Scars of love

Scars of love

By:  Rukky Nehu  Ongoing
Language: English
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Emily deceives Emeline her twin sister and all her family members. She crushed their souls and nearly brought disgrace to the family. You can't do this me, remember you left him on your wedding day. "You would have disgraced mum and dad." I reprimanded. "Emeline, I made a mistake yes I made a mistake by leaving him on the altar on our wedding day that was my biggest mistake trust me. I do regret it. I wish there is something I could do about it." Emily said. "But I'm here to set things right. I'm here to take back what is mine; I'm here, so you are not needed anymore." Emily harshly said. Emily leaves her husband to be at the altar on their wedding day, Emeline been the angel she is decided to save the day. Some few months after the wedding, Emily comes back claiming what is rightfully hers but stupidly threw it all away. Will Emeline be the feeble being she has always been and let her sister have her way or will she fight for what is rightfully hers. Follow me on the triangle love story. Scars of love is one massive and hell of a story. Cover by: EB_Writes

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7 Chapters
Chapter 1
Emily enough of that. What is it that you want that mum and dad don't give to you, is it cars or jewelry, money or what? I asked my twin sister glaring at her. "I think you should be grateful for this life than being ungrateful to them. Don't you think you are hurting them?" I continued. "Emeline you are not my mum or my dad to tell me what to do, you are my twin. And the people you are  referring to as our parents ceased to be my parents since they told us they are not our birth parents." Emily said, throwing her hand's in the air. The necklace she was admiring from her new boyfriend, who is old enough to be her elder brother or father, is lying on her vanity in it glory. " how can you even stand their presence after they were hiding such a secret from us for sixteen years." Emily continued not caring who she hurts with her words. 
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Chapter 2
That night I  couldn't sleep. I turned and tossed on the bed. I felt terrible about fighting with my sister. At breakfast, it was kind of awkward.  My only conclusion was that mum and dad heard our arguments.  It hurts me to see them so sad and hurt like this.  But mum and dad were trying to hide it which they are failing miserably, especially our mum Abigail.  I couldn't stand the silence anymore, so I  tried starting conservation. Mum, did you make breakfast yourself today . I begun, but she did not reply. She was playing with her pancakes. Which I know she prepared it herself.  The silence is like little glasses piercing through my fragile heart. She has used her long black her as a window to block my view.&
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Chapter 3
The following day Emily brought Christian to meet mum and dad. I have met him already, so I didn't come down. The words of Emily has struck a weak spot in my heart. In a way, she is right. Like when we where in the second grade we both fell and bruised our knees everybody around us rushed to check up on me. Emily was on her own; it was when I asked her if she was okay before they went to check on her also. Mum is an event planner, and sometimes we are being invited to the parties and programs she planned. Most attention is on me, and Emily is always pushed back far away from me. But I don't accept that I  salways bring her back to the spotlight. I can't believe I have been a female dog to my sister all this while. I have overshadowed her. But I try my best. She is right; I don't have the rig
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Chapter 4
I can't believe  Emily will do this to us, to the family, and Christian. Despite their age difference, he truly loved her. Or that what I think if he didn't, he wouldn't agree to marry her. You could see it in his eyes whenever you see them together, he somehow looks like someone whose world is coming to an end. What will happen now? The ringing of my phone brought me out of my state of shock. It was Emily who was calling.  I didn't think for a second before answering the call. Emily, where are you, and what the meaning of this? I asked her. "Emery relax, I can't tell you why I did what I did, but I seriously want you to apologize to the guests. Tell Christian to forgive me." She hung up on me. She didn't even let me alter a word; instead, she hanged up. When I called back, her phone is off. I have to tell
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Chapter 5
 "Hell no! You aren't doing this. You are not going to sacrifice your happiness for your selfish twin."Maddie said, pointing an accusing finger my way. "You don't get to decide for me Maddie and don't you call my sister selfish.  I know Emily has her reasons" I said that so unsure.  Maddie only shook her head at the verge of tears. I felt terrible for lashing out on her. She isn't at fault nobody is at fault. "You want us to lie to the Ashford about your identity?" Dad said, looking at me like I have grown two heads. I meekly nodded my head. I did not know what to say. Maddie was glaring at me from where she was standing.  "Maddie look, I know you love and care about me. If you do, please support me on this. Please Maddie, mum dad I know I can do it. Just have faith i
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Chapter 6
After we said our vowels, the priest asked us to kiss, and the kiss was the best of my life. Not that I have had any, I'm not that good as Emily is, I just hope he doesn't find out I'm not Emily. The applauds and hooting from our friends and family broke up apart. Christian pecked me last on the lips before taking my hands and letting us face the crowd. Congratulations! We were congratulated here and there. People I barely new hug me. My parents are the happiest, but you could see the worry behind the smiles. I couldn't help but shiver when I thought of how to break the news to Christian. Will he accept what I did will he forgive Emily and me. I didn't know I was lost in my thoughts till Chris tapped me.   "Hey, are you alright?" Chris whispered to me. Instinctively my eyes snapped to my parents.&
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Chapter 7
" Chris, there is something I need to tell you." I turned to him when the helicopter was high up in the sky. "Sure tell me, what wrong. You don't like where we are going." He asked as he took my hands in his big ones and gave me a gentle and encouraging smile. "Well, erm, I'm so sorry about what I'm about to tell you. I know I should have told you before the wedding, but I didn't get the chance to." I said nervously as hell. "Come on, tell me. You are making me worried also," Chris said, leaving my hand. "Well, you were asking me about Emeline at the wedding reception," I asked as I watched his reaction to the question I asked. He was calm and collective, he only nodded to my question, and the following expression went ahead and told me. "Well I'm not Emily, I'm Emeline. This dawn when we woke-up we couldn't find Emily anywhere, except for this note she left
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