Sold to My Ex-Husband

Sold to My Ex-Husband

By:  AnjSmykynyze  Ongoing
Language: English
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Seven years ago... I was his stalker. Three years ago... I was his wife. Two years ago... I was his ex-wife. Since the day he left me, my life has never been the same. It seems like I gathered all life's misfortunes - my mother died from cancer, our family business went down, and my dad could not face the shame, so he killed himself, leaving me to take on the responsibilities of paying his debts. I have to work hard to make ends meet. I worked as a baker, a dance instructor, and an entertainer to pay the debts as well as to support myself. I was trying to be okay until he came back. He manipulated everything - owned the bakeshop where I worked as a baker, paid me to give him private dance classes, and made me agree to perform in private with him. Do you think that is already worse? Nah-uh! He paid my family's debt in the banks, so I am obliged to pay him based on his terms. I am Patricia Sandoval, sold to Stuart Cordoval - I am his personal assistant, private chef, personal dance instructor, exclusive entertainer, and on-call bedwarmer for my beloved ex-husband. This may sound absurd, but yes, I am sold to my ex-husband.

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Teresa Mccroy
I really like this book but I feel like her cousin incuinger to keep on to stalking him all those years and never saying she had feelings for him was what wrong
2024-02-06 23:05:46
user avatar
This is so frustrating. How can her cousin betrayed her if she love ml then why she has to ask petricia to love ml and after their wedding sleep with him on their wedding night. she is a real home wrecker.
2024-01-23 13:38:19
65 Chapters
He is Back!
*Patricia's POV*I was in a hurry to Bubble Tea to meet my friend, Janine del Rosario-Zobel. She texted me. "URGENT!" so I could not help but worry about her."Pat!" she gave me a hug when I arrived."Janine, relax," I said as I returned her hug, "Why are you so giddy?" I continued as we took our seats."Ohemz, Patricia! You must hear this," she said excitedly. I couldn't help but raise my eyebrows on her and waited for her to tell me the news. I do not know if she just had too much sugar in her milk tea or if being hyper is her only outlet for being a housewife."I have two good news!" she exclaimed, "which one would you like to hear first?"I tried not to roll my eyes so she wouldn't feel bad, I mean, how can I ever make a choice? I do not have a single idea about what she is about to tell me."Oops! Silly of me. Haha," she grinned, "the first good news is about my love life. The second is about your love life. So, which do you want to hear first?""Tell me about your love life," I
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Don't Want to See Her
*Stuart's POV* "Ladies and gentlemen, we have just landed at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport and we are now taxing to the NAIA Centennial Terminal 2. Welcome to Manila! For your safety, please remain seated with your seatbelts fastened until the fasten seatbelt sign has been switched off." I sighed realizing that I was finally back in the Philippines. Two years have passed since the last time I left the country but two years seems to be not enough for me to forget everything that happened. If I had a choice, I would never return to this place which reminded me of the fool I was but my father needed me. He is sick and can no longer take care of our family's business. As his only son and the only heir to his business empire, I have no choice but to come home and take over his businesses. "Stop moving around, Patricia!" I was startled when I heard her name so I looked over to see a woman trying to calm her daughter. "I am sorry," she apologized to me, "I did not mean to distur
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The New Boss Meets the Employee
*Patricia’s POV* I felt the tension that surrounded the entire kitchen of the bakeshop as the news about the new owner spread. Everybody’s wondering why the old owner of the bakeshop sold the rights of all the branches of this bakeshop since business was doing well and in fact, the name of the bakeshop has been a household name already. They say that it was sold to an old man, but since he got sick, his son came to take over and handle the business.“Get yourselves ready,” our kitchen manager instructed, “and show him we can handle pressure and, therefore, work naturally even if he is around.”“I heard our boss is a hunk,” Rea whispered, “and not only that,” she noted, “he is still a bachelor.”“Behave, Rea! You are still too young to think about these things,” Ryan, the cousin of Rea, interrupted.Rea rolled her eyes before going back to her station. She is assigned to the pastries station while I am in charge of all refrigerator cakes. All the cakes and pastries sold in the differen
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The Unexpected Encounter
*Stuart’s POV*I visited my father’s latest investment, which was the country’s well-known cakes and pastries shop, the Blue Plate. I was told that my father had not visited its branches because by the time he bought the bakery and its rights; he fell sick. Since its main branch is near my office; I thought that paying a visit would not harm me.I could feel the cozy ambiance of the place and the warm welcome of its employees, so I wore my most respectable smile and kindest handshake as I was introduced to each of the key personnel. I was still wearing my smile when I was introduced to the bakers, but that smile faded when I saw her. The woman I vowed never to cross paths again.“G-good morning, sir,” she pretended she was shy, but I knew the game she was playing. This is how manipulated me before. She was the same woman I had met before. She still has that expert stalking skill, but she cannot fool me. I knew she had enough money to put up her own bakery, but why was she working here
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His Evil Ways
