Searching the Wild Lovely West

Searching the Wild Lovely West

By:  Elizabeth Jane  Ongoing
Language: English
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Cassidy Young is what most people compared to a wildfire - she has sass, beautiful looks, and knows how to make anyone turn in their grave but she has a dark past... In fact, she chasing both ghosts and murders, forcing her way from town to town, hoping to redeem her faults and somewhere along the way she meets a handsome and dangerous stranger... Dodge Moore is called the Reaper, he brings death and calm anger everywhere he goes; he has always been alone and even though he seems to care for no one, a new and beautiful stranger walked herself into his life, taking him in a whirlwind of emotions he has never felt before. Not only is he faced with a new challenge called Cassidy, he's also searching for a murderer... Will they help each other or will their feelings scare them away? Is love real on the Wild West frontier or is it just infatuation? Will Cassidy's wildfire burn her or Dodge? Will Dodge's Reaper presence kill him or the girl he's quickly falling for? Find out in Searching the Wild Lovely West to find out!

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27 Chapters
1. Cassidy
She took a swig of whiskey, the sour yet warm sensation burned the back of her throat but she played no mind. Chips of black, red, and green stared at her. Air of heavy cigarette smoke, drunken conversations, and mid-afternoon tangos surrounded everyone in the parlour."Your turn, Cody," His breath smelled of stale cigarettes
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2. Goin' to Dodge
Cassidy's fingers work diligently as she laced up her boots, the tight brown canvas pants hugged her figure and the maroon colored button up enhanced her facial features. At her waist, the leather holster hugged her colt single action army, the silver detailing was sure to shine in today's sun.
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3. Dodge
"What the Hell is wrong with you?" Thomas yelled over the roaring wind as he gripped the reins of his buckskin mustang who went by the name of Trotter."Save your speech, Tom," She yelled back. Her blue roan mustang, Mist
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4. Lover
Dodge walked calmly out to his companions, Ade and Wyane. His left hand shook as it always did, he would always curse his father for that…  “How is the lady?” Dodge asked as he looked towards Wyane. Wyane stood and wiped his hands with the bloody rag, sweat dripped down his face -even if Kansas was cooling down, summer sure the hell ain’t over yet.  “Fine,” He sighed and glanced down at the woman. Dodge, after saving her and her companions lives from a rowdy bandit bunch, laughed at her attire. A woman wearing pants was definitely something new, the revolver that once kissed her hip now hung on his own for the time being, but what confused him the most was her partner… He seemed too uptight for a pant-wearin’ lady. 
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5. Futures Together
“They almost tore ya’ to shreds, Ms.Young…” Cassidy blinked as Dodge explained how last night's events folded out. She sat on a tree stump, Dodge stood nearby with a glass of whiskey in one hand and a handkerchief in the other. Mateo, who was still asleep, snoring gently. His tan face bloody and bruised, he risked so much for someone he hardly even knew - just because she showed him a small dash of kindness.   Thomas chatted quietly with Ade and Wayne, explaining his own backstory with many details left out.    “How did you find us? What were you doin’ out here?”   Dodge chuckled, shook his head, and ran a hand through his black curls, the whiskey in his hand almost gone. Cassidy finished her water and bread, before wiping her hands of the caked on blood with a nearby r
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6. Will She?
“Mateo?” Cassidy gently shook the kid awake, his brown eyes finally opening as the moon rose up and shone upon Dodge’s small campsite. Behind the blanket of which Mateo now laid, Dodge, his companions, and Thomas busied themselves of starting a fire and cooking a few rabbits which they shot earlier.  “Huh?” Mateo questioned as he sat up, rubbing his eyes. “Where are we?” Mateo’s voice was like a bullfrog. Dirt, bruises, and dried blood near the left side of his face seemed to be highlighted by the moonlight.  “A few miles west of where we camped yesterday…” Cassidy responded as she took a bandana out of her pocket, splash some water from her canteen onto it, and gently patted the dirt and blood off of his tan skin. The Kansas air was chilly tonight, maybe th
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7. Privacy, Mr.Moore
“Misty,” Cassidy smiled as she tightened the saddle bags, Mateo on the other side of Misty doing the same thing. Above them as the sun shined, a buzzard flew south. Her blonde hair still wet from the small, cold bath she took in the river.  “She's quite the biter,” Mateo laughed, gently pushing Misty’s black and white speckled nose, her blue roan coat shimmering. Pushing his hand into his pocket, Mateo fished out a small apple and fed it to Misty as a small treat. “I was saving it for later, but I think Misty needs it more than I do,”  “Mateo…” She sighed, looking over her saddle to him, meeting his brown eyes and messy black hair. “About Thomas…” He sighed as well, running a hand on Mi
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8. Viper
“No,” Dodge walked up to the log and Cassidy gestured for him to sit, he happily obliged and thanked her quietly before continuing. “Pissant may know a lot ‘bout God but he doesn’t seem to know shit ‘bout his friend,”“Ah,” Cassidy laughed, still focused on the pink wildflower for a moment. She threw the flower down, stomped it with her boot heel, and looked up to Dodge mischievously. “I see we’ve changed out the term ‘lover’ for ‘friend’.” “A lover doesn’t treat their other like shit, Ms.Young, and if they be doin’ that, then they ain’t no lover - they’re an asshole,” Again, Cassidy laughed but Dodge noticed
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9. Whiskey
Dodge bit back his shock as Cassidy held her hand out, full of clumps of emerald grass, for Miles who happily took the grass without complaining and without biting her; Misty stood next to Cassidy and nudged her nose into her owner's shoulder for her share. Cassidy chuckled silently, making Dodge’s heart skip a beat momentarily, but obliged and let Misty eat the rest.  “I thought he was a biter,” Ade spoke, eyeing the blonde girl who was now plucking up more grass as the horses seemed to only eat if they were hand-fed.  Ade and the other three had joined Dodge and Cassidy shortly after midafternoon before the group made their way slowly to a small spot just outside of a tiny town, Thomas instantly dragged Wayne to the local church to repent both their sins, and Mateo flopped onto a mattress of grass before
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10. A Connection
Dodge turned his body sideways and faced Cassidy, who laid on her unwounded side facing him, as he spoke of his murder, that goddess beauty fizzling out for a haunted look. “It happened years ago, actually…” “So did mine,” Together the two laid on a patch of grass, saddle blanket over the tops of themselves that left their legs to fight off the cold; fall was coming quicker than expected. Even though their chests were mere inches apart, their faces too, they did not touch one another - only Dodge knew how Cassidy had curled into his warmth as she slept earlier in the night. Only Dodge knew how he pulled her closer, drowning himself in her lilac scented perfume, and sought comfort in someone's arms. “I was just fourteen when this man came
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