Scarred Mate Of The Alpha Brothers

Scarred Mate Of The Alpha Brothers

By:  Abiola Akintewe   Updated just now
Language: English
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Maelis got half of her face scarred and lost her wolf to a fire accident which happened a few days before her eighteenth birthday. She was deemed wolf-less until she received an exclusive admission to the best werewolf institute in the kingdom, where she finds out that she was mated to the three bully alpha brothers, the ones she had vowed to avoid at all costs, having heard about their tantrums. Her life takes another dramatic turn when she learns that her father had sold her to the Royal family after he got stuck with debts. Maelis had to move in with the bully alpha brothers, not as their mate, but as a slave, and they were set to treat her as nothing but the slave she was. A scarred omega, mated to the three bully alpha brothers who would never stoop so low to claiming an omega as their mate, especially not a scarred one...

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16 Chapters
Mate Of The Alpha Brothers
Chapter One Maelis Right from the moment I set my eyes on him, I felt a sudden breakthrough of all prisoned nerves and muscles of my body. It was as if a torrent of warmth and ease flowed down my length. The voice I had never heard, the one which I had always hoped to hear—the voice of my wolf. I heard it for the first time. “He is our mate!” It was a silent and hushed whisper that sent a cold shiver down my spine. I froze. The way he stared at me made every reluctance in me melt away. He gazed at me with intensity, his eyes filled with admiration and longing, one which I last saw on the faces of men coming to my father to ask for my hand in marriage years ago. Ugly. Wolf-less. Old witch. Slave. Chipmunk. Old hag. All of those were names I had been called for the last three years since the fire accident, where I lost my face and wolf. “You are eighteen, but you look thirty.” I remember my stepmother saying that right to my face. For the past three years
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The Bully Alpha Brothers
Chapter Two Maelis “Who could you be?” Prince Valko questioned. I couldn’t speak; my words got caught up in my throat. I peered intensely at him. Does he know? Do they all know? That they were my mates? Can they feel the same bond I was feeling? I could never have imagined that the alpha princes would be my mates, not in this world, not in the next. “I really hate to repeat myself.” I swallowed hard, forcing down the lump in my throat. “I…I am a new student here.” I stuttered, the quirky rhythm of my hiccups continued to echo in my ears. “What? You are what?” “A new...a new student.” He burst into a contemptuous laughter, clapping his hands sarcastically. “A new student?” He held his stomach, exaggerating his laughter. “Has the standard of this school fallen so much to admit someone like this thing into this school?” He asked rhetorically. I hung my head. He was right. I was no way up to the students in the school, but at the same time, I earned my place there; I d
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Welcome To Eclipsarum Sancta Royal Institute
Chapter Three Ulric “You know she is our mate, don’t you?” Aries, my wolf said to me, but I completely ignored him. Yes! I knew she was my mate. I knew that right from the moment I set my eyes on her, but how was I supposed to accept her when I was already torn between two women in my life? One was her, the most beautiful lady I had ever seen. Her beauty radiated from the very long, flowing blonde hair that crashed down her shoulder like a cascade of sunlight, her lips were adorned with a natural captivating curve that invited admiration and made me want to kiss her every single time I see her, and her jawline was sculpted with elegance, which added a touch of grace to her perfect features. The contours of her nose complemented the harmony of her perfectly arched eyebrows that framed her captivating eyes. Speaking of eyes, they were an enthralling hue, perhaps a captivating shade of electric or Caribbean blue. She was, and she remained the most beautiful lady I had ever se
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A New Hell
Chapter FourMaelis Each step I took away from them reminded me of the words he said. "Welcome to EclipsarumElite Sancta Royal Institute?" Was that what he was supposed to say to me after his girlfriend, or whosoever she was, beat me up for what he did? He was the one who held my hand. He was the one who took me to his resting room. I didn’t go because I wanted to. Why did she have to punish me for that?My heart raced with anger and pain. I felt as helpless in this school as I did outside of it. I thought things would change when I came here. I thought I would finally lead a good life, where I wasn’t worried about what people said about me or my face. But I was wrong. This school was no different from every other place I had been to. There was no escape for me. He could have said, "Welcome to hell," instead because this was hell. A new hell for me, a new place to be treated as badly as I had been before.I wish I could go back to the time I stepped into this school. I wished I could
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An irresistible bond
Chapter FiveUlricAll I wanted to do was give her the ointment and band-aid so she could cover up her cut. I never expected to be met with such a hot and sexy sight. My gaze was fixed on her cleavage, the revealing part of her breasts awakening the desires of my wolf, which I had been fighting hard to suppress. My wolf had been reckless ever since the moment I saw her, which meant I was reckless as well. Despite all this, I tried to keep myself in check so I wouldn’t do anything wrong or stupid, but with the sight in front of me, it wouldn’t be as easy as I thought it would.“Sexy bracelet.” The words dropped from my mouth. “Can I touch?” I thought it was all in my head; I wasn’t aware of when I opened my mouth to speak.I looked down at her, and the expression on her face seemed appealing at first, but it changed in a few minutes and she pushed me away, stepping back to the open area of the restroom. Luckily, the ladies who came in earlier had already left.“You pervert!” She yelled
