Secrets of Billionaire's naughty Wives

Secrets of Billionaire's naughty Wives

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"What do you want?" Leo said angrily. "I just want to go back to sleep," Alana replied, winking. "And?" "I want to sleep in your arms. Not difficult, right?" "No way." "Come on, we've been sleeping apart all this time; I feel so cold," Alana exaggerated. "But if you refuse, that's okay. I'll gladly do what I wanted to do earlier," Alana replied, making Leo rub his face roughly. "Come here," but the next moment, Alana grinned widely as Leo opened his arms and told her to come closer. Without wasting time, Alana tumbled into Leo's embrace, resting her head on Leo's arm, and hugging Leo's waist tightly. "Comfortable and warm," murmured Alana while continuing to nestle deeper into Leo's embrace. "Stop moving, or I'll push you away." "Yes, yes, fine, but can you stroke my hair?" Alana said while tilting her face up, immediately getting a sharp look from Leo. "Tsk, I'm just—," Alana's banter was cut off when Leo moved his hand on the top of her head gently. "It seems I'm going to have sweet dreams," Alana murmured, tilting her face up even more. From this close distance, Leo could clearly see Alana's face, and for some reason, his heart beat faster. Leo was sure Alana could hear it this time. "Hurry up and sleep," Leo said while shifting his gaze, choosing to look at the ceiling of the room. However, instead of stopping the teasing, Alana made Leo more flustered.

