Scarred For Life

Scarred For Life

By:  Najeeb naseer  Ongoing
Language: English
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* It is said that the most painful wounds leave the deepest scars. No one could attest to that more than Afrah Aminu. For eleven years she's kept a secret to herself, knowing that she might never be able to tell anyone. Not that she wanted to. But now, with the sudden arrival of a strange man in her life, she finds herself thrown into the terrifying situation of having to relive it all. As he tears down each and every wall she has set up around her heart, the memories of that haunting night come crashing in waves. Will she be able to survive it? Or will she be crushed underneath its weight?

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85 Chapters
*  "Afrah, dear?" His voice came from the stairs.  "Yes?" Afrah dropped the remote she had been holding and hurried in the direction of his voice.  
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Chapter 1
* Afrah always liked the feel of the wind in her hair. It made her feel lighter, as though she didn't have any care in the world. There were times when she imagined a powerful gust of wind blowing through the earth and lifting her off her feet, into the oblivion which lay just beyond her reach.  It was a typi
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Chapter 2
*  Barely a few minutes after joining her mother in the kitchen, Afrah began to smell like the spices and seasonings she was using in the food. For this precise reason, she had chosen to leave the veil in her room, having wrapped her favorite and very casual-looking black scarf around her hair instead.  
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Chapter 3
* It was a Saturday just like any other, and an ordinary man in his ordinary car had just dropped off his extraordinary daughter at the gates of his brother's house, on a very ordinary afternoon.  "Remember to behave yourself, Afrah," he had said to her as she looked up at the house. "Remember your manners, and don't do anything that would make me or Umma angry. Do you understand?" 
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Chapter 4
* Amina stepped into the room silently, pausing when she saw Afrah blinking at the ceiling. The latter briefly glanced at her before she resumed her pointless stare.  "How are you feeling?" Amina asked, moving towards her.  
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Chapter 5
* "So," Fahad said the moment he shut the door behind him, "apparently you're my cousin."  Afrah didn't reply as she walked towards the car, her heart threatening to burst from her chest.  
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Chapter 6
*  There was something about Kano that always made Afrah smile. For the better part of her life, she'd tried to figure out why she always felt giddy and excited whenever she found herself drawing closer and closer to the city. Alas, the mystery remained to be unravelled.  Perhaps it was the simplicity in
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Chapter 7
*  Monday - the bane of Afrah's existence - came so swiftly that she was left wondering where the time had flown to. It seemed just like yesterday when she was returning to her parent's home, and yet here she was now, driving into the gates of Bayero University Kano.  "Good morning, miss," the security m
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Chapter 8
*  The theatre was a large and partially curved hall, not fully a semicircle but very nearly so. Several rows of seats were arranged so they curved with the building, facing inward towards a raised podium on which six plush, brown seats were arranged. All around the hall, several banners had been strung over the many doors, bearing the symbol of a woman extending a small bundle to a little girl, against a green backdrop.  
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Chapter 9
* "Well, that was a complete waste of our time," Maryam said as they peeled away from the lights. "I'm never attending any seminar like this ever again." Afrah merely nodded, keeping her eyes on the road.  
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