Chapter: 81.


Wrapping the plastic band around the erect dick took some doing, the length of it becoming incredibly hard and then suddenly flaccid as Keller reacted to the pain to the point where he was overwhelmed by it. One metal ring attached to the band, and the other went around his balls, then the combination lock secured the rings together so that neither could be removed.

The intruder stroked Keller's cock, enjoying the whimpers that escaped the young man. He gripped his hair and pulled his head up as he bent over him. His mouth pressed to the exposed neck.

"Yes, please..." Keller hissed, baring his neck as lips and then teeth grazed his flesh. He moaned, then hissed again, "yes," as the intruder bit down. It was not hard enough to break skin, but it was a claiming, marking bite.

The intruder licked him once more and stood, gathering up his bag in silence. Before leaving the room he released Keller's left hand. He knew it would take the young man a while to fully free hi
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