She's The Mafia Princess

She's The Mafia Princess

By:  Hala_55  Completed
Language: English
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I faked my identity, faked my fortune, faked my own death, faked my whole life but I was finally happy that my past is finally gone but what will happen when one day, a ghost from the past comes back to haunt me. ...... "you thought you could just hide forever, start some fresh life?"

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32 Chapters
1. Natasha "Fake" Andrews
"Ella, my office, now." I said."good morning Ella.""good morning Mrs. Andrews."My name is Natasha Andrews and I'm a multi-billionaire businesswoman, I have a dozens of companies working under my name, my fake name."Ella, how many times do I have to tell you to call me Tasha?""you're my boss." Ella said ."and your best friend." I continued."you know what we'll discuss this later, tell me what do we have today," I said and the look on Ella's face is not a good one."About that," Ella said but hesitated to continue."what is it?""do you remember the medicine factory that we were just about to buy?" Ella said."what about it?" I said still looking on the papers on my hand."Someone bought it," Ella said and I looked at her."Who?" I asked"Erik Refused to tell us," Ella said.I dialed Erik's number, he answered after the third ring."What the hell Erik?" I said and added some anger to
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2. The Encounter
"I have to admit it when my sister told me that you're alive, I couldn't believe it," Alexander said to me but I was still too shocked to say anything."you thought you could just hide forever, start some fresh life," Alexander said and I met his gaze."I" I wanted to say something, anything but couldn't find anything to explain myself, I always thought about the moment my father finds me, but I never thought about the moment when Alex will ever find me."How could you? you tricked all of us, you did something none of us ever thought you had it on you." Alexander said his voice is filled with hurt."I had my reasons," I said."you had your reasons, what reasons on earth would make a human fake their death?" he asked."fear, fear from death, fear from a dark life, fear from a life filled with pain," I said, my voice was shaking but I pulled my self together.Alexander seemed to think about it but before he could say anything, Ella knocked on
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3. Married
"you wanted to talk so talk," I said."you're the last person to give us orders, you manipulative__ " Emily Alexander's sister said and I interrupted her and threatened "hey did you forget that you're in my house, so you better speak with respect or else."Emily was about to talk again but her father held his hand and shut her up, before they could talk my phone rang I picked it up and it was jake, my husband, I answered it."baby," I said and everyone looked at me with wide eyes."Babe, hi how are you!" jake said."I'm fine, when are you coming back? Eleanor can't stop asking me that question," I said."yeah about that." Jake paused."I have to stay in Paris for another week," he answered."what why weren't you supposed to come back tomorrow," I said."yeah I know but in order to get everything we need to the labs I had to stay, I hope you're not mad at me," he said."Jake don't be stupid why would I be mad at you, everyth
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4. You Have To Doubt
"Shhh, I'll remove my hand but you won't scream, if you do the consequences will be bad, " Alexander said and dug the gun more in the back of my head."you understand?" Alexander asked.I nodded my head and he slowly removed the gun and his hand away."Why are you here? and what did you do to Jake?" I asked my voice is shaking but I didn't care."I'm here because I want to be here, and your precious Jake has gone to the lab that was set on fire," Alexander answered and started exploring the room."what do you want?" I asked."who is Jake Andrews?" Alexander asked while looking at a photo on mine and Jake's wedding."you want to convince me that you couldn't know who he is?" I asked humorously."I did my research and found that he is a billionaire businessman," Alexander said and sat on a chair beside the bed."then why are you asking me?""because sweetheart I need to know how did he become a billionaire," Alexan
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5. Recovery
I woke up on the sound of heart monitor again, I recalled everything that happened, the note, gas bombs, getting shot. I looked around me and found Alexander sitting beside me and I tried to sit up but Alexander stopped me immediately."stop, Natalie don't move, don't push your luck. " Alexander said."what are you doing here?" I asked Alexander."I saved your life, after the shooting I brought you here," Alexander said."Jake, Nick, Eleanor where are they?" I asked. "The brothers are nowhere to be found, and the little girl is with this Ella of yours, " Alexander answered."thank God," I said."now do you believe me? do you believe that your husband is just as dirty as us? " he said and took a lock of my hair in his hand."That depends on who's us, " I said. Alexander laughed and said "me, you, your family, my family, every single one of us is dirtier than the other, ""then why save me?" I asked and
