Cupid and Psyche |Lesbian Version|

Cupid and Psyche |Lesbian Version|

By:  Sveta  Ongoing
Language: English
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Once there was a king and a queen with three lovely daughters. The youngest, Psyche, was so beautiful, so fair of face and form that she was revered throughout the land, and the people of her kingdom reached out to touch her as she passed. No suitors dared to cross her doorstep. So highly was she worshiped that Psyche was deeply lonely. Her beauty became legend, far and wide, and it was not long before words reached the ears of Venus. Tales of the young princess enraged the jealous goddess, and she made plans to dispose of her. Venus called upon her own daughter, Cupid to do her bidding. It was meant to be a quick mission except Cupid did not expect to find herself entranced by the same passion she inflicted on others. |Note: This is a lesbian retelling of the Roman Mythology, not Greek|

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I love all you work and you writing is very good too. Keep up the good work
2023-10-27 00:07:19
22 Chapters
Chapter 1: The Beauty
Celestial music echoed through the golden doors of Olympus as the feast had begun for the twelve gods. Ceres's young daughter Proserpina was brought to the House of Jupiter for the first time. After it was all over, Venus sat on her throne with her winged-daughter Cupid by her side. Venus was the goddess of love and beauty, self-born from the foam of the sea, and being what she is, she enters other tales, and such is the power of her magic. Those who even speak her name fall under her spell. Those who glimpse her white shoulders and catch the perfume of her golden hair become mad with passion. They lose their wits and begin to babble, and tell the same story in many ways. Unlike other Olympians, she is never distracted from her duties. Her work is her pleasure, her profession, her power. She was born from a tragedy. When Saturn butche
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Chapter 2: The Mischief
The air of the sleeping-chamber seemed to palpitate with the calmness until a roar of thunders erupted from the throne room. Venus rose from her bed with a start. She waved the palace maids away when she heard a knock on her golden door.The maids came back with a messenger."Father Jupiter has summoned all the gods to his court," the man said with a deep bow. "There is a judgment to be made, my lady."Venus's perfect brows furrowed. Jupiter normally passed his judgments by himself. If this trail demanded high attention by the council of the twelve gods, it meant no small case.Venus donned her favorite purple mantle of silk with golden embroidery and golden circlets. Once she reached the court, she found that all the gods were alread
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Chapter 3: The Prophecy
In the palace chamber, the voices echoed in panic as maids ran hither and thither. There was a great stir in the belly of the Queen just before dawn. The high priestess lit a candle and went to a second and a third around the grand bed of the laboring mother. The midwife pulled out the washing stand so that she could wring the wet cloth in the basin and clean the sweats and tears off the Queen's brows. The maids poured some more lukewarm water from their jugs. After another hour passed, a piercing cry of a healthy baby released everyone from the gripping tension."How is the baby?" the King's voice came from behind the curtains. He had been pacing back and forth for hours. At last, the midwife reappeared with the newborn in her arms, and her face glowed with amazement."Your Majesty, you have the most beautiful baby girl!" the midwife s
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Chapter 4: The Punishment
Since divine honors were being diverted in an excessive way to the worship of a mortal maiden, it fiercely kindled the wrath of the true Venus. In a fit of anger, she could not control herself and tossed her head back with a deep growl like a lioness."Here am I, the ancient mother of the universe," she seethed, "the founding creator of the elements, the goddess that tends the entire world! Yet I am compelled to share the glory of my beauty with a mortal!"She paced her chamber of pearl and ivory with a look of irritation. Even the nectar in her golden cup tasted bitter in her mouth. Venus would not rest until she had done something terrible."My name which is highly respected in heaven is now degraded by the foulness of the earthling below."
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Chapter 5: The Funeral
