Chapter 133


“ If you are done feeling my presence in silence, you should get up and take a bath now. ” I speak after a while.

“ You are right. ” He hums.

His hand releases mine and I inhale sharply. Now I wish I hadn’t asked him to leave my hand.

I shake my head internally and fold my arms over my chest. Wolf gets up from the bed and before I get the chance to say anything else, he picks me up, throws me over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes and begins to walk.

My world turns upside down and I gasp, hitting his back with my fists. “ Put me down! ”

“ You insisted on taking a bath. ” He continues to walk.

“ I mean…you need to talk a bath. Not me! I already smell like flowers. ” I say, staring down at his back and his butt.

“ I don’t like it. ” Wolf shakes his head and sighs.

“ What? ” I question.

My head is beginning to spin while my body sways with each step that he takes but I don’t really want Wolf to put me down.

“ I like your natural scent. I don’t like you smelling like all these w
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goodnovel comment avatar
He will love you no matter what Violet. Powers or not he has you back
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Sabria Rockeymore
Top 5 stories I’ve read on this app so far.......... This is a great read and well written. One of my fave parts are when you go “oh did I forget to mention tht too”etc. when giving a little backstory ......

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