Chapter 131


I should have known by the way she looked at me. I should have known that she was planning on taking my place all along. I should have known that she was silently reaching out to me, telling me about the future.

Yet, I didn’t know until it was too late.

The moment I stepped inside that portal, I felt a trigger going off in my head and I knew. It felt like a piece of me was breaking away, chipping away.

I looked at her, tried to reach out and yet failed.

After a while, my body jerked awake and a gasp left my lips. ‘Violet’. That’s all I could think about as I searched for her frantically and found her dead body lying close to me a week ago.

What would you do for a loved one? I have known killing others was the only answer when it came to protecting and then avenging the people you loved.

That’s why I instantly went into the killing mode the moment I heard my mother died.

Years went by and I didn’t recover from that state of mind. The truth is…I never even considered everything
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