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The New Friend: Isolde
Chapter SixMaelisI wanted to avoid Prince Ulric, his brothers, and those ladies for the rest of the school day, so I headed to the school library. As I browsed through the sections looking for a quiet place to read, my eyes caught the billboard announcing upcoming exams in a few weeks, with a message encouraging students to study hard and wishing them good luck.On the other side, there was a notice about the annual Blood Moon Harvest scheduled for the next weekend. Despite the excitement surrounding the event and the activities planned, I wasn’t interested. I still felt like I didn’t fit in at the school, and attending the harvest would only exacerbate that feeling.My main concern was catching up with my studies. I knew I had fallen behind and needed to work twice as hard as my classmates to catch up.At the librarian’s desk, I joined the queue of students waiting to be served. While standing there, thoughts of the day raced through my mind — from the initial excitement of being a
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Chapter SevenMaelis“Oh! Thank goodness you are here. I was just telling the Royal Guards about you,” my dad said with a big smile on his face as he pulled me towards the center of the room, right in the middle of the Royal Guards.My dad had a big smile on his face, one I hadn’t seen since my mom passed away. He usually wore a frown or scowl, glaring at me whenever he wanted to speak to me. But now, he was smiling from ear to ear, and I could tell he was genuinely happy, which he hadn’t been in years.What could the reason be? Why were the Royal Guards here? What news could they bring to make my father this happy? I searched for answers but couldn’t find any. The only explanation that seemed reasonable to me was that the Royal Guards were sent by the Alpha Princes. I imagined instances where I would have to choose between the Alpha brothers, scrutinizing them from their looks down to their behaviors. Those minutes I spent standing and waiting for an explanation were filled with dayd
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Valko's Therapy
Chapter Eight Valko“The Alpha King mentioned in the last meeting that he would love for his sons to find their mates before the next pack feast,” my uncle, also an elder of the pack, informed me. He turned to me with a smile, his brown teeth baring at me. “Have you found your mate yet?”That was one of the questions I hated to be asked: Where is your mate? Have you found your mate? Can you feel her presence? How long will it take to get to her? I hated all these questions, but they wouldn’t stop asking me. The questions only opened up my insecurities, revealing a part of me that I always tried to forget.How exactly could I tell all these people that I had no wolf? I had never felt its presence, and I didn’t think I ever would.“Valko,” my mom called. “Have you found her?” she asked.I forced a smile onto my face and shook my head. “Not yet. But I am sure I will find her soon,” I responded, knowing full well that was a lie and I might end up with no mate.“I can find the perfect wom
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The Palace Maid
Chapter NineMaelisThe gate of the Royal castle was so big that a family of elephants could pass through it all at once. I had never seen a gate so big in my entire life, and I had thought that the first time I would enter this royal castle would be to seek employment as the royal physician. But here I was, being bundled in to work as a slave.Tears kept rolling down my face, no matter how hard I tried to hold them back. My heart felt like it was ripping apart. Never in my life had I imagined that things would get so bad that I would end up as a slave. I always thought that if I could get admitted into the institution, I would do whatever it took to graduate as a qualified physician and prove everyone wrong, especially my stepmother.I was ecstatic when I received the admission. I thought my dreams were finally going to become a reality, that my far-fetched dreams were finally within reach. But now? My dreams were farther away than I could have ever imagined. I might never become a p
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The Royal Class
Chapter TenUlricBeing at home is supposed to make up for the long day at school, but not in my case. It rather determined how bad the stay at home would be. It determined the amount of trouble I would have to put up with, as it was always double whatever happened at school.Sometimes I get tired and too overwhelmed, and I just want to quit everything, maybe go away with my mom and find a good place for us to live and start a new life. But my mom’s hopes were on me, and she wouldn’t be happy to see that I had given up.My mom was the only reason I was in this fight to begin with. Even though I had topped my brothers in every Royal class and training we’ve done, I never had it in mind to go head-to-head with them for the throne. But seeing how my mom was being treated and how she had been subjected to so much abuse and shame, I just couldn’t let her live like that forever.It wouldn’t even end with me. If I didn’t do anything to change the situation for my mom and me, then every singl
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