Chapter 132


Is this what ceasing to exist feels like? I am not sure.

I can only focus on the fact that he is right in front of me, his lips pressed against my forehead and his breaths warming my hair.

It feels surreal.

I thought everything has ended but now I am here, hearing Wolf say that he loves me and I am his world.

He is not acting overly excited or miserable either so I don’t know what’s going on.

Although, I feel weak and this loss of energy makes me feel alive. Given that I spent so much time at Orphena, a year must have passed here since I died.

“ Are you…not… ” I choke on my breath, trying to say something.

One moment I was the most powerful being turning to dust and in the next, I am here, a weak girl lying in the bed, clueless about what is happening.

What went wrong…or should I say right?

“ Wolf…” I say his name and he separates himself from me instantly.

The torment finally shows in his Golden globes and my breath gets knocked out of me.

“ Don’t say anything. Stay silent fo
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I love Violet and Wolf
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Donna Molloy
love this book

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