Sold to Lycan King for Surrogacy

Sold to Lycan King for Surrogacy

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He is a 33-year-old Lycan King, I’m a high school graduate. It’s rumored that he was cursed by his first love, a dark witch who betrayed him, rendering him unable to feel the presence of a mate and sire offspring. To break the curse, he needed to find an 18-year-old virgin in the human world to serve as a surrogate. That's when I was chosen, and my stepmother sold me to him, signing the contract. During our first meeting, he coldly said, "Human, after giving birth to my child, you must return to the human world immediately." The reason I was chosen is that I resemble his first love. Could it be that I'm just a substitute for him? When I finally left the werewolf clan, he unexpectedly came looking for me with twin wolf cubs. "Methis, please, be the mother of my pups."

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bimala risal
good story
2023-12-07 18:29:54
114 Chapters
Methis Delis POV Life is full of twist and turns, they say. Well, they really were not joking on that one. It seems as if we all always have a false perception of life. We always make these elaborate plans when we are little which gives us the notion that we are in total control of our lives. But that could not be more further from the truth. There is only so little that we can do. I am Methis Delis and my life has turned from that usual delusion to a more terrifying delusion which believe it or not, is now my reality. I am 18 years old, I am a virgin, and I've always dreamed of going to college to acquire a good degree and get myself a good job. I just graduated from high school and I've never felt my dreams reach so near that I could almost smell it. My parents support me and that's great. My mother died of illness seven years ago and sometimes it feels like yesterday. The memories of her limp body as she slowly drifted away into sleep still haunts me. She had slept that night and
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2.Lycan King
Jamal Kunis I stood on the balcony of my castle looking into the vast plane. Boring my eyes into the deep horizon, testing to see if I could see right through it.It was nearing the time. As the bad time approached, I kept on thinking about her. The Dark Witch, the one who had made my whole life this miserable. It happened very long ago when I was a young 18-year-old wolf who had just risen into the rank of Lycan King. I had met a woman. Fair in her appearance. The most beautiful specimen of a living creature I had ever set my eyes upon and in that instance, I fell in love with her and she with me. But later I realized it was not love; it was an obsession fuelled by black magic.I had always thought she had my best interest at heart. However, it all came crashing down that day she backstabbed me and sent the world of werewolves into utter chaos. She had started a mutiny and capitalized on it to seize control.The Dark Witch had murdered my parents and a few of the werewolves who were
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Methis Delis POVThat afternoon after I saw my contract to be sold, I spent a huge chunk of the afternoon crying my eyes out in my room. Muttering curses for my stepmother for throwing me away. It might have been temporary, but it was going to hurt nonetheless. She was not going to be able to see her father for the entirety of her stay, neither was she going to be able to speak with her friends or do all the fun stuffs she used to do. Now she was stuck in a contract. She had to honour the clauses stipulated in the contract. After weeping my eyes out, I heard my stepmother scream my name from downstairs. There was no time to start up a fight with her. She had already won and had made a sizeable amount of money doing so.Once I was downstairs, my stepmother comprehended me with repulsive stares. "Why is your eyes red?" She asked."Nothing." I replied."You are going to chase away these people looking like this. Go up and brush up.""Don't worry. I'm his wife am I not? After he takes me e
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4.My Lord
Methis Delis POVStanding before the Lycan King as Conrad had called his title to me was no easy feat. Sure all it took was just to stand, but there was more to just the standing. There were the stares from his entire entourage. I was originally scared that the welcome would be more loud and full of drinks and laughs and that my husband would try to have me at once in his room, but there was nothing in this world that could have prepared him for what I experienced next. The welcome was quiet and next to nonexistence. The king stood on the steps that led to the castle, towering over me even from the distance we had kept apart from each other. He was huge and intimidating in nature.I could hardly believe my eyes that I had to be the one who would bear a child for this regal wolf. As much as I thought it weird, it looked as if it was supposed to be an honour. On my way to the castle on foot beside Conrad, I noticed a few women Conrad had whispered to me were also werewolves. They were bi
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Methis Delis POVMy body froze instinctively as his lips locked with mine. I did not kiss him back neither did I pull away, I just let him do what he was doing. He eventually broke off and looked deep into my eyes but it was difficult to hold a gaze with him. It was very frightening to do so. My eyes bulged open and my mouth hand hung open as well. I did not know whether I should smile or frown or blush but all I knew is I was having this feeling of shock. I never believed that I was going to kiss a guy I had just met a few hours ago, in fact, we have not even properly met, all we did was a mere introduction were we barely spoke words and now we were kissing. Deep down I wondered where all of this was going to lead to seeing that we still had a lot of time to spend together in this castle.King Jamal pushed himself further, trapping me tighter between himself and the door behind me. He leaned in again and kissed me, still, I did not reciprocate the action, I just let him do as he wishe
