Second Chance: Mated To My Lycan King Brother-In-Law

Second Chance: Mated To My Lycan King Brother-In-Law

By:  Becca Lou  Completed
Language: English
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Marissa was abandoned by her parents as an infant, left in the care of her famous doctor grandfather. Marissa stumbled across a young boy who was close to death and she saved him, Robert. Robert and Marissa became close friends and he would protect her from the Alpha’s son Damien and his friends, the children of the Beta. Jessica and Jake. One day, Robert left without a trace and Marissa was left to endure the bullying on her own. She lost her grandfather when she was 14 years old. With no-one to love and protect her, the pack turned on her and shunned her for being the daughter of traitors. Used for her healing blood and rejected by her fated mate. Marissa leaves the pack and becomes a doctor in the human world. Little did she know her life would go from bad to worse when her long-lost friend returns to find her. The one she loved with all her heart, only to find out he was mated to another, her estranged little sister, Jennifer. Will she be able to live her life peacefully? Or did the Moon Goddess have other plans for her? Will her ex-mate find her and drag her back to the pack? Only fate knows the answers.

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Iris Lara
so far I like this book very suspenseful, heart breaking and weak to strong female character
2023-11-27 06:00:55
default avatar
I enjoyed this novel so far
2023-11-08 05:25:00
user avatar
Zahara-Yitra Resources
I absolutely enjoy this story and pray the updates come faster
2023-10-19 13:42:30
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Estella D.
This book is NOT as interesting as your first 2 books, the story of DESTINEE and FENRIR. If you followed up with the story of DAHLIA, I am sure your readers stayed on. Hopefully they will come back for DAHLIA. Goodluck with this book, which I find a drag to read after the first few chapers.
2023-10-13 07:27:42
105 Chapters
Chapter 1.
Marissa POV.My fated mate Alpha Damien hates me and only uses me for two things, my blood being one and my body the other. “Why do you treat me like that? We are mates. We should love each other!”“I’ll never love you or think of you as my mate. But you’ll do your duties to me physically, well, not until Jessica returns. You are nothing compared to Jessica!” The one person who is supposed to love me unconditionally only looks at me with disdain. It feels like he rips my heart out of my chest and then stamps on it. I am not the one he holds in his heart and I never will be. The one who he holds in his heart is his childhood sweetheart, Jessica Morgan. I knew then, like I know now.My name is Marissa Gilbert. I come from a long line of healers who have precious blood, worth as much as gold dust, though it is not golden. Even with this magical blood that has the capabilities to heal any condition and injury, one would think I would be treated as a queen, sadly that is not the case. I
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Chapter 2.
Marissa POV.“I said, where are you going?” He snarls at me as he stalks closer. My heart is pounding against my ribcage. I will not be subjected to this any longer.I know why he is here and I will have no part in it.“I don’t see what concern it is of yours, where I am going. After all, I’m nothing to you now that your precious Jessica is back.” I spit my venom at him. It’s stupid of me to show my defiance to him, but right now I need to leave. To leave this wretched place for the good of my unborn pup. A pup that he will never know about.“Yes, she is back, but you are a healer, Marissa. It is your duty to heal those in need and right now, you will fulfil your duty. Or did you forget our agreement?” He frowns, circling me like prey as I clench my fists firmly to my side. The nerve of him to mention the agreement.“Ha, so you remember the agreement then? Well, I’m sorry to tell you Damien. You never stuck to your end of the agreement, so I have no obligation to stick to mine. You wil
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Chapter 3.
Marissa POV.The moonlight silkily flows my face as I bathe in it. Hearing the door open, I try to open my eyes, but they feel like lead weights. The faint smell of the warm earth after it rains invades my nose. My eyes try to focus on the person who has entered my room. All I can make out is a blurry figure. This person’s aura is truly otherworldly, as if it doesn’t belong in the current surroundings. If I die, I can die happy knowing I have seen something so gorgeous. Maybe the figure is an angel sent to bring me to Moon Goddness Selene. Warm fingers trace the path of my dried tears from under my eyes down my cheeks. The touch leaves a slight trail of heat in their wake. A low moan leaves my mouth at the touch.“You are still so selfless that you would rather sacrifice yourself to save those who don’t deserve saving.” His voice is low and magnetic, reminiscent of somebody that I used to know. I hear this man take a seat next to the bed.The only guy who would visit me and touch me
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Chapter 4.
Damien POV.I stood shocked in place after learning Marissa, my mate, was pregnant. I never thought that her accepting the rejection would have caused her to collapse and bled out. She had so many chances to be frank with me, but she chose to be retricent about it and caused me so much pain and guilt. What have I done? If I had just been honest with her and rejected her from the beginning, this wouldn’t have happened. This is my fault, all of it. For that being said, I never thought she would accept the rejection. I thought she would have fought for me. She should have put up more of a fight to keep me. How could she have done this to me, her fated mate? If she truly loved me, then none of this would have happened. I pace outside the operating room doors as I lose the battle with my mind. Perhaps the pup isn’t even mine. Why am I feeling like this? She is a selfish whore. “Damien, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have come back. This is all my fault.” Jessica cries as she throws herself in
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Chapter 5.