*Patricia's POV*My head aches as I think of ways to complete the one hundred blueberry cheesecake order of Stuart. Even when Miss Marjorie explained to him that his order was impossible because of the capacity of our chiller in the bakery, he still insisted and even warned my supervisor that if I failed to complete the task, I would lose my job. I can't lose my job because it is very difficult to find a job nowadays. Besides, I still need to pay my obligations in the bank by the end of this month. If I lose my job, I will lose everything."I am sorry, Patricia," Miss Marjorie sadly approached me, "I did what I could and even thought of assigning an assistant who can help you complete the task, but the CEO demanded that he wants you to complete the task alone."I don't know if I will consider this a compliment or not. Compliment because knowing that he wanted me to bake all the cheesecakes by myself could mean that he likes the taste of my recipe; however, it may not be the case. He m
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Keeping Her Busy
* Stuart’s POV *“Pat? Why are you not wearing anything on your feet?” I heard a woman ask someone who had just arrived. I actually do not want to care, but it bothered me when I saw her barefoot. Seriously! What was she thinking? I do not know what drama she is trying to project, but I am not buying it. If she thought that looking for pity would help, it won’t.I learned she could complete the task I gave her. This means it would be difficult for me to find faults in her job, so I will have enough reason to fire her. She is considered an asset of the bakeshop and was hailed as one of the best. If I am going to fire her for no reason, it might send a wrong signal to the other employees. They might think that the change of administration would endanger their jobs.I looked at my watch and smiled. I still succeeded, even though she completed her task. She may have kept her job, but I have kept her so busy that she could not have spare time to sneak into my office and flirt with me. All
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She Said She's Done Now
” Bro, how’s Singapore?” Kaz asked Mago, ”I heard you’ve been busy doing your business and sexy fashion models.” I looked at Arlene and saw pain in her eyes. I am familiar with that pain because I have been in her situation before. I wish she would get over being so in love with Mago. I want the time to come for her to accept that Mago will never love her the way she loves him. “Good evening, everyone,” Jannah greeted us, “we are now gathered here to celebrate the second wedding anniversary of my dear sister and her husband, Janine and Marco. Since this is an exclusive gathering, we have not prepared a formal program. As you can see, we have set up a mini bar in front. With this, we challenge all the guests to render a song to entertain everyone.” Everyone excitedly clapped their hands as Jannah picked one piece of paper to identify who among the guests would sing a song. Then she announced, “The first person to render us a song is no other than the best friend of Marco, Mago Conce
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Somebody That I Used to Know
* Stuart's POV *I was standing near Marco's mini-bar when I heard someone coming. I thought it was Mago, so I glanced at the entrance, but I did not expect to meet her eyes. It was a brief exchange of glances because she immediately turned away and headed to the kitchen."Wait, am I imagining things, or did I just see Patricia avoid your stare?" I heard Kaz, who apparently wanted to annoy me."Tsk," I decided not to bother and instead sip some wine."Come on! Do you really have to treat her that way?" Kaz leaned on the counter, "by the looks of it, it shows that neither of you has moved on.""Our breakup was clear to me," I firmly replied. "I don't know about her. She still continued to follow me around.""She still follows you around?" he inquired.I did not answer, and that gave him the message that I was not interested in our topic. Kaz has spoken with Angelo while I continued to drink my wine. I saw from the corner of my eyes that she had gone to talk with her friends. There is s
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The Chance We Gave Ourselves
"D*mn! I never thought that I'll get to date Patricia," Mago expressed when we entered the dressing room for men, "she is so d*mn hot, dude! And the butt," he tried to gesture as if he was holding Patricia's butt in his hands, "oooh fvck! She is the epitome of seduction, and I can't wait to see her grind on top of me."I tried to ignore him, but I could not take his last line for granted. I pushed him to the wall and clenched his collar. "Don't you dare disrespect Patricia that!""Hey! Take it easy, dude," Angelo tried to calm me down."D*mn it, dude! I thought you didn't like Patricia. Why are you acting like a protective boyfriend?" Mago said, "You have your own date, Stuart. I don't care what you would do with her, but take my word, bro! I wouldn't force myself on Patricia unless she wanted me to give her what you've been trying to deprive her."I do not know what to say, but all I know is I dislike what is happening now. Mago is known for being a man whore, and he likes to brag ab
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The Arrangement (Flashback)
*Patricia's POV I knew that it wouldn't matter if I sang a song for Stuart or not, but since Kaz asked me to choose a piece, I decided to choose a song that would help me express how I currently feel. 'At least, even with a song, I can convince myself that I am already over with him,' she convinced herself.She smiled bitterly at the thought. She knew that even if she intended to sing the song for Stuart, it would still not matter. Stuart never cared about her. She sighed as she remembered the past.* The flashback*One thing about being rich is that after graduation, we do not need to worry about being hired. We have our own company to fall back to. While Stuart was starting to learn how to handle their family business, I decided to put up my own online business. It was easy since I could get clients from my dad's friends. Besides having a stress-free job, I also have enough time to work on my top priority for this month, and that is to make Stuart love me.Call it desperate, but i
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