Shadowed Desires: The Unwanted Mate

Shadowed Desires: The Unwanted Mate

By:  Arong Priscilia  Ongoing
Language: English
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Ava, the only Omega in her family, faced mistreatment from her own family from a young age due to her weakness. After being driven away from home and facing attempts on her life, she stumbled upon another pack where she unexpectedly found her destined mate - only to be rejected by him. Now, she must strive to find her place in a pack where she isn't welcome while facing the obstacles of a prophecy that seems determined to hold her back. Will she be able to prove herself and find her place, or will the prophecy continue to hinder her progress?

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I love Ava already, she's strong and determined. I'm hooked already kudos ...️...️
2024-06-20 02:56:39
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i love the way you write, and love Eva's character right off the bat. I'm definitely adding this to my library. 🥹🥹🥹🥹 I wish you the best of luck on this platform.
2024-06-09 10:25:31
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Sally N
Great book…hooked in already...
2024-06-07 21:58:21
31 Chapters
Chapter 1
The moon hung heavy in the night sky, casting its silver glow over the dense forest below. Ava’s heart raced as she ran through the woods, the crisp autumn air stinging her lungs. She could feel the wildness of the forest pulsing around her, calling to something deep within her soul. As she sprinted deeper into the heart of the forest, the shadows seemed to grow thicker, twisting and contorting like living creatures. But Ava was undeterred. A vital force dragged her forward, leading her to a destiny she did not yet understand. Suddenly, she came across a clearing covered in moonlight. There stood a majestic wolf; its fur was a mixture of midnight black and shimmering silver. Her eyes, pools of warm liquid, locked with Ava’s, and she felt a familiar shock course through her body. Without hesitation, Ava approached the magnificent animal; her hands trembled with excitement and fear. As she drew closer, she could sense the power emanating from the wolf, a power that seemed to resonate
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Chapter 2
Without a second thought, Ava sprang into action, her instincts overriding her fear as she rushed forward to intervene. "Stop it!" she exclaimed, her voice ringing with authority as she stepped between the aggressor and her victim. The woman's eyes narrowed in disbelief at Ava's audacity, her lips curling into a sneer. "And who do you think you are, interfering in my affairs?" she spat, her voice dripping with contempt. Ignoring the woman's disdain, Ava stood her ground, her gaze unwavering as she addressed the trembling servant behind her. "Are you alright?" she asked gently, offering a reassuring hand. The servant nodded, her eyes wide with gratitude as she clung to Ava's outstretched hand. "Thank you," she whispered, her voice trembling with relief. Turning back to the woman, Ava's resolve hardened as she confronted her with steely determination. "You have no right to treat her like this. We are all equals here, deserving of respect and dignity," she declared, her words ringing
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Chapter 3
Ava worked hard in Alpha Tristan's house till it was dusk, Night fell, a dark shroud fell over the land, and Ava's fatigue weighed heavily on her. The full moon illuminates the world below with its majestic silver light. Since there were no vehicles on the road, Ava decided to take a shorter route through the forest. It was the night of a full moon, and the following day, Ava would turn 21. The air felt charged with excitement as the moon reached its highest point, making Ava feel more alert. She felt a strong, natural desire awakening inside her, something she hadn't felt before. It was the mating night, when wolves found their soulmates, guided by instincts as ancient as time. Even though she was human, Ava got swept up in this old tradition. The moon's warmth felt like it was filling her up, making her feel a powerful energy she couldn't understand.She felt intense pain, like her bones were breaking into pieces. Ava felt confused as she tried to understand what was happening. H
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Chapter 4
Ava knew that she was leaving behind more than just a house, she was leaving behind the shattered remnants of a family that could never truly accept her for who she was.But deep within her, a flicker of hope burned bright, guiding her towards a future where she could finally be free to embrace her true self.As Ava stopped to pick up the scattered belongings, the heavens opened up, releasing a torrent of rain that soaked her to the bone. With each drop that fells, it felt as though the universe itself was joining in her sorrow.Looking up at the darkened sky, Ava's voice broke through the sound of the rain. “Why?” she cried out, her words lost in the storm. “Why do you torment me like this?”Her question hung in the air, unanswered, as the rain continued to fall, washing away the remnants of her shattered life. At that moment of despair, Ava felt utterly alone, with only the cold embrace of the rain to accompany her on her journey into the unknown.As Ava trudged through the rain-soa
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Chapter 5