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6.Dark Witch
Jamal Kunis POVI felt the burning urge to ignore her pleading and force myself on her but there was this tender innocence that her pleading radiated that made it intensely difficult to ignore the pleading.“Why are you pleading?” I asked. It vexed me that I had paid a large amount of money I had paid only to have this girl refuse me. things were not done that way. “Why then did you agree to the contract if you were going to plead? Did you not read the contract?”“It wasn’t me,” the Methis said.“What?” I was genuinely confused.“It was my stepmother who sold me I swear. She just did it out of nowhere.” She sat up on the bed but still did not dare to look me in the eyes as we talked. “I had no idea we were going to do this on my first night. I had not prepared for such thing, my lord. If only you could just give me a little time to adapt, I promise I would not be this way.”I held her face and stared into her eyes, adjusting her head so she stared back. Tiny traces of tears had begun t
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Jamal Kunis POVMy anger flared in me and I called one of my many servants. “Get me the Beta. We have combat training to talk about.”A few minutes later, the Beta entered. “You know if I hadn’t known you long enough, I would have guessed you were drunk,” Conrad joked. “What sort of combat training do you want to engage in in the middle of the night?”“Where did you get the girl?” I asked.“What girl?”“Don’t play dumb, Conrad.” There were quite a lot of things I needed to get off my chest and the tension I was feeling because of this human girl was one of them.“Oh. Methis, they call her.” Conrad moved around my room as he spoke. “From the land of the human. That’s where I found her. Just as you and the White Witch commanded. Is there a problem?”“Something tells me you chose her as a tease.” I stared deep into Conrad’s eye. Unlike Methis, Conrad stared back, unmoving.“I don’t get your meaning,” said Conrad to me.“Why does she look so much like the Black Witch?”“I did not create he
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Methis Delis POV It must have been the reason I refused him last night but I was not very sure. Perhaps I was just trying to escape the greater pain of child birth in the future. Thoughts of last night made me look weak, even to myself so I stopped thinking about it. All I just wondered now was how much angrier I had made the Lycan King. He was an angry person on a normal day, he sent me off angry just when he was about to get into a good mood. I was at fault to be blamed here.I did my mouth and took my bath but was now concerned that not even a single servant had entered my room to inquire of my health or my need for food as they usually did. If I was to die right here right now, I do not think any of them would notice. I had begun to get hungry and not being brought up in a royal family, I knew just how to setup my own breakfast without the need of servants so I got up from bed and headed to the kitchen. Except now there was one problem: where the hell was the kitchen?I had forgo
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9.Noble Wolf Blood
Methis Delis POVI felt a surge of nervousness as I entered the clinic. It was my first time undergoing the surrogate checkup process, and I had no idea what to expect. The wolf people had a different way of monitoring their pregnancies, and I was the first human to carry their child.“Relax, Methis. It’s not that bad.” Beta said, sensing my anxiety. He was the one who brought me here, since Jamal had some urgent business to attend to.He took my hand and led me to a room where a female wolf doctor was waiting. He smiled warmly and gestured for me to lie down on a bed. She then attached some wires and electrodes to my belly and chest, and turned on a monitor.“This will show us the heartbeat and growth of your baby.” She explained. “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt.”I nodded, trying to calm myself. I looked at Beta, who was standing next to me. He smiled reassuringly and squeezed my hand. I felt a wave of gratitude and affection for him. He had been through so much, yet he still cared for m
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Methis Delis POV As the doctor finished speaking, I couldn't help but almost laugh at the absurdity of the situation. I had expected my role as the Female Lead to be anything but conventional, but I never imagined playing the part of a surrogate mother. It was a strange predicament, one that left me puzzled and curious about the lycan king's motives.Sensing my gaze upon him, Jamal's voice cut through the air, stern and commanding. "Methis, there's no need to overthink things. Focus on what you need to do and carry out your role as we've agreed."I bit my lip, suppressing the questions that threatened to spill from my tongue. After the checkup, Jamal disappeared once again, leaving me alone with Beta, his trusted companion. Beta, a towering figure with a demeanor that commanded respect, led me through the halls of the palace. Silence enveloped us for a moment before Beta broke it with a nod of apology."On behalf of the wolf servants, I want to apologize for their earlier rudeness to
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