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This is a story of Vihaan.Vikash.Nair who offered 1 Billion ( 100 crore INR) to his father for the exchange of his mother's freedom. Why he is buying his mother's freedom. Will his father accept the money, and where did he get such an amount?? Follow me in this journey of a lonely man that strived for his family's love , his self respect and true love. Insta id - Author_Heer Facebook - Hiralpesh

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213 Chapters
Sandhya was a very cheerful girl. She was a 2nd year MBBS student. A scholar and hardworking . Being a forensic expert it's her dream." Wow.. Sandhya. . You did well today.. " He was her professor , forensic medicine subject, who praised and appreciated her."Thank you sir. ." She answered and left the college with her friends.. " Sannu. . Let's party.. today you did well and also you always help us with notes so. .We give you a party.." Her best friend Astha invited her." Sorry. .I can't. . You know my mom - dad does not allow me.. So ..After finishing this semester I  will treat you all at my house ok.. "After saying this she bid them bye and went to her house .When she reached home she saw one Audi car parked near her house gate. She was astonished. She was living in a remote area and the car-like Audi was really eye-catching and a point of go
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CH 2 - Happy couple moments.
" Now please Vikash. .Don't give me a headache. Where are we going? I am bored now.. Almost 2 hours have passed and we are still driving. ." Sannu asked him with annoyance.
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After 2 days spent in the farmhouse they both returned . First Vikash dropped Sannu at home then he left for his hospital .  He was so busy and he took 2 days leave to spend time with Sannu. So the pending work was too much in the hospital. He even did not enter his house courtyard too. Just dropped her
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" Dr. Nair . This is the health report of Mr. Suman Nagar. " Nurse came into his office and handover the report." So.. I will check,  You may go. ." He purposely chased his staff away..because that report was not  any Mr.  Suman Nagar but the State 's Chief Minister Mr. Ajith V.K. So he must hold it on the confedecial stage.He scanned the report and called directly to the Chief Minister. In the 3rd ring , the Chief Minister ownself answered the phone." Sir. . Vikash Nair. "" I know my well wisher.  Tell me the news."" Sir.. You can jump now.. " Then he laughed for 1 or 2 second and then he stopped. " 2 weeks.. After product launch. " Then he paused for a while.Minister thought something and sighed. He said " As you say.. I have to follow. "A big victory smile appeared on Vikash's face. Then they both hung up the phon
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" Where is this 2 days report ?" After finishing VVIP PATIENT. He starts to work his daily routine inspection work. But today his whole senior staff is in big fright. They all knew when he read the report his anger vent on them . if the actual person will not lost its jib then Vikash mentally torture them all badly.He raised his head and saw those 20 people who were departmental heads of 20 departments of his hospital .. All doctors one by one submitted their work report except two. One is from the emergency section's head doctor and the other one is the diagnosis department head. They both were shivering by fear when their turn came.  But it's their duty if they did something wrong or fail but they have to submit their report. Vikash took the emergency department 's file and just about opened it he stopped by the voice " Sir , we had an emergency yesterday early mornin
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 Time passes by its speed.. Today is the product launch ceremony . Sannu and Dr.Vikash looked the perfect couple in their new matching couple dresses.  
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" Hi Anil. . After a long time .. hmm. "Dr Vikash came in front of him and said.      Anil quickly regained his senses and showed as nothing happened he casually answered " Yeah. I. I am busy with my lab and other family business. "     " Sannu meet my senior and one of my good friends Dr Anil khushwah. He and Madhu were in the same batch in the MBBS study. They both were girlfriend-boyfriend but it's my luck. Madhu chose me and he lost her. "      Vikash didn't hear what Anil told to Sannu before he came but he never missed the chance to hurt Anil's poor shattered heart. It's his hobby to tease him, sprinkle salt on his wound. Anil became fooled that day and He grasped the opportunity to make Madhu his.       Hearing his words Anil khushwah was at loss. He tried to calm himself. HE cursed under his breath  " one day you
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 CONTINUE. ….. " WHAT? ?? WH- WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY? " Sannu 's eyes widened after hearing his words. She quickly sat up and held Vikash's shoulder. Vikash clearly could see her eyes were still searching for confirmation.  She didn't believe what he just said.   
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"Mr CM, don't worry. after 5 hours you find yourself with a healthy body.. "   Dr Vikash exclaimed to The Chief Minister about Operation timing and also the donor's kidney condition is so good that he will not be after transplant.  
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Ch. 10 Her father's last advice.
After 5 days Sandhya and Aska both flew for New Zealand. She was very excited and happy. Excited for her 1st journey out of India and also her first time sitting on a plane. And happy because it was her hard work and love on which Vikash trusted and sent Aska with her.
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