As Alpha Kellan Darkclaws purposefully walked inside his castle, whispers trailing. The pack wondered if their Alpha had finally found his destined mate, or if Ava was merely a random woman, Yet, they knew no woman could ever come that close to their Alpha.Alpha Kellan Darkclaws gently laid Ava in his Chambers as the doctor was already waiting for them.Soon the doctor started checking to see if she's injured and also cleans the cuts on her body caused by her contact with the tree.The doctor then looked at the Alpha though his face was void of any emotions, but he knew the alpha was worried about this stranger.Then the doctor wanted to remove her clothes to check if she has other injuries so he asked the Alpha to excuse them “Alpha I want to check the Ladies body can you please excuse us for some time” he said?The looked at him with a glare and asked, “can't you check on her while she's putting on her clothes?” Alpha Kellan asked.“No Alpha, I need to make sure there are no other
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Chapter 6
Ava was already scared and started to back away from him, she clearly remembered those eyes, and it was he who hurt her yesterday. Now that he saw Ava freaking out, as if he was a monster, his patience with her was starting to wear thin. Alpha Kellan got angry and started scolding her. As Alpha Kellan's voice became harsher, and his demeanor changed from worry to disappointment, Ava's heart began to beat faster. She mumbled her apology. Her words were barely audible due to the adrenaline coursing through her veins. Memories of yesterday's pain filled her mind, and she retreated even further, leaning her back against the cold wall. Alpha Kelan's anger subsided, replaced by anger mixed with her confusion and worry. He took a step closer. His tall figure cast a shadow over her trembling body. “Ava,” he said softly, his voice a stark contrast from before, “Why are you so scared?” But Ava couldn't speak. The memories were still too vivid, and the wounds too. She looked down, unabl
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Chapter 7
Alpha Kellan took a slow breath and looked at the broken glasses. He sighed deeply and said to himself with pain and relief in his voice: "I don't need a partner,” he whispered, this mantra soothing the pain in his heart. “I do not need anybody.”Alpha Kellan's thoughts drifted into the past, forgetting his father's downfall. “I can't let what happened to my father happen to me,” he whispered, his voice heavy with the weight of history repeating itself.But before he could think any more about his fear, his wolf spoke to him. “Why did you our Mate?” his wolf asked, disappointment and confusion in his voice.Alpha Kellan felt the anger within him, his instincts telling him to silence the wolf's voice and cut the bond that held them together. He silenced the constantly asked questions with great courage and cut the bond between them.Soon a heavy silence fell in the room, only Alpha Kellan's footsteps disturbing his thoughts.When Ava stepped outside, her mind still reeling from her enc
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Chapter 8
Alpha Kellan stood in the doorway, his gaze softening as he watched Ava sleeping soundly in his chair. Despite the weariness etched on her features, there was a peacefulness about her that tugged at something deep within him—a sense of vulnerability that he couldn't quite shake.As he studied her sleeping form, a rare smile crept onto his lips, its presence unfamiliar yet strangely welcome. At that moment, he couldn't deny the quiet admiration that stirred within him, a begrudging acknowledgment of Ava's resilience in the face of adversity.With a gentle sigh, Alpha Kellan approached silently, careful not to disturb her slumber. As he stood beside her, a tenderness he hadn't known he possessed washed over him, a fleeting glimpse of a softer side he rarely allowed himself to show.Brushing a stray lock of hair from her face, he couldn't help but feel a twinge of regret for the harshness with which he had treated her earlier. In the quiet of the room, with Ava's steady breathing filling
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Chapter 9
Feeling uncomfortable by the maids clothes Ava took a shower and changed into the clothes Chloe had brought for her before taking a walk outside. While walking and singing, she met Alpha Kellan and greeted him with a bow before trying to walk away.With a smirk on his face, Alpha Kellan said, "Your voice isn't good, so why bother singing?" Ava looked at him feeling embarrassed and ran away. He smiled at her as she fled. He was just joking, but she took it seriously. In fact, He thought her voice was wonderful. Ava ran to her room and found it hard to sleep due to her embarrassment.She finally fell asleep. The next morning, she got up, took a bath, and came out. She was surprised to find no one else awake yet, so she decided to make breakfast. Her breakfast was placed in the dining room after she had completed it. The servant greeted Ava respectfully, "Good morning, Ava," Ava responded with "Thank you."The servant exclaimed, "Wow, who prepared this?" Ava replied, "I did." The servant
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Chapter 10
Chloe was forcefully taken and locked inside her room.Feeling frustrated by his Wolf's insistence, Alpha Swiftly rushed outside and quickly carried Ava in his arms inside and mind linked the family doctor to ensure she gets urgent medical treatment.When the doctor arrives he advises the Alpha to take Ava to the hospital as soon as possible, the Alpha nods in understanding without delay, he gently puts Ava in the car and drives them to the hospital, feeling anxious at the same time frustrated of how weak she is.When they got to the hospital, the medical staff hurry to help, quickly taking Ava into the emergency room for treatment.After what felt like an eternity of waiting, Alpha Kellan receives the relieving news from the doctors that Ava's treatment was successful.A wave of relief washes over him as he heard the doctor, soon Ava was pushed out of the emergency room and was taken to a new ward.Alpha Kellan was relief seeing Ava resting peacefully, her condition stabilized.With
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