Marissa POV. Looking in the mirror in my office, I have to say, no-one would ever suspect me not to be human. My long chestnut hair is currently up in a neat bun at the back of my head; My creamy skin gets brighter and cheeks become rosy thanks to the increased circulation of blood and hormone during the pregnancy. I look flawless. It’s been a month since I left that god awful pack. Dr. Brendan knew that if Damien thought I survived, he would have killed me because I revealed the secret. As a loyal friend to my late grandfather, Dr. Brendan couldn’t let that happen to me or my pup. With the help of his close friends in human territory, he smuggled me out to safety and secured me a job in a hospital out there. His connections go far and wide and I couldn’t be happier to live in this picturesque town. The town itself is simply beautiful. The distant mountain is sharply defined against the mid-afternoon sky, gracing the foreground decorated by sweet and fluffy clouds and carefree lar
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Chapter 6.
Marissa POV.To say my heart wasn’t in my throat would be an understatement. I’m terrified to say the least. I can’t shift even if I wanted to. I gulp, knowing I need answers. I’m smarter than this.“I know you’re a werewolf. Please don’t tell Damien that you have found me. I will do anything you say. Just don’t hurt me.” I beg desperately. His breathing becomes heavier, almost pained, but he doesn’t confirm or deny anything.“He’s heading this way. Don’t let him run off!” A furious voice sounded in the corridor. Rushed footsteps grow closer to my office, my eyes not leaving the closed door. “Stay down.” A warm large hand snakes feebly over my mouth and I gasp. I nod my head frantically. My heart is beating in my ears. The metallic scent of blood enters my nose as my eyes widen in realisation. He is injured. The people who are drawing closer must be after him. Shit!“Check all the rooms, find him and kill him.” The man from outside says with a growl. Wolves. The guy in my office pull
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Chapter 7.
Marissa POV.Once Lucy and I cleaned Robert’s wounds, we stitched him up before placing a clean shirt on him. Lucy then took her leave, knowing that I needed to rest after coming off the night shift.Sitting opposite Robert as he sleeps on my sofa, I stare at him. Where has he been? How did he find me? Why did he come to me if he was mated? All these questions swirl in my mind. But do I want to know? Lost in my thoughts, a groan comes from the sofa when I see his eyebrows furrow.Standing, I move towards the sofa, placing a hand on his forehead. He suddenly grabs my wrist. I gasp at the static feeling from his touch. His beautiful silver grey eyes pierce into my very soul.“My Regina? I’m sorry, I’m so sorry for this.” A look of guilt and sadness flashes across his face. “Please don’t call me that. I’m Marissa.” I want to play it cool as if I was unaffected and he seems to be surprised by my cold and distant manner. “Marissa, I know you will have lots of questions after all these ye
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Chapter 8.
Robert POV.Standing under the hot spray of the shower, I look down at the wounds on my chest to see that they have healed. My Lycan genes work faster than the average werewolf. Closing my eyes, I think back to the failed attack on my life. A low growl leaves my throat at the thought.As a rival company, Heallergy Pharmaceuticals sent the three men to kill me. They lost the acquisition of Faith Pharmaceuticals to my company, Mapex Group. So they took their revenge in such a distasteful manner. Scoffing because I know it would take more than three human men to bring me down. I’m the Lycan King after all. I would never release my Lycan in view of the humans. It would only cause nothing but death and destruction.Leaving the shower with a towel wrapped around my waist. I make my way through the bathroom when a diamond earring on the vanity next to the basin catches my attention. I sigh as I think back to what happened yesterday with Marissa. The way she looked at me with hurt and a fire
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Chapter 9.
Marissa POV.Ever since Robert left, my days have gone back to be uneventful. Robert didn’t show up in front of me. Some part of me was happy about this, but a small part of me wished he would.We have a 7 day national holiday coming up and I can’t wait to relax. Walking into the staff room at the hospital, my coworkers are all talking about their plans for the upcoming holiday. Granted, we can’t close the hospital during holidays, but the senior consultants take a break during this period and I’m one of them, so I’m happy. Making a coffee, Lucy approaches me as I bring the goodness to my lips.“Hey, babe. What are you planning on doing with your holiday? Anything fun?” “No, I plan on staying home and getting some rest. How about you?” I take a sip as I wait for her reply.“I’m going back to my hometown for the holidays. You should come too. It’s beautiful where I’m from. It’s a tropical paradise. Sun, sea, sand, and shirtless hot guys.” She says excitedly.I chuckle at her antics.
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Chapter 10.
Marissa POV.I watch her as she takes a step towards me, but I don’t take a step back. I hold her gaze. “Marissa, I’m sorry for bringing you here in this brutal manner. I hope our father’s men weren’t too offensive? Seeing you at the restaurant today, Robert told me that you are my big sister. I was afraid you wouldn’t want to see me again, so…” “Wait what? You have just told me you are getting married in a month’s time. Now you want to apologise for bringing me here against my will?” I watch as she fidgets with her fingers, but I won’t be fooled by her or anyone. I learnt my lesson last time.“Sister, I didn’t mean it. We all miss you.” Jennifer looks at me with her big doe eyes as her lip trembles. There is a hint of sadness and regret on her face. Something in me stares at me as my guard gradually comes down after she called me sister. Was I being too mean? Judging her before getting to know her? At the end of the day, the saying goes blood is thicker than water and she is my lit
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