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Alana's arrival
Leo stared intensely at the woman sitting in front of him, her head bowed, unwilling to lift it as if the man before her might pounce the moment their eyes met. More than ten minutes of silence hung between them, and neither wanted to utter a single word. The woman nervously squeezed her fingers on her lap, which grew increasingly sweaty."Different," Leo spoke, causing the woman to finally raise her head and meet the piercing gaze. However, just a few seconds later, she lowered it again, pondering the words the man had spoken.Different? What's different? the woman wondered."It seems the sorceress is getting smarter," Leo said, then smirked. "Turns out she changed her tactics after her plan failed by throwing a cunning wench at me. This time, it's a housebound wench she's thrown at me. Clever."Leo continued, making the woman in front of him grip her fingers tightly, her body trembling, and her eyes welling up. Her heart raced painfully. For the first time, someone called her that,
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Occasionally, Alana massaged her very sore calves. The guests seemed unending since two hours ago. "Who exactly did the sorceress invite?" grumbled Leo, causing Alana to turn and narrow her eyes.Sitting, Leo felt irritated, especially since he had been standing with his wide smile for the guests. Alana even felt like her feet couldn't touch the ground anymore."Pedro, take me to the room," said Leo, making Alana turn quickly."Where to?" asked Alana, causing Pedro's movement to stop as he was about to spin Leo's wheelchair."I'll escort the master to the room," Pedro replied with a thin smile.Matching superiors and secretaries, thought Alana, both equally expressionless. "What about me?" asked Alana, finally making Leo look in her direction. "Your first task is to welcome the guests. After all, I don't know them; only 1% of all the guests I know. The rest are that sorceress's gang, so you have to take responsibility," Leo's answer made Alana widen her eyes."Me, how can I? Especiall
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Alana existence
"Hey, wake up, Sleeping Beauty." Alana could hear someone trying to wake her up, but the drowsiness urged her to keep her eyes closed, ignoring the sounds she heard."In the count of three, if you don't wake up, I'll splash you until you're soaking wet." Again, Alana ignored the voice. And in a few seconds..."Aaaaaa...!!!" Alana's scream echoed throughout the room. Alana quickly sat up and wiped her face, which was now completely wet."What are you doing?""Waking you up, what else," Leo casually answered, making Alana shift her gaze to the clock on the nightstand, then back at Leo."You poured water on me and woke me up in the middle of the night?""So, what if I did?""If you need something, at least wake me up gently, like giving a kiss on my forehead or stroking my hair.""Are you still dreaming? Your talk is nonsense. Quickly get up and get out of my bed," Leo said, making Alana look at him with a question mark."Why? What's wrong?""I've been tortured enough sleeping in the sam
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You want to kill me?
Alana continued stirring the food in front of her while occasionally turning her head. She had been waiting for Leo for more than ten minutes, but her husband seemed to linger in his office, of course, with his faithful servant, Pedro. "Ugh, my stomach won't stop growling," Alana grumbled. However, afterward, Alana saw Leo coming out with Pedro, who was pushing his wheelchair towards the dining table where Alana was. Pedro placed Leo right next to Alana, making Leo look at Pedro with irritation. Pedro, realizing his mistake, was about to pull Leo's wheelchair back, but Alana stopped him first. "It's better if you stay here so I can serve you more easily," Alana said, holding the side of Leo's wheelchair. "I don't need your help. Pedro will___" "Mr. Pedro, I'm sure you haven't had lunch either, right? Sit with us," Alana said with a threatening look in her eyes, and Pedro understood what it meant. It was Alana's way of politely asking him to leave. "Oh, no, thank you, ma'am. I'm m
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Leo's fear
Leo felt the fear slowly infiltrating his heart. That was the fitting expression crossing Leo's mind right now. Surprisingly, Alana could evoke a much greater fear, something Leo never expected.Leo gazed at Alana's sleeping figure beside him. Leo wasn't sure what he felt towards Alana. Leo knew that since Alana first appeared in his life, he perceived her as a threat. However, inexplicably, over time, that sense of threat eroded, and Leo began to worry that Alana might truly invade his heart.As in the park some time ago, Leo felt confused about his feelings. For a moment, he experienced a carefree life as he looked at Alana's peacefully sleeping face and gently touched her cheek. That simple event allowed Leo to momentarily forget the anger and pain in his heart.Leo's reverie was interrupted when Alana changed her sleeping position to face Leo. Like in the park, Alana slept with a serene expression. Leo felt the urge to stroke Alana's cheek again but stopped when his gaze fell down
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your first love
Occasionally, Leo gazes at Alana, who is engrossed in reading a magazine in her hands. Leo senses that Alana isn't just reading, but rather observing him or perhaps lost in thought. Squinting his eyes, Leo attentively observes his wife not far in front of him.What's going on with her? It's rare for Alana not to disturb him when they're alone in a room. At least this time, Alana isn't incessantly talking about unclear things. Maybe since she returned late this afternoon, Leo doesn't know where Alana spent the whole day, coming back with a disheveled face, and Leo doesn't care. However, her contemplative mood this time is a bit unsettling, making Leo worry that the neighbor's chicken might suddenly drop dead because Alana is lost in thought."Did she eat something wrong?" mumbles Leo softly, continuing to watch Alana. "Please fetch the book from the shelf over there," Leo says, returning his attention to the book in his hands. Alana looks over with a blossoming smile but doesn't get up
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"Morning!!!" A greeting in the morning makes Leo immediately blink his eyes and turn to look at his side. Even though it's been over a week, Alana's presence next to him when he first opens his eyes still feels unfamiliar to Leo.Now, with Alana sleeping on Leo's arm and holding him tightly, Leo doesn't know when their positions got this close. Before going to sleep, Leo usually limits the distance between them with a bolster and some pillows so that Alana doesn't get too close, although Leo is not sure if that method would work.Leo's reverie is interrupted when Alana rises from her sleep and puts on her bathrobe. Leo remains silent, continuing to observe Alana who is tying her hair. Unconsciously, his eyes scan Alana from top to bottom. Leo misjudged Alana when he first saw her; Alana is not cute, but she's attractive. That's what crosses Leo's mind now."Do you want to take a shower now? I'll prepare the warm water," Alana says, making Leo quickly avert his gaze and awkwardly clear
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Make a change
Slowly, Alana exits the car and stands in front of a not-too-large cake shop. The shop seems devoid of customers. Alana contemplates, perhaps it's too early, or maybe it's already noon, while the cake shop is usually bustling. Is this what Pedro meant by saying the shop is almost bankrupt?"Huff," Alana exhales a long breath. Why did she agree to manage this shop? She herself doesn't know much about the cake business."Alright, Alana, it's already done. You can handle it," she says to herself while patting her arms. Alana steps towards the shop, slowing down as she stands in front of the glass door with a sign that says "open."Before opening the door, Alana takes a breath and opens it carefully. "Good afternoon, can we help you?" greets a waitress after Alana enters.Alana observes the not-so-spacious room. "Oh, I'm Alana, the wife—""Are you Mr. Leo's wife?" the waitress interrupts, making Alana nod, and the waitress stumbles."Sorry, ma'am, I didn't recognize you," she apologizes.
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Pedro’s assessment
"Pedro, is it true what I heard?" Leo asks to confirm. After Alana complained about the condition of the main cake shop owned by his late mother, Leo immediately sought confirmation from Pedro."Yes, that's true," Pedro replies."Why didn't you tell me?""I reported it to you, and you approved it.""When?" Leo asks with a slightly raised tone because he doesn't remember Pedro reporting about the chef's duties."I already mentioned that the chef who manages the shop is the old reliable person. Didn't you disagree with handing it over entirely to someone to manage the shop? You said you didn't trust it.""But you-""And you said it's better to trust that old person. Therefore, I entrusted everything to that one chef because he's the only old person we can really trust. Besides, his ability is quite good," Pedro interrupts Leo when he tries to interrupt the explanation."So, should we provide a fair salary for him?" Leo asks."Of course, we pay him higher than the average chef. Initially
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Leo’s desire
"Ah, I should've called a masseur," Alana exclaimed while stretching her arms, catching Leo's attention momentarily from the laptop on his lap. However, it only lasted a few seconds; afterward, Leo refocused on his work, which irked Alana."At least offer to help me or inquire about my well-being after working all day," Alana grumbled, directed at her stoic husband. Leo, who actually heard his wife's complaints, remained silent and showed no intention of responding. Leo seemed accustomed to Alana's protests about his seemingly indifferent and unromantic demeanor."I've said it before; I never forced you to work, right? I can still provide for you," Leo said, prompting Alana to pout, which amused Leo. It was evident from the corners of her mouth that always lifted, creating a smile when he successfully teased his wife. However, the situation reversed when Alana displayed a mischievous smile and walked closer to Leo, instantly putting him on guard. Leo didn't know what crazy thing Alana
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