Stories by Irene

Stories by Irene

By:  RenieDarling_14  Ongoing
Language: English
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These are just the addition of my books on wattpad. Emily A letter to Santa Last wish And The moon and I

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               Life can sometimes hit you real  bad. To think that you will wake up everyday and see that beautiful face . That face that means the world to you . To come back from work and be greeted by that person .            I had just closed from school and I decided to go to the nearby food stand I saw ,since I can't live with an empty stomach I'll probably die . I sat under the tree at the corner , put out my notepad and began doing my homework . I love nature and everything but I go by one rule you hate me, I hate you .                   Sitting under the tree listening to the whistling sound of the air passing through  the leaves sent a chilly breeze along my skin . The Rusty looking leaves creating melodious tunes as they begin to sway . The blue sky loosing sight of its cloud as the sun gradually begins to move desc
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Last Wish
Every mother's wish is to have a healthy baby when born. A baby that was born without any complications but my life was not like that. At the age of eight I was diagnosed with leukaemia, chronic myelogenous leukemia . It's not that rare in children so I wonder why I had to face this . Mostly mum would come sleep with me since sleeping became a problem for me. I was told that it was due to a history of immune system suppression . Normally I get to peel skin , infection , fever , coughing ,easy bleeding and bruising ,weakness and shortage of breath at night. I've been told by mum many times not fear or to think too much as it may lead to me suffering from even more symptoms.I believe in God and his miracles and believe me I pray to him everyday but slowly my illness is getting worse and worser.              I can't even go to school so my mum order the private tutor for me .These past few years I've been mov
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Beneath the scars
Riley a daughter to the Essah family moved to high school. Three days after arriving at high school she met a guy named Johan Mills . Sometimes we think we will make our own ways but fate makes our lives ways . A certain incident separated the two . Leaving one in a psychiatric hospital . What has fate planned for the two ? Will the two ever meet again ? Join them as they face reality to an end which was never expected.Riley is my name . Dark skinned , long crinkly black hair , pink lips , hazel orbs and medium height . My best friend is Johan Mills, I have a brother and I'm in high school , senior year . My parents always consider me a disappointment and the black sheep so I moved to a boarding school to avoid them. I met Johan three days after arriving in high school and trust me he is the best. We've been through so much and he even knows me better than my brother . My parents have always been a pain in the neck so don't blame me ever for any thing I do when I'm with them . It
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Best friends wish
Prologue The old lady looked feeble. The minute our subway train started, she was going to keel over. Then she'd be a sick passenger, and the train would stop while we waited for an ambulance, and I'd be late for school. Plus she looked terrified . I gave her my seat. I helped her into it. " Thank you, dear. You have done me a good turn." Her tone was like music to the ears ,so round, sweet and juicy like an anchorwoman's. " And you know what they say about a good turn ." " That's okay." I said . Was she gonna tip me ? I thought " I don't want anything." I added. " Yes, you do Anabell. You want many things . I'll give you one ." How did she know my name ? The train stopped at the twenty- eighth street . I thought about going to another car, but I was getting off at the next stop. " What is your wish ?" She asked . The train started moving again . "I know , whether you tell me or not . But you ought to put it positively." The train stopped. We were between stations. In the silence
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