Scarred Love

Scarred Love

By:  Myositisin  Ongoing
Language: English
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BLURB Loud cheers and applause rang on the air. Agnes smiled widely and hugged her husband’s arm in joy. It was their wedding day, and she was so happy that she can barely contain it. Perhaps it was the feeling called above the clouds? She looked up, wanting to see the happiness in her husband’s, Leon, eyes. He was also smiling, but what contained his eyes and barely obvious intent hidden behind his smile made Agnes shudder as fear slowly showed its way inside her whole body. Her smile faded. Her husband was smiling. He was smiling with joy, not because he was happy with the wedding- he was smiling like a beast who has their prey on his foot- [CLANG!] Before Agnes knew it, the shouts of happiness were replaced by cries of despair. The claps and applause was replaced by hurtful sounds of slaps. The colorful, bright and joyous venue was replaced by dark, damp and scary room. Agnes just saw her pathetic self on the corner of that room; she was still and was looking at nowhere. She remained motionless, but in her mind, she was trembling in fear and helplessly crying in despair; “Please help me out from here!”

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Delinda Schumacher
28 chapters 7-19-23 so no updates for 2 years?? another abandoned book??
2023-07-19 21:06:55
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Need more chapters it’s good kept me captivated
2021-06-30 03:26:35
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Kataya Moon
a little editing should be done. it's also a bit confusing but I'm captivated by it. it's making me feel emotions I don't like to feel. keep it up. I look forward to the next chapters.
2021-05-22 12:01:37
28 Chapters
PROLOGUE; —Saturday morning.The sun was already high but the heat was not even enough to warm someone. The streets and roofs of the houses were covered in thick white snow. It was plain white outside and it was cold. Most of the townsfolk are inside their houses drinking hot tea and staying lazy in front of the fireplace the whole day.Everyone was idle except for a small house that is almost inside the thick forest. There was an out-of-place car that was parked outside. The expensive car was left unguarded but thankfully, no one was crazy enough to steal something on board the daylight. The house was only a two-storied building and the interior is almost bare. There was a rocking chair on the patio in case someone wants to sit down and read newspapers but no one is out at the moment. They were busy preparing inside.In the small living room, someone in a three-piece suit sat on a worn-out sofa. Despite the odd appearance of the thing that the man was sitting on, he didn’t show dis
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CHAPTER ONE; One must run, hide and stifle his gasps in order to save his life. *** "Agnes," her mother, Emilia, muttered uttered as soon as they entered the house. She stood up and went directly to her side and immediately checked if she was hurt. She held her pale small face in her rough hand. It was cold. Agnes was cold but she wasn't hurt. She heaved a small sigh and looked at her worriedly. "Where did you run off to? I told you to wait for me inside your room, didn't I?" Agnes didn't answer her mother and stared directly at her pale green eyes. Her eyes are a carbon copy of her mom's. Everyone in the town admires their silvery green pigment and she felt rather proud about it. She got her small apple face from her mother also and her scarlet hair from her father. She is one of the beauties in their schools. Although they are not rich, they believed that their beauty can compare to those on the top. That's what she used to think until he came. The man was clad in black an
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CHAPTER TWO;One can't help but freeze in front of the thing that they fear the most. —The wind was already chilling and freezing, Agnes thought that she will not experience a temperature colder than that night until he came with a gun.The silver gun was pointed at her from the distance. The polished muzzle of the deadly cold weapon glittered against the light of the moon as if mocking Agnes who once again saw herself trapped like a mouse.Leon was standing still but his eyes are sharp and active, ready to shoot anything that moves.Agnes didn't dare. She didn't move and stood still while her pale face was illuminated by the moon's mocking light. She was disheveled, far from the gracious and precious image that she carried for almost 19 years. Her red hair was like a bird's nest with blades of green grasses and dirt on top of it. She has a small wound on her pale cheeks, corner of her right eye, and lips and they were bleeding. The red blood slid down slowly on her face, painting
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CHAPTER THREE; She once dreamed about living in a castle As a princess. Now she is living her dream; although a princess with broken legs. *** "Agnes—congrats!" Agnes' friend, Dalia, said. Her smile was wide that it was stretched from ear to ear. She congratulated Agnes with a seemingly sincere feeling, but the look of envy and loathe is evident in her eyes. "You're getting married!" Agnes smiled proudly, ignorant about her hidden feelings. She flipped her red hair that was flowing graciously on her side with fake elegance. "Thank you." The news about her getting married was spread in their town. It was a small town, after all, news travels fast. There are different reactions as expected, but none of these matters to Agnes. She was above the clouds. She never thought that her dream of marrying a hot papa. Not to mention, he's wealthy! He is four years older than her by the way. He's mature, handsome, wealthy, and older than her. Her dream guy! Leon's priceless face en
