be forever stuck in the past? Please note that there are strong scenes that many people may not like to read. Please use caution while reading.

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Tammy Lubeck
Enjoyed reading this book I can’t wait for more chapters so I can continue to read it LOVE IT!!!!
2021-09-15 05:04:27
34 Chapters
The day my normal life ended
August 30, 2023 Two weeks ago if I were to be asked what was going on in my life I knew what I would say because I thought I had it all figured out. Turns out everything I thought I knew was wrong and everywhere I thought I would be turned into living hell. I'm a junior in high school and I'm also dating the star quarterback on our football team. My life was going great and my future was clear. My best friend's name is Alex and she is totally amazing. Well that's at least what I thought until I caught her and my boyfriend making out in the girls bathroom at school before 3rd period. So as I'm walking home with tears running down my cheeks and my headphones blasting music in my ears I didn't see the van next to me until it was too late.
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One Year Later
August 30,2024 "One year ago today a fellow classmate went missing, we are here today to remember how amazing she was when she was with us. Her name was Alison Tucker and she would be in her last year of high school if she was still with us.."Alex breaks off her speech in a loud sob.  "Alex was her best friend and I, Chad, was her boyfriend…."  Chad went on with the speech that Alex wrote and reminded people of who Alison was before she disappeared. The ceremony was held at Fort Mill High and was live on television so I was forced to watch while tied to the walls unable to move. For a year now I have been locked down here unable to get away from the horrors that I have endured. I pray that someone will find me but until t
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The beginning of my new life
September 1, 2024    I woke up to the nurse checking my vitales, the clock on the wall at 10:15 am and I was really hungry."When is breakfast?""Oh I see your finally awake, I'll go get you your breakfast right now, I'll be back in no time"     Jake was still in the hospital waiting room, from last night, when he decided to do some research to see if he can find anything on Alison. After about 30 minutes of searching he found a girl named Alison Tucker who went missing on August 30, 2023. It said that she was 16 years old and the picture on the website was of a happy cheerleader standing next to a taller football player. She looked like she could be the one that he found be
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The decision
September 5, 2024The past 3 days went by in a blurr and I barely remembered what the doctors said or if Jake came by since I was given the news. I hate that I'm pregnant but I'm free and I don't have to worry about him anymore and now I will have someone with me to care for and love. As crazy as it may sound I came to realize that this baby that is growing inside of me may not be the worst thing but I still don't know if i will be ready to take care of another person like that, especially since I couldn't even take care of myself the way that I was supposed to. The Doctor told me that he would be here even whenever I am released so I know that he will be there no matter what I decide to do. Whenever I was about to make the biggest decision of my life Doctor Rivera walked into the room..."Knock Knock..... How are you feeling today Alison?"
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The release
September 6, 2024It's 10 o'clock whenever I finally wake back up and Sally is talking to Dr. Rivera about my condition and how best to do the transition from the hospital to her house. I hear him mention Jake's name and start to get curious about what was said."Good morning Aunt Sally and Dr. Rivera! How are y'all this fine day?""Hey Alison I was just discussing some dangers with your Aunt. Now are you ready for your final test before you go home?"They had to make sure everything was stable and that I was fit to be released or they would hold me for another day, which I don't want to do because I have been getting this feeling that someone has been with  watching me and it's not pleasant."Let's get this over already
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Killers Apprentice
September 8I head over to watch Alison like everyday since she was released from the hospital and I already am going crazy by holding back and not getting her so no one else can touch her but me. She walks down to the local library like she does every afternoon now with her hair around her like a dark halo looking even more perfect than when I first grabbed her. Alison looked over her shoulder as if she could feel my presence and turned and almost looked right at me and this made me so happy but I knew she couldn't see me just yet so I head back to the hotel I'm staying at and decide to call up a young boy that I know would be easy to manipulate and turn into a younger version of me.  I'm walking to the library because it's my personal escape these days. Getting caught up in a good book forgetting who you are. I've never really been a book type of girl bu
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The plan
September 16I haven't seen Jake in a week now and I'm starting to get worried but I figured he has his own life to live. I was laying in my new room still trying to make sense of everything that has happened so far but I can't really concentrate on much and my thoughts drift right back to Jake and I wish I at least got his number because he was so far the only person around my age that I wanted to talk to right now. I go to school tomorrow and I have to repeat junior year since I basically missed the whole year last year so anyone I may have known is all a year above me so this adjustment is going to be pretty hard at first I just hope I don't see people look and whisper about me. I don't think I can stand more people constantly whispering about me like they know what was done to me or what I have done. Looking up at my ceiling which will soon be covered with colorful painting I realized that I miss my life before I was taken.
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The attack
Jake knew what he had to do so instead of sneaking up on Alison he called out to her to make her feel safe."Hey Alison I didn't notice that was you mind if I walk next to you"She seemed a little alarmed at first until she realized it was him and she relaxed some"You scared me don't you know not to sneak up on a girl like that""Yeah sorry I just didn't know it was you walking up here by yourself"Jake was close to the spot that his father was waiting for him at so he had to move quickly to make sure Alison was unconscious before they reached it for less of a struggle. So with a quick blow to the back of her head Alison crumbled to the ground with only a startled cry falling from her lips and with
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....How could you
I don't remember how it happened but my world went dark as though I was knocked out and I couldn't open my eyes because they felt too heavy to move and gravity had a hold of my arms and legs and didn't seem like they wanted to let go anytime soon. So as I waited for my body to start working properly my other senses went to work and I realized that I was in a vehicle and that it was moving fast. Right when I thought I was about to be able to  open my eyes I floated back to the world of darkness where I couldn't even tell if I was still alive.     Jake watched as she laid there looking as beautiful as ever. He never realized that this was how his father felt all those years but now that he got a taste of it he wanted more. He wanted her to scream his name as he carved it into her perfect skin. He wanted to see fear in her eyes but wanted her to feel safe with him. He wanted he
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Why her??
5:15pmIt was a little after 5 O'clock and Alison still wasn't home and Sally was starting to get worried. She tried to text and call her but Alison wasn't answering her phone which was unusual to her but Sally played it off as a bad day at school and decided to give her some space.By 6 O'clock she was completely worried and paranoid and was about to call 911 when she heard someone knock on the door. Thinking it might be Alison she quickly went to answer it whenever she came face to face with a police officer."Hello ma'am, is Alison Tucker around?""Umm no actually may I ask why you are here?""I regret to inform you that there was a kidnapping with a 17 year old girl that fit Alison's description while she was walking home
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