Silent Amour

Silent Amour

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Braylon Rhys is a young master of the Rhys family who is studying forensic Criminology. Eryx Silvester the young master of the Silvester family, studying the Same course with Rhys become best friends. Braylon left the country for his further studies before Eryx knows anything about Braylon's feelings. After 3 years, Braylon comes back to the country with his family as a professional in Forensic Criminology having one case in his hand. The two friends who had no connection in those 3 years, When Braylon saw Eryx as ahead of his criminology team, his heart flutters. the feelings he hides for more than 6 years now killing him. After becoming the leader of the team which had Braylon's friends, they unsolved the untold mystery of the devil's prey. Being young officers, they were promoted and had another case in their hands. Working together and with the help of someone important to Braylon, they solved that case as well. And He did something in another country that turned the country's rulership upside down and made himself an enemy of the undefeated royal family. He still hid the fact of Alan's birth. His first love as well as his best friend who misunderstood the situation, will he be alright? How is he going to handle the situation? On one side he was on the wanted list of the royal family while on the other side, his love was getting trampled again and again. Let's see how is Braylon going to face the potential risks. With the crime cases in his hand, how is he going to make his love stay? How is going to fight against the royal? How is he going to solve the cases? In between how is he going to help his friends to get together?

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Mary Benjamin
I love this book ... please can you update the next chapter thanks
2024-01-25 01:07:28
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Eden Moon
2024-01-06 23:54:52
104 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Guys, It's been a while since we spent our time together. why don't we go out tonight and stay in a hotel if it gets late”, Alex Scurtis walks towards the car, which belongs to Eryx, the almighty young master of the Silvester.“It's a great idea. Isn't it”, His amused tone makes Eryx irritated.He smiles at Braylon who is sitting next to him silently, squeezing his hands nervously.He tries hard to tell something to Eryx all the time but always ends up staying silent. It's been one week since they finished their Degree exam for forensic criminology.They have all been friends for three years.“Count me in babies”Revilla jumped suddenly, and Alex almost scared the hell out. The young criminals who study criminology, Don't know how many hearts they are going to steal.A gust of wind blows and makes the atmosphere more lively.“Get in the car guys, Today it's our day to enjoy”, Eryx invited them.Eryx was at the peak of enjoyment. He didn't know how to describe the happiness he was fee
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Chapter 2
Braylon takes him to the room, he is too heavy to handle. He struggles to open the door of the room balancing a giant pig in his embrace. Soon the door opens, Eryx closes the door and slams Braylon against the door. He whined in pain.“Eryx, what the hell man. It's hurt”, He shouted at him but was interrupted by his gloomy emotionless face. Teardrops find a way out of Eryx's eyes.“Eryx. Are you ok? Wh... Why are you crying”, The words of him were cracked.“Why do you have to leave the city, just stay with me Braylon. To be frank, I can not live without you”, He is crying like a baby in front of him.He can't see Eryx like that. Braylon caresses his cheeks gently. His eyes filled with love only. He now showing his true feelings in front of him.“Eryx, I don't want to regret anything, you may forget after you wake up the next morning but at least I won't regret so let me let you one thing...”, Braylon's heart is beating against his rib cage.“I like you Eryx, Not you as a friend but a
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Chapter 3
After dropping Alex and Revilla at their home, Eryx went to Braylon's home.“Braylon, where the hell is you man?”, He shouted while entering the hall. Everyone is looking at him weirdly.“Eryx. What happened”, Mrs Rhys comes out of the kitchen holding veggies in her hand.“Where is Braylon, Aunt? He didn't inform me when he left the hotel. I was worried that's why I came to check on him”, He tried his best to control his temper in front of Mrs. Rhys. Mrs. Rhys's face changed instantly.“Doesn't he tell you about his flight time? He left one hour ago Eryx, now he would be already in flight and the take-off time is 10 minutes ago”, Mrs Rhys tried to explain.She was also in shock because Braylon won't hide anything from Eryx. Apart from his parents, he is only close to their friends. No one can understand well other than Eryx but now he hides about his education abroad.Not hiding, Eryx was the one who didn't hear him out. Eryx clenched his fist.“Is everything normal Eryx? He won't hid
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Chapter 4
AFTER FOUR YEARSBraylon gets off of the aeroplane while holding the little kid in his arms. He is waiting to check out. Someone is urging him to take the luggage.“Braylon... Why are you slow like a snail? When are you going to take our luggage.”, Zaneta shouts as Braylon glares at her. He isn't like a college student. In these three years, he changed a lot. Masculine body, sharp eyes, and a charming smile wearing a suit with a professional look on him.“If you want to take luggage, then come and take it. Don't urge me, okay? I am holding Alan. How can I take luggage.”, Braylon rolls his eyes. Alan is gorgeous, with Obsidian black hair, green Hazel eyes, and heavy eyelids, and Braylon is the classic doting dad. He inherited Braylon's gene.Braylon is a nonbinary person. Until he got pregnant with Alan, he didn't know about his gender. At first, he was shocked because of pregnancy.It’s going to be called something sensitive and it ends up being called something like Trapped Bodies Ge
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Chapter 5