Cupid did not tell her mother about her failure, and now she was trying to save the maiden of her poisoned heart in secret.The King and Queen were advised by the oracle to prepare a wedding and say farewell, or else the force of evil shall devour their kingdom. So amidst intense grief, they called upon their youngest daughter."My girl, we're in terrible grief," the King said. "It is said by the oracle that you're not meant for a mortal man. You're to be the bride of one who lives on the mountain, and we must bring you there, or else calamity shall strike land."Psyche listened to their mournful words and understood. She went to her sad parents and held them with sympathy."Don't beat those breasts so sacred to me," she said in tears
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Chapter 6: The Encounter
A torch burned in the air and floated in front of her. Three more torches whirled in to lead the way. Psyche followed the invisible handmaidens, and they walked her through a great hallway into a bath chamber.The chamber hosted an indoor pool, full of fragrant warm water. It was surrounded by golden pillars supporting the vaulted roof.Then the mortal princess felt gentle hands on her body. They began to untie her wedding dress. Other handmaidens tied back her flowing golden hair. Once she was naked, Psyche could hear a soft chorus of gasps. Her beauty astounded even those celestial beings.Standing in all her bare glory, Psyche felt her face redden, but as she could not see anyone, the embarrassment wasn't so bad. The princess stepped into the streaming waters of the sunken bath. She
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Chapter 7: The Confusion
Cupid had swiftly departed before dawn broke. After she made Psyche her wife on their marriage bed, the goddess knew she must not remain with the princess any longer, or her mother would grow suspicious.When Psyche awoke the next morning, she was alone. Her lips still tingled with kisses and below her belly, she could feel all sorts of pleasure lingering there. The princess remembered the sweet ecstasy that seized her whole being and a swoon of happiness darkened her mind. A blush crept onto her cheeks. Was she now a woman and no more a virgin?Indeed her wedding night was truly magical, but she wondered who had come and made love to her. Her eyes had sought in vain for her betrothed, but during those hours of passion and heat, all her senses scattered like leaves in the wind.The pri
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Chapter 8: The Compromise
Psyche awoke from her sleep and found herself alone in her bed as always. She got out of her chamber and took her fragrant bath. Afterward, she seated by herself in the adjoining alcove where the meal was set ready for her.The table was laden with excessive repast fit for the gods themselves, whole wheat bread out of the oven, topped with fortifying sesame paste and thick golden honey, layered pasta filled with goat cheese and savory meat with olive oil, and sliced Macedonian ham on a bed of chopped lettuce and baked tomatoes along with a jug of the creamiest milk. There was also a huge bowl of grapes and figs and freshly picked berries from the groves of Argos, and mountain tea from Crete.But this time, Psyche couldn't seem to find her appetite. She began her first meal of the day in silence. As her head was preoccupied with so many
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Chapter 9: The Invitation
Day after day went by in the same fashion, and night after night. Psyche lived her solitude life as she went singing and dancing from room to room, entertaining herself. The great pile of stone was filled with the sound of her lovely voice. At the end of the day, the mortal maiden returned to her chamber. Her meal was served by the same invisible attendants. She again bathed and anointed herself with perfume, waiting for her beloved partner. When the night was well advanced, a genial sound met her ears. Cupid had come to make love to her, and the maiden embraced the goddess with longing arms. Psyche began to enjoy herself and her enigmatic lover with more excitement. This life in the course of nature became delightful to Psyche as she grew accustomed to it. Hearing that soothing gol
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Chapter 10: The Wickedness
Psyche showed her sisters all sorts of magnificent riches and made sure they enjoy their luxurious stay.But when they started mentioning the whereabouts and the identity of her partner, she invented an impromptu story that her lover was a handsome young man whose cheeks were still smooth without a beard and chest still soft but warm with a love for her.Although Psyche's heart was rejoiced to see her sisters again, she did not in any way disregard her lover's warning. She was anxious as she tried not to betray through a slip of the tongue, so she weighed her sisters down with gold and precious jewels. She then hastily summoned Zephyrus and entrusted them to him for the return journey.This was carried out at once, and those sisters then made their way home safely. They were now gnawed
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