The Billionaire's Baby Mama

The Billionaire's Baby Mama

By:  Lumi Lite   Completed
Language: English
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He snaked his arm around my waist and pressed my body against his. I stiffened in his hold, frozen with fear, anger, and a strange desire pulsing through my veins. “I’m Dante Romero, sweetheart.” His voice was low with a dangerously seductive edge, and I flushed with heat. “There are a lot of things I would dare that are beyond your imagination.” Dante tilted his head, placing his sinfully enticing lips above my ear. “I’m giving you a choice, Olivia: move in with me or get ready to never see your boys again.” ~~ Five years after a blurry one-night stand that led to a major sex scandal, Olivia Miller returns to Los Angeles with her triplet sons to start a new, peaceful life. That was until Dante Romero, the ruthless, cold-hearted CEO, barged into her life, outraged at her for hiding his children. Much to her dismay, he gives her two options: fight him for custody of their sons or move in with him. Helpless and afraid to lose her sons, Olivia decides to move in but vows to avoid him at all costs. But how could she when Dante, who claims she was paid to set him up and despise her, remains at her side, luring her in like a terrible dark temptation? What really happened five years ago on that dark, passionate night, and how is it tied to the death threats she’s receiving?

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Archana Anilkumar
why there is no updates recently?
2023-11-14 00:29:23
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Archana Anilkumar
it has become my favourite daily routine ...
2023-10-19 01:44:22
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Archana Anilkumar
please complete this soon. so lovely. you're an awesome writer ...
2023-10-16 11:47:43
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Great book, love it.
2023-08-05 18:19:27
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You need a very nice job author, your writing is top notch.
2023-07-15 02:42:05
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Sure Mira
It’s captivating
2023-10-24 20:09:32
97 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Olivia, go online asap! You’ll never guess who’s trending!”I winced at Alice’s excited, high-pitched, ear destroying screech coming from my phone. A natural occurrence I should have already gotten used to since she had been my friend for twelve years, but I didn’t.“I don’t have time for celeb gossip right now, Alice.” I huffed, removing the plates from the dish washer. “I could barely do much unpacking during the day because of the boys. I-““You would if you found out it was about you and a certain billionaire who are trending.” She giggled like Harley Quinn, and I could almost see the psychotic grin on her face.“Why would I and a certain Billionair…”Wait?! A billionaire… Does she mean…My chest tightened at the thought of him. “Please tell me it’s not that billionaire.” I whispered.“Who else?! You guys are all over the news!” Alice squealed.My legs trembled under the weight of my body, and I leaned against the counter. I shivered like someone had doused me with ice water.“W-
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Chapter 2
“Nooo. I dun wanna –yawn– wake up…” Michael whined, climbing off the bed he shared with his brothers. “Sorry, dear, but we’ve got to go.” I lifted Nathan, still asleep, and put him against my chest, placing his head on my shoulder. Waking him up was as hopeless as telling a whale to fly. When Nathan was out, he was out. And not even an earthquake mixed with nuclear bombing could wake him up. “Where are we going, Mama?” Leon asked, standing by my side, wide awake. Unlike his younger brothers, even a pin dropping could wake him up. Michael was between his brothers, both in birth and intensity of sleep. “To your new home.” I replied, grabbing Michael’s hand. “Whyyy?” he pouted, rubbing his eyes. “I wanna sleep.” “I promise you’ll sleep when you’re in the car. Let’s go.” Leon held his brother’s hand, and we walked out of the room. The steps we took to the living room were deliberately slow, and I prayed under my breath that Dante had gotten bored and gone away forever. Fate was n
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Chapter 3
“Miss Miller, Master Romero would like to see you.” Albert, Dante’s butler, said, standing at the door of the room I had been given. Albert was like those stereotype butlers you see in movies. A posh and prim suit clad his thin, tall body. Coupled with his stoic expression and his perfect, poised posture, he looked like he waltzed right out of the Victorian era. “Oh,” I mumbled, frowning a bit. ‘What does Dante want from me now? One night hasn’t passed, and he’s already making me break my ‘avoid-Dante-Romero’ oath.’ “Could you give me a minute?” “Yes Madam. I’ll be waiting outside.” “Thank you.” He bowed and walked out, closing the white door behind him. I slipped my phone out of my shorts’ pocket and double-tapped the screen. ‘Sheep! 28 missed calls and 13 texts from Alice! How did I not— oh, my phone is on silent.’ _I’m alright, I’ll explain everything tomorrow._ I typed and hit send, not bothering to read through her messages, and I flopped on the bed. Was I really alrig
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Chapter 4
*Ring Ring*“No!!!” I mumbled, turning on my bed. I didn’t want to get up. Not when I had managed to finally fall asleep by five am.The bed was soft, really really soft, like marshmallows. And the room was really really cool and cosy. Everything was just right except the ringing of my darn phone.*Ring Ring*“Ugh!” I groaned and sat up. My sons were snuggled to my sides, so I leaned and picked up my phone from the side table, gently not to wake them up.The caller ID showed Alice, and I sighed. ‘I should have known. The gossip queen wants gossip.’“Hello.”“I called you like a trillion times. Why weren’t you picking up your call?” She said, voice all bright and preppy. I always wondered how she was always bouncy early in the morning.“Isn’t it too early? It’s after seven, Alice. After seven!” I sighed, pushing away the strands of my chestnut hair from my face.“I know, but I’m too excited. I could barely sleep last night. Tell me everything. Every single deets. I want to know everyth
