Chapter: two.


Fucking, Danny, trying to get us killed a second time.

Lately, Levon has been on another level of annoying, he's been moody and extra weird with everyone, even with his parents. He's been both distant and quiet, two things out of his nature and it was freaking those close to him out. He talked less and less and listened even less. He barely pays attention both at school and at home. He's grown fond of his own company rather than hanging out with friends. 

He couldn't help it since they all wouldn't understand him and there was no better way to tell them what has been happening to him.

It troubles his parents greatly that he wasn't talking to them since he stopped telling them about the pains he often felt.  

They wanted to reach out and help but are both clueless as to how to offer the right help. 

Nobody would understand.

He wasn't making it any easier on them since he was always by himself and wouldn't talk to them. He just went to school and returned home, wearing a death-like-zombie expression on his face at all times. 

Last night he had taken his dinner up to his room and ate alone then, that morning he didn't eat at all but left for school instead without as little as hello to his troubled parents. 

"Hey, Meanie!" Shelley was calling and running after him as he staggered over to sit by the bleachers so he would watch his teammates on the field and listen to coach Bennett yelling instructions at the guys while they ran laps. 

It had happened again. One minute he was running with the guys and the next, he was being stabbed repeatedly by sharp unseen objects. 

Was the boy hellbent on ending his life himself? 

Doesn't he understand that they would both die if he continued like this?

It worries Levon but more importantly, it scares him because Danny might get himself killed even before he has had the opportunity to find him as he had promised. 

They will have to be reincarnated again and he will have to deal with this torture. It was true he had accepted it from their previous life but it would be a lot easier if Danny would take it easy on himself. 

People are starting to think he was possessed, or worse, a troubled teen, especially coach Bennett who is starting to think he was skipping practices knowing he was their star player. 

He loved football and nothing makes him happier than when he played, taking his troops to competitions and winning trophies for the school.

How was he going to gain his scholarship if Danny kept hurting him whenever he was out for his games?

Please, my Beauty, you're hurting me... you're hurting us.

His friends thought he acted out on purpose which was understandable since he has no evident injuries that eyes could see. Coach was starting to hate him, he was sure, with the glares the man constantly threw at him. 

He could see the judgment in his eyes, the look of solemn pity since he obviously thought the boy was out to ruin his future. 

Levon didn't want any of this as much as they didn't but with Danny always hurting himself, how could he ever concentrate on anything?

Please, stop... It hurts too much.

He cried through their link hoping the boy would feel him, feel his pain, and how he was hurting him.

Is this the price he pays for not stopping him from killing himself in their first life? 

The sacrifice was too heavy yet he couldn't find it in himself to share part of this pain with his Danny. 

I love him too much. 

His eyes watered at the thought as yet another pain stabbed into his thighs. 

What was he doing to himself this time?

He wondered and tried to feel what was happening but the sound of Shells yelling for him disrupted his concentration and he snapped his eyes open to have them facing the girl. 

"What?" He asked, annoyed and uninterested in whatever she had to say without even knowing what she wants yet. 

"Fuck you, Lev, you want to tell me you didn't hear me calling all along?" She kicked him but the boy didn't mind, he wanted her gone. He was in too much pain to speak.

"You're my best friend, Shells and I love you to death but right now I need to be alone." With that said he was on his feet and walking away from her. He didn't want to look back at the girl as he didn't want to see the hurtful look he knew for sure she would be putting on, the groans coming from behind confirmed it.

He didn't wish to hurt her but he was tired of everything. 

If he didn't find Danny sooner, the boy was going to get himself killed again and he was sure to die along with him. 

There is no life without you, my Beauty.

Tired, he decided to skip the rest of the school period and went on home.


Levon was startled when he walked into their living room to find his fathers seated in wait for him as if they both knew he was on his way home.

Did someone call to inform them? 

He didn't need to worry himself with that so he just dumped his bag by the door and made to sprint away and into his room in an attempt to avoid whatever lectures they have decided to dish out to him.  

"Come have a seat with us, son." His father started and Levon wanted to say no but he followed his legs as they moved forward. Soon he was close enough and sitting in the armchair closest to his Dad. 

"What is going on with you, Levon?" Papa sounded too concerned it broke his heart. 

He hated treating his parents this way. Hated the looks he was seeing on their faces. But most importantly he hated the feeling of deep pressure that sat on his chest, it felt like a mass was crushing him, and instantly he knew something was wrong with his Danny. He didn't know what was happening but whatever Danny was feeling was starting to affect him greatly and it was only a matter of time until he gets restless enough for his parents to panic just as the thought still lingers, a sob broke free and he fell out of the chair and unto his knees in agony. 

Danny needs me.

His parents rushed to his side and wrapped him in a warm hug as they tried to ease some of his pain if they ever could. 

He has gone a little too far this time.

The more those thoughts crossed his mind the more frightened he became. 

Something was wrong with Danny, he could feel it.

"Levon?" His father's gentle voice filled his ears, drifting down to his restless soul and seeking calmness but the bricks laid within his soul were crushing down hard and there was nothing his father's tenderness could do, yet, he opened puffy eyes to lock gaze with his parents. "What is it?" The man asked, voice a lot shaky as he tried miserably to contain his tears.

It broke them seeing their boy this way.

Please, Danny.

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