Steamy affair with the Billionaire

Steamy affair with the Billionaire

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Tricia is a young, beautiful woman who entered into prostitution and met Carlo, a billionaire married man whom she eventually had an affair with. Carlo sustained her financial needs in exchange for sex. However, there is no secret that can't be hidden forever. When the gossip reached Carlo's wife, she did not hesitate to exploit her connections and powers to put Tricia behind the bar. At just the right time, someone would help Tricia as she faced the most difficult challenge of her life.

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Tricia is a twenty-one year old girl who lives in an underdeveloped area with her sick father, Ronald, in Malate, Manila. Their house is small, made of wood and iron patchwork. They were simply fortunate that no powerful typhoons had struck their area thus far. Tricia only finished high school and was unable to attend college due to a lack of money. Sometimes, she found herself alone in her room, thinking about her life. Nothing hurts more when you're crying at night without making a noise and losing your breath with those silent screams of hurt. Luckily, she is also supported by her handsome lover, Efron, who works as an elementary school teacher and always brings her food after work every day.Tricia used to sell fish at the market, but it didn't work out, so she had to find another job. She applied to several fast-food restaurants and businesses, but they all required a college diploma.The overwhelming rejection, failures, and discrimination made her depressed. When she got home,
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In Tricia's mind, she has no other choice but to sacrifice her dignity in case she can't get a decent job. Using her cellphone, she searched for possible nearby resto-bars hiring in their area, and discovered some of them were hiring female prostitutes. She chatted with a granny named Glenda, who was offering a huge tip to her employees based on the extra service they gave to the customer. They had a very long discussion before she decided to go to the resto-bar which is one ride away from her home.The next day, Tricia brought her bio-data and wore her black dress, revealing her white legs and shoulders to impress Ms. Glenda. She also exerted an effort to make-up her face, put on red lipstick to match her outfit, and then bathed herself in cheap perfume. She carried her pink bag with a green pattern design that contained her coin purse, handkerchief, and cellphone. She folded her bio-data in half and put it in her bag. Before leaving, she fed her sick father and promised him that she
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At exactly 5 in the afternoon, she got herself ready out of excitement. She looked in the mirror, applied make-up, and dressed in a red sleeveless shirt and mini shorts that revealed her white legs. Efron, who came from work, arrived at her house to bring her a box of chocolate and a bouquet of flowers. The door was wide open, so he just went inside. Tricia came out of her room when she heard familiar footsteps inside, and Efron was taken aback when he saw Tricia."What's with the outfit, Tricia? Am I missing something in your life? The thickness of your make-up and the shortness of your clothes. I think I already know you inside and out!"Tricia put her hands on her waist and told him the good news. "This is not just my outfit for today. I was accepted at a resto-bar and this style of clothing is required to attract customers. Do I look pretty in your eyes?" she answered, flaunting her sexy body.Efron placed a box of chocolate and flowers on the table and slightly raised his voice.
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Tricia sighed and gave them a mocking facial expression.When Glenda entered the resto-bar, Katrina glared at Tricia and raised her eyebrows in anger. "Don't be so cocky, now virgin girl. Tomorrow, you will just be like the rest of us.""Stop bullying her, sissy. Just give her some tips so she can make her customers satisfied," Regine said.Katrina calmed down and gave a piece of advice for their new member. "Well, welcome to the club Virgin girl, you are a beautiful woman and you look so innocent. That's what men are looking for nowadays, so you should go wild and act like a slut as if you are not new to this kind of work. Also, be patient if your customer has bad breath or if he has body odor. If they touch you on different parts of your body, let them do it as long as you're paid. Selling your body is the reason this resto-bar exists, so don't even try to complain. Forget about the word respect while you are here.What men like is a clingy, seductive slut. Begin by telling vulgar s
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As they entered the resto-bar, their male customers had already occupied some seats, and there were prostitutes entertaining them. The music started playing to add entertainment to the customers. Carlo held Tricia by her shoulder and they sat at the front table, near the bar area. He pulled the chair from the table and offered Tricia a seat, making her impressed. He sat in front of her and started introducing himself. "Hi I am Carlo. I own a wine company here in the Philippines, and it is nice to meet you, Tricia. You are so gorgeous and sexy, I can't wait to take you to bed!" Tricia put her pink handbag on the table and leaned forward so he could see her chest and spoke seductively. "It's nice to meet you, sir. I am also excited to ride you so wildly. I am sure you will be satisfied with my performance," she said nervously. Carlo's face turned pale. He grabbed her hand and kissed it. "Thank you Tricia, we are both excited to see that happening. By the way, who was that moron trying
