Skin Perfume

Skin Perfume

By:  Immanioripse  Ongoing
Language: English
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(WARNING : R-18 content) --------------------- "What is this perfume on your neck? Tell me, I want to know." "No perfume. It's just the smell of my skin, combined with the adrenaline generated from the moment I saved you, the pleasure I'm feeling on this bed while I'm laying on top of your naked body." - The love told in the movies doesn't exist. Romance doesn't exist. The only thing that exists is sex, pure, violent, wild, a breathtaking combination of sensations of pleasure and new fragrances to explore. This is precisely what Kora Night does, creating new essences drawing inspiration from the smells and sensations of her lovers around the world. "Perfumes are the essence of life itself. They cannot be explained. Where words fail, perfumes release the most intense and hidden emotions of the ego, awakening the darkest and most primordial instincts of human beings." Kora's career started to take off, and everything proceeded according to plan, when during one of her business trips, she lived the most beautiful night of her life, the night that will change everything. --------------------- I sincerely hope you'll enjoy reading my original novel :) comments and reviews will always be appreciated! p.s. With this story I will try to make you live some of the emotions I experienced in my life, so in a sense, this novel is 'inspired by a true story'. Good reading!

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5 Chapters
"Miss Night! Ops! Excuse me, sorry… Miss Night!" the journalist of 'Les Parisiens', a famous French fashion magazine, said aloud, trying to attract the attention of a young woman not too far from her and making room among the crowd of people around her.A somewhat clumsy-looking cameraman tried to keep up with her and managed to side with his colleague step by step."Miss Night! Finally! Can I... can I ask you a few questions? It'll be quick," the reporter asked again, putting her hair in order because of her passing through the crowd.Those words finally caught the young woman's gaze, intent on sipping an excellent French white wine from a glass, sitting near a small round, raised table."Hello! Excuse me, are you...?" a woman sitting next to the first exclaimed, standing between her and the journalist and preventing the cameraman from going any further.The journalist did not say a word, merely showing the small badge attached to the chest
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Fairy Tale
"What beautiful words... they were so intense! So your passion was born since your childhood! Listen, Kora... we at 'Les Parisiens' have investigated you a little bit, and we know that you have left University to dedicate yourself to the world of essences and create your own brand. Is that so? Did you do it all by yourself? The French audience that is watching us live would like to know how a young woman like you managed to wriggle out in such a complex world", the journalist said, bringing the microphone closer to Kora, trapped in her story."Well, as I was explaining a little while ago, It wasn't me who came close to the world of essences... the perfumes found me. Your information is true. I studied languages in Scotland at the University of Aberdeen, where I graduated from linguistic high school. My university career was going on smoothly, but I decided to turn my life around just over a year after my entry. Although I liked languages and wanted to continue with the Univer
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The Grand Gala of the 'Academie Francaise de la mode' took place in three vast rooms of the same building, sponsored by the famous Parisian fashion house: the largest, the central one, was used for fashion shows. A sumptuous red carpet stretched along the entire perimeter of the circular room, the décor of which drew that of one of the Court of Versailles' aristocratic halls. The giant gold-plated chandelier gave the final touch to that place, making the atmosphere magical and the light neither too dim nor too strong. Perfect for enjoying every dress and every perfume, as if they were delicious first-class foods. The second room, just to the right of the first, was instead that of the buffet: three tables were arranged to cover the largest possible area and provide the wealthy guests of the event with food and alcoholic beverages at will, with minimal effort. In addition to the genuine 'self service' buffet, dozens of waiters in suits
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Eye Contact
The charming admirer hidden in the crowd continued to look at her with extreme interest, distracting only for a moment, the time it took to change his empty glass with a full one from the tray of a waiter called a few moments earlier."Well, they are bold words, ma chérie! Anyway, I'm sure your determination will take you very high! Who knows, maybe the next time I interview you, you'll have become one of the most famous perfume stylists in the world! Viewer friends, your biggest question has finally received an answer: the neo-celebrity Kora Night is single and is a real men-slayer! Be careful! The hunting season has just begun!" the journalist exclaimed, looking at the camera, never leaving the pseudo-television host's role.Kora laughed with composure, resting the chalice on the table in front of her, when two of Naseefa's fingers grabbed the stem of that expensive glass, ready to move it away from the sight of her best friend.Suddenly, with great ale
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"Thank you for your kind compliment. Who do I have the pleasure of speaking to?" she replied, waiting to know the man's name, in order to investigate about him, knowing that only the wealthiest people could attend an event like that."My name? Mh... let's just say I'm one of your greatest admirers. If I revealed my identity to you now, your curiosity could only diminish in the next few hours and you would surely meet someone more interesting" he replied, raising his glass and still sipping his white Martini. "Let's play a game.""What kind of game?""The rules are elementary: tonight, after the awards ceremony and the disco night, I will wait for the moment when you enter the elevator that leads to the eighth floor, the one reserved for the guest rooms.""Mmmh... well, does your game seem a little too simple, don't you think, mysterious admirer?" Kora replied, raising her full glass in half and stopping to look at the man with a winking but scrupulous gaz
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