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CHAPTER FOUR; If Only The Laughter Wasn't There, The Words You Whispered Can Make Me a Fool. — Morning came. The sun started illuminating the east of the whole mountain. The light glisten when it touched the water droplets on the leaves of the plants and trees. The morning in a damp forest gave off a mystical feeling. This time in the morning, the maids of a certain mansion on top of that mountain are busy preparing breakfast and cleaning the kitchen and living room. Some washed the clothes and hung them one by one in the backyard. Although they are busy and working fastly, they didn't make any unnecessary noise nor they did chatter. They moved carefully and hurriedly as if trying to escape from a monster that is lurking nearby. Meanwhile, Agnes was standing in front of the door of her room. She can't hear the bustling noises of those people downstairs but she knew they all began working. Agnes looked at the clock on her bedside table. It was nearing 8 in the morning. It is
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CHAPTER FIVE; "I can grant you any wishes that you have but that, my queen." TW: SEXUAL ASSAULT AND RAPE — She can't breathe. Leon was still kissing her forcefully and she can only groan and flail her feet in an attempt to get him off of her. She also tried unclasping the hands that were keeping her as a prisoner but her efforts were wasted. A 23-year-old man is clearly stronger than a 19-year-old girl. In the end, she can only stop her movements and let him kiss her. She closed her eyes and waited patiently to let him finish. Leon only reluctantly parted their lips when she was not responding anymore. He looks down. He saw her eyes were half-lidded and her moist lips were slightly parted. Agnes was gasping for breath. He cannot make up her expression because of the lack of lighting, his eyes only caught the small glint of lights on her eyes. Her light green eyes were reflecting the peeking rays of the moon. Agnes was disheveled from flailing around, her red, flaming hair
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CHAPTER SIX;Behind Closed Doors,Under the Table Transactions. A Snake—A Traitor.Can be a Friend, or a Lover.You Can Never Let Your Guard Down.—"According to Mr. Brown, this lady here," the head maid pointed at Dalia. Dalia waved her hand to the maids and other personnel that was lining in front of her. She was smiling widely that even her eyes were also smiling. "This will be our new maid. Introduce yourself."Dalia stepped out, carrying herself like a fair lady. The other maid's face contorted for some reason. "Hello everyone, my name is Dalia. From now on, I will be a part of Brown's household. Please take care of me."The maids smiled reluctantly and greeted her. Although the response is not as optimistic as Dalia thought, she didn't care. She was so happy that she ceased to care about trivial things.Agnes watched from the stairs, she was peeking down to the living room, she was looking intently at Dalia, her close friend from their village.Since their marriage, which was t
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CHAPTER SEVEN; They Can Smile at You But Sneer on Your Back. Act Nice at You, But Stabs You at Your Back. Who Are They? — She stayed awake the whole night- no, rather, she could not sleep the whole night. She stayed laying down on her bed with her eyes staring at the ceiling wide open. The silence in her room and in the whole mansion is, for the first time ever since she stepped in here, deafening. There was a strange calmness in her heart. No, she thought. It wasn't strange. It was her mind breaking down and turning everything off to not hurt myself further. It's my self-defense. Her last self-defense. She could not believe her ears at that time. Even her mind refuses to analyze the situation. Her feet just froze there and her hands started shaking like crazy. Her eyes were glued in front of the door and there was the urge to barge in and see if it was true. Barge in and see if her ears are not deceiving her. But she couldn't. She didn't. She stood still and her body
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CHAPTER EIGHT; A Marked Contrast To What is Said To What is Meant; Irony--- — Dalia looked down on Agnes who has her face slapped by her. The part of her cheek that was slapped was reddening and her eyes were also tearing up. She was looking at her since her build was shorter and smaller than her. Dalia can't help but gloat in her mind and she can't resist the small smirk that was aching to come out. Her eyes were looking sharply at Agnes—mocking and satisfaction were dancing inside her eyes. 'That's right,' she said inside her mind. 'Look up at me. I'm taller than you—and may be higher in terms of status in this house too!' Agnes never noticed her envy and jealousy towards her even though they were always together before. Almost everyone in their school noticed it but she didn't, not even in the slightest. In conclusion: She's stupid. Awfully stupid. Despite her hate towards her, she decided to befriend her. Because, really, she gets attention and other benefits too. It's
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CHAPTER NINE; Sleep tight — Dalia glared at them and she clenched her hand very hard that she can feel her nails digging in her own flesh, she wasn't even afraid of drawing out blood from it. She gritted her teeth as hard as she can that she can feel them grinding against each other, also not afraid of destroying her perfect set of teeth. Her sharp glare was trailed with them as Leon slowly descends the stairs while carrying her in his arms. She was staring very hard that she might cause a hole in their heads. 'That god-damned bitch,' she exclaimed in her mind. 'She purposely did that just to get his attention! Pathetic!' Dalia was fuming mad inside and some maid was looking in her direction with raised brows. She glared at them and they looked away. She humped, cowards, then descended the stairs too just to follow them into the living room. But as she was about to step on the last steps of the stairs, someone on top stopped and called her out. "Dalia," Dalia stopped and turne
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