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Carlo let Tricia ride in the front seat, and she clutched her bag tightly against her chest. He got into the driver's seat and started the car's engine with the key. The whole car lit up, and Tricia grinned in amazement as she could not believe she was seeing herself inside an expensive car. It was like a dream come true for her.Carlo buckled up Tricia's seatbelt since she did not know how to do it. "We need to secure our safety, so we always have to wear a seatbelt," Carlo explained as he fixed Tricia's seatbelt.Tricia's eyes were sparkling like stars as she rolled her eyes around his car. "What an amazing car you have, Carlo. Do you know that it is my first time riding a car like this? Sorry, but I could not hide my excitement!"Carlo buckled his seatbelt and began driving his expensive car. While responding to Tricia, his gaze was fixed on the road. "Really? I am overjoyed for you; at least it happened while you are still a virgin."As soon as they got out of the Daanghari street
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They stopped at a high-rise hotel in Makati, and as Tricia was peering out the window, she saw people dressed fabulously and glamorously, far from her cheap style of clothing. She felt out of place and wanted to stay inside the car. "Wait, I think I would rather stay here... I don't see myself walking around and flaunting my body with all those rich people around. Maybe we can go somewhere else?"Carlo gave her an apologetic grimace. "Okay, no problem, we'll just go through the basement so you can hide from them. Besides, I'll give you money so you can buy new clothes and help your sick father."Tricia could not pull her mind from negative thoughts, and the only way she knew to remove them was to say it out loud. "I don't like this place that much, and I can't say the exact reason why... They are both handsome and pretty. They have a complete family... unlike me."Carlo glanced off her legs again with his hand. "Tricia, don't be insecure. You actually have a look... we just need to wo
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Tricia gave the credit card to the receptionist, and Carlo began to talk. Fortunately, the bulge in his pants gradually disappeared, so he put Tricia's bag on his shoulder."We will stay here for 6 hours. I want a class A room for both of us. What do we have in our room?""Air conditioning, flat-screen TV with international programming, outlets for personal electronics, especially extra USB plugs."Smart TV features include streaming services and Wi-Fi access. As per the bed, we always make sure that the bedsheet and pillow are new. We also have free soap, lotion, and towels in the bathroom," the receptionist answered."That is great. How much is the total?" Carlo asked.The receptionist looked at her monitor and answered. "The total of your bill is 339 dollars, sir!"Tricia was surprised by the amount of their bill, and she raised her voice at the receptionist. "What did you say? 339 dollars for six hours?""Yes ma'am, we have amenities here, such as a swimming pool, gym, library, sp
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At 6 a.m. in the morning, Carlo took Tricia outside her house, and luckily there weren't many people around. Carlo unbuckled Tricia's seatbelt and kissed her lips again, before letting her leave. Tricia did neither complain nor move away from him, and waited until he stopped tasting her sweet lips.Carlo gave an appreciative grin. "So, I hope you enjoyed our intimate sex, Tricia... you are so f*cking good in bed. I am glad my payment did not go to waste."Tricia's face was filled with happiness and satisfaction. "Of course, I would never have done that without you guiding me, so thank you as well. I do not regret surrendering my virginity to you, Carlo. I feel so sorry for your wife. She left you without considering your worth. What a stupid woman."Tricia couldn't believe she was uttering those harsh words to his wife. All she knew was, Carlo had become her life savior and she wanted to repay his kindness to her."Am I right? For sure, you used to f*cked her hard as well. Am I right?
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Tricia and Efron were preparing everything to cook when suddenly, Tricia's cellphone rang from her pocket. She looked at the message and was elated to read Carlo's message. Efron's pale forehead puckered with a frown again when he saw her beautiful smile, something he'd never seen from her before. He couldn't stomach seeing her talking with another man, so he spoke up to her out of jealousy."Looks like you text mate right already, huh? Is he courting you?"Tricia swiveled her head at Efron while typing on her cell phone and gave him an irritating look. "What are you talking about? Carlo is just saying hello to me. There is nothing wrong with it!"Efron tilted his head in dismay. "That's how an affair starts. The simple greeting you say becomes so deep that you don't even realize that you're falling for each other in a short span of time."Tricia sent the message to Carlo and put her cell phone back on the table. "You are paranoid about things that are impossible to happen, the things
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