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6. I love you
"All this time, I thought it was a car accident, " Danielle said while she was crying."Yeah, me too, " I hugged her, for the first time in five years I hugged my sister again."we'll make them pay, right?" Danielle asked and looked at me like she used before, the look of believing in me as a big sister and I nodded and hugged her again.I waited until Danielle calmed down and slept, I went to the balcony and dialed ...after the fourth ring he answered and I said " can we meet?"I went out and headed to the park and waited, 10 minutes later Alexander showed up and sat beside me."you were right," I said and fought back the tears that threaten to fall."About?" Alexander asked."He killed my brother, Alex, he killed my big brother, Jake killed him," I said and cried.Alexander looked at me and anger and saddens were obvious in his eyes and I got up and started pacing around."It hurts, it hur
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7. The Attack
"you're still alive, " I said with a smile, and I really felt that I'm back to who I was before, the strong, bad girl."you are still my wife, " Jake said and grabbed my arm and squeezed.I released my arm from his grip and said "no Jake, Natasha Andrews is your wife and I'm Natalie Salvator,""How did you turn Roman on me, " Jake asked. "Detka," I said baby in Russia and continued "Roman wasn't even with you, ""He was your father's man wasn't he?" Jake asked and looked hurt. "look, I don't blame you, I didn't know till a week ago, " I said and smirked."so you're back with Knight," Jake said. "what can I say, I suppose true love never dies, " I said. I remembered who told me this... Nicholas, I looked at Jake and asked "why did you kill him. "before he can answer Alexander entered the restroom and his gaze was on Jake, he came and stood in front of me, he really was like a knight in sh
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8. Kidnapped
Natalie's POVI woke up and I was still feeling yesterday's pain, I got up, took a shower, and went downstairs to have breakfast, everyone was on the table except Alex."where is Alex?" I asked and Danielle answered, "he is still asleep.", I went to Alexander's room and sat on the bed."Alex, ""Hmmm," "Alex get up, " I said and he didn't answer, I looked around in the room and found a water bottle, I went and opened it and emptied it on Alexander.he got up gasping and coughing water out of his mouth and I couldn't help but laugh, he said "Chto za chert " what the hell in Russian."you had it coming, the next time I ask you to wake up, you wake up, now come on let's eat breakfast, " I said and went downstairs.we ate breakfast and went to our meeting room, to see what we got from Aria's phone."so Danielle what do we have? " I asked."Nothing," Danielle answered. 
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9. Everyone is alive but...
This Chapter contains violence read at your own risk .have you ever died more than once? I know it's impossible for you but not for me because I died three times, the first time I died was when they took my brother away from me, the second time I died was when I left my loved ones, and now I died the third time, it feels like your soul is being pulled out of your body, or maybe it feels as if someone is holding your heart in his hands and in one move they ripped it out of your chest, I watched my loved ones being exploded in front of my eyes and I couldn't do anything, I guess this is the benefit of living in a world like mine because this is what always happens, I watch my loved ones die.I cut my ropes and got up and sent my punch straight to his jaw, he fell to the ground, and I suppose we were alone here because no guards showed up.he got up and I stepped back, balancing my weight on my left foot, and threw my right fist out i
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10. Engagement
2 months have passed since the explosion and there is no news on the Andrews, Everyone is having a hard time understanding their conditions, Danielle is shutting everyone out, the doctor said this might happen to her, Dominic is holding up well, Ella is good but she is still scared to get out on her own, Roman wasn't damaged a lot and his and Danielle's relationship have grown because Danielle only talks to him, Alexander is by my side all the time and our relationship has gone back like it was before.I went to Danielle's room to give her some food when I entered it Danielle didn't even look up to see who it is, I put the food on the nightstand and sat on the bed, I looked at her."I don't blame you if you hate me by now, you're in this condition because of me, " I said."nothing is because of you sestra (sister), " Danielle said and gave me a comforting look."I'm the one who is supposed to be in your place, " I s
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