NEXT DAY“Senior, I heard that one officer is coming from abroad to take over your case, but we have worked hard for that, how can they simply give him our case”, Franklyn shouts as everyone is startled.“Can you not shout near to our ears, we are not deaf”, Alex annoyed. He is checking the case files. Revilla chuckles. Eryx closes the file and looks at Franklyn who is standing behind Alex and gasping hard.After completing a master degree in forensic criminology, Eryx, Alex, and Revilla joined as police detectives. As talented people like them, their achievements are on a high note.“Do I care, whoever that person is, just let him take this case. I know it's just a simple case but I'm just annoyed to handle”, Eryx closes the file.“So, you are going to hand over the files to him. Arghhh... I'm annoyed”, Franklyn pouts. Eryx is the head of his team. Fortunately, Alex and Revilla become his teammates. Franklyn is their junior who is a super active and dedicated person. He admires Ery
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Chapter 6
Revilla comes out of the bar and looks around. On the opposite side of the road, a black car was parked. Someone was sitting inside and looking at the bar. A mist was covered all over the place which was intense enough to blind the thing in front. Revilla walks towards the car quickly.She hops in and puts her handbag aside and gives a warm hug to her so-called boyfriend.Elijah, A 27 years old man who has not yet found a job to support himself but living under Revilla's salary. The only thing is he owns an apartment and a car. Wearing ripped jeans, and a sleeveless t-shirt that is enough to show the creepy tattoos of him in his arms. A messy dirty blond hair. A pair of green eyes look fluffy under the influence of drugs. In one word, he is totally in a predicament. He doesn't look decent. At least the gangsters look better than him.“How is your day baby, did you enjoy yourself with your friends”, His words are neither doubtful nor caring at all. He is just obsessed with her.‘‘Not
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Chapter 7
She can't utter any words for a few seconds. Gulping her saliva hard, she opens her mouth to speak.“Where are you Eryx, Did... Did you reach home? " She smiles painfully.He stayed silent for a while, She thought he already hung up on her. After all, he is with his fiance.“Where are you now?”, his words are hard yet warm. What does she have to say? “I'm going home, actually, I just called you to check. Did you reach your home safely or not? After all, you were drunk”, She still doesn't want to bother him. Oh...A single reply makes her heart heavy. There is nothing to speak about now. “Then, I'm hanging up Eryx”, she didn't wait for his reply further, she took her mobile away from her ear.“Where are you now?”He asked her again, which made her flinch. She can't stop her tears and whimper anymore. She whines hard. “I... I'm in North Street, R road near to the Galaxy bar”, she whimpers.“Stay there, don't go anywhere till I arrive”, Telling that he hangs up the call. She didn't kn
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Chapter 8
MEANWHILE OTHER SIDEBraylon is already wasted, he can't even move his head from the table. He wasn't willing to. Alex is so worried about his friend who is crying like a little child all the time after Revilla leaves the bar.It's been two hours, he is still crying and everyone in the place is looking at them weirdly. Alex was so happy when he saw Braylon this morning, but he didn't think that their relationship had become worse than he thought. How troublesome.After paying the bill, Alex gives a hand to Braylon. He walks out with him and they hop into the car. Braylon is blabbering about how he missed Eryx in those four years and struggles to live without Eryx.Alex is listening silently. He didn't mention anything about marriage and also about his son. It arouses doubt in Alex. he doesn't ask anything, since he isn't willing to tell. So he decided to listen to whatever Braylon blabbers.When he asked Braylon about his address, he was shocked because the apartment he was living in
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Chapter 9
“She didn't come with us. Don't search for her”, Eryx said coldly. How can he stop searching for her? His eyes were only filled with Revilla. What happened to her after she left with her boyfriend? He has no good signs though.“What do you mean Eryx, where is she?” Alex tilted his head towards Eryx who was leaning himself against the table. Braylon was staying silent all the time. He can't understand what Eryx meant just a while ago. He just was staying for further explanation of Eryx. Alex seems to have lost control already. When it comes to Revilla, he always loses control of himself.Eryx looked at the unstable man who was fuming in anger, maybe jealousy. Eryx sighed a lot. He started to explain everything that happened last night but he didn't know the reason for her cry.Alex was almost broken by his words. Revilla was a strong girl who could handle everything by herself alone. How come she was broken and even can't protect herself from those drunken bastards?“Now she is resting
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Chapter 10
It's been one hour since Braylon came to the hospital. He was walking front and forth with nervousness. If anything happened to Alan, he would definitely turn the hospital upside down. His mind was like that right now.The door of the ward clicked open. A doctor came out of the room.It's still not too late to change, You…. Who you used to be. Yourself waiting for the ray of your lost epitome. “Doctor, How was my boy?” The words choked his throat and he wasn't able to talk properly. Zaneta patted Braylon's shoulder to calm him for a second, at least to hear what the doctor was going to say. “He was fine but the mental health of the child was not stable. He needed his father the most right now. He was mumbling about his dad even in his coma. I hope you can understand what I am saying”, Doctor sighed.Now Braylon tried not to burst into tears. He held back his grief and nodded yes. Zaneta worried about both of them.“He will wake up after some time. you can discharge him once the temp
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