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Chapter 5
“I always wanted a father.” My heart clenched at his words. Somehow, I felt like a bad mother. Since they were born, I had always played the roles of a father and a mother. It was hard, really hard no matter how much I tried. It was difficult trying to be both for three boys and I did my best, but I guess it was never enough.Nathan’s words showed me how insufficient I was. “Can we call you Papa?” Michael butted in, bubbling with excitement. I looked at Dante from the corner of my eye. His entire form was rigid.“Our friends in Paris call their father Papa, can we?” Nathan added, sharing his brother’s excitement.Dante’s grip on the cup tightened. I needed to get their attention fast. “Michael, Nathan, do you want more waffles?”“I guess he doesn’t want us to.” Michael sighed. Both boys looked down at their plates. The happy smiles on their faces curled into sombre ones. “You can call me Papa. If y
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Chapter 6
‘It’s not hard, Olly,’ I thought, staring out the car window as the vehicle drove through the busy roads of Los Angeles. ‘Just say I’m sorry, but I don’t think I’m capable of the job of a cook because I feel my skills aren’t up to your taste and you’ll probably hate what I cook.’ I bit my bottom lips. That was over the top. Way too over the top. I didn’t need to go into that much detail. ‘I’ll just tell him I really can’t cook and I faked my way through culinary school, and—argh, what was I thinking? Faked my way through culinary school? Really?’ The chain of my purse in my hand suffered the brunt of my agitation as I fiddled with it, and I felt sorry for it. It didn’t deserve the treatment I was giving it. The purse was fancy and brand new; just the like off-the-shoulder flora top, denim pants, and small heeled sandals I wore. True to his words, the staff of Mira Donna had appeared at the door one hour after breakfast, and
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Chapter 7
“W-What the?! Pervert!” I squeaked and tried to push him away. He didn’t even bulge from my attempt. “This is sexual harassment!”His rich baritone laughter vibrated against my skin, and a delightful tingle ran through me. “It isn’t if the other person permits and enjoys it.” He kissed the sensitive spot on my neck, and I bit my lips, holding back a moan.“So tell me, Olivia.”My name rolled off his tongue in the dirtiest of ways and I quivered in his hold.Dante slipped his hand under my shirt and rubbed the bare skin of my lower back. Another moan threatened to break free.“Do you want me to stop?”Yes and no hung on my tongue as two parts of me waged war.My body, desperate for the masculine touch that it had been starved of for years, wanted to take Alice’s advice and let him possess me.My mind, the wiser part of me, though fuzzy from his touch, knew this was wrong. Very wrong.Giving in to him would prove his thoughts about me. I would forever be a slut in his eyes. He would tr
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Chapter 8
“Alice?!”My eyes widened at the tall, slender figure standing beside my door.“Surrppriseeee!!” Alice smiled and opened her arms for an embrace. I ran to her, leaving Dante behind. “The boys and I missed you so much.” I gave her a warm hug.“I’ve missed you guys too. It feels like centuries since I saw you when it was just a few months ago.” She gave me a small pat on the back and let go of me.“What are you doing here? I thought you’d be at work and—whoa?” I eyed her from the top of her head to her feet, taking in what she wore.It was a sexy black dress that flaunted her curves and a lot of cleavage. The end of it stopped barely mid thigh, showing off her creamy legs that seemed longer because of the red stiletto adorning her feet.“Where are we going looking all dolled up?”“Oh nothing. I just decided to drop by and lend a hand with your stuff that’s all.”"Nothing? Really, Alice? Really?" I gave her a knowing look.“What? Can’t a girl decide to look extra?”The mischievous smile
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Chapter 9
“I took a peek at your book collection.” Dante said, standing by my side as I locked the door of my apartment. All the boxes had been moved into the car, so we were good to go. “I must say you have a very amazing taste.”“I know.” I smiled, shoving my key into my pocket.It wasn’t the first time someone had made that type of remark.I loved my books in two ways; either they were the sappiest of romances or the most horrifying of horrors. No in between.“Most people said I didn’t look what I read.” We walked side-by-side to his car. They understood the romance books, but the horror section always caught them off guard. They said I looked too sweet to be interested in that kind of stuff.”“You do. So what piqued your interest in horror?”“The tension. The rush of adrenaline. The thrill. My heart banging in my chest when I know something really really bad is about to happen to a character. What’s there not to love?”What was there not to love? Horror was happiness. Horror was life. Horro
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Chapter 10
Mrs. Romero sat beside me in the garden’s patio, watching Leon, Michael, and Nathan have fun with their new ball. They had scarfed down their cake in seconds and had gone to play, leaving us in each other’s company.I stole a quick glance at her.Mrs. Romero was reclined in her chair, completely captivated with my sons playing. Her slice of strawberry and vanilla cake and cup of Earl grey tea were untouched. She just sat in silence, staring at them with a soft, contended smile on her face.I wanted to strike up a conversation, but the fact that she was Dante’s mother stopped the right words from forming in my brain. What could I say to the mother of the man who hates me? Nothing I could think of. Especially when my brain was muddled and trying to process what had happened today. I still felt the wind of the bullet gaze at my shoulder. My clammy fingers raised my glass cup to my lips, and I took a sip of my orange juice. The cold, sweet liquid running down my throat did nothing to
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