7- Demands and denials

“Or maybe I can just tell my shift manager that I have to leave...” Shaun grabs my hand and places it on his arm. 

I want to yank it away but I feel like I probably shouldn't antagonise this guy, at least not until I'm sure he's not a threat. 

Seeing no real option but to go along with it, I leave my arm there and allow him to lead me from the restaurant. There is a black car parked out front. Shaun opens the door for me to get in and climbs in beside me. Aaron makes his way to the drivers seat. 

I rack my mind to consider why a Shifter Alpha would want to see me. Something to do with Bellamy of course, but what? 

Had he made some complaint about me? Or had he somehow figured out that I was his soul mate and planned to drag me kicking and screaming to the Shifter compound? 

The fact that he has involved his Alpha is hardly promising. I don't know a lot about Shifter politics and rules, but I do know that, to a Shifter, their Alpha is the highest authority that they answer to. 

If I am going to be dragged in front of the feline Alpha, I really would have appreciated some warning, maybe a chance to change into something other than my awful work uniform. 

The car ride is awkward, but thankfully short. We pull into the feline Shifter compound. I've never been here before, not that I have ever actually wanted to visit or anything. But even if I did, Shifters are rather private and it is rare for them to invite non-Shifters into their gates. I wonder if it's because they have some huge dramatic secret they're keeping from the rest of the world. Or maybe they just don't like random people wandering onto their land and trying to snap photos of them in their animal forms. 

I know that a few years ago there were a bunch of humans who were arrested for poaching Shifters. They claimed that the fur and scales gathered from Shifters were of higher quality than a normal animal. 

Additionally, Shifter blood and bones are apparently quite useful in potions and as magical tools for Witches and Sorcerers. I find it all rather creepy. Why would you want to drink a potion with blood in it? Maybe if you were a Vampire I guess. 

But I'm getting distracted. I notice my blue and red threads are visible again, so Bellamy and Megan must both be relatively nearby. 

I peer out the window to see what I can of the feline Shifter's home. They have a huge amount of land and there are trees everywhere. I suppose so they can run and hunt naturally as cats. 

We drive past the trees and come to what is basically a single long street full of houses which I suppose is where all the Shifters live. At the very end of the street is the biggest house of them all and it's very clearly where we are headed. The houses on this street are all quite large and would cost a fortune, apparently Shifters make a lot more money than I had previously assumed. Not that I spend a lot of time considering Shifter finances, I have my own to worry about after all, but I guess it makes sense considering how much land they own. 

As I predicted, we stop at the largest house at the very end of the street. Shaun climbs out the car and offers me an arm to help me out.  I feel a little spiteful considering that they have basically kidnapped me, so I ignore his arm and get out on my own. 

I wonder when Bellamy is going to show up. He has obviously got to be the one who started whatever drama I am caught up in. It isn't fair if he gets to avoid everything. Aaron steps around the car to join us and once again Shaun takes my hand and places it over his arm to lead me along. 

I roll my eyes and allow it. It's just not worth the effort to argue. I try and think about what I know of the feline Shifter's Alpha. I think he is an older gentleman. He is pretty well known and I have never heard any crazy stories about him going on rampages or anything like I have for the canine Alpha. Hopefully, he won't be too bad. 

Suddenly, I recall another story from the news a few months ago. A Shifter Alpha and his wife were both killed in an awful car accident. 

Was that the feline Alpha? 

I'm not sure. We walk through the house, we pass a door where my blue thread leads through. Megan must be through there somewhere. Shaun leads me to an ornate looking wooden door at the end of a ridiculously long hallway. 

I hear a familiar voice from behind the door and my red thread leads straight to it. So apparently Bellamy is here. I knew whatever this is was his fault. Shaun opens the door and enters without knocking. I expect to see at least two people in the room and I am surprised to find only Bellamy. He is on the phone but as we enter he apologises to the person on the other end and hangs up. He stands to greet us.

“Alpha Kane. We have bought Ryann Gale here, as you requested.” 

I try and keep my complete and utter shock and horror from my face.

BELLAMY is the Alpha? 

Of COURSE he is. 

Because if I'm going to have a soul mate, it has to be with the most complicated guy in the immediate area doesn't it? I sigh internally. I probably need to pay better attention to Shifter politics, I get the feeling I am going to be mixed up in them plenty sometime in the future. 

Still, Bellamy is the Alpha. Does this mean I should be treating him with more respect or something? I disregard the idea immediately. He isn't MY Alpha. Besides, he basically just ordered me kidnapped. Not cool.

“Thank you Shaun, Aaron. You may leave.” Both men give him a deep nod before turning and leaving the room. It occurs to me that Aaron literally didn't speak to me at all. He must be a very quiet person, or maybe he's just shy. 

I decide to play it cool for now and to see what Bellamy wants before I chew him out for kidnapping me and potentially getting me fired for skipping work. 

I put my hands on my hips and stare him down, keeping my face as blank as possible. Bellamy gestures for me to take a seat opposite his desk but I shake my head.

“I would rather stand.” I manage to get out without saying anything particularly aggressive to him. So a win for my self-control I think. Bellamy moves to sit on the corner of his desk.

“I have decided that if you really have the power you claim to have, then I should use it. You will spend some time and confirm the relationship, threads you called them? Between my sister and Tristan. If it is true that he has another soul mate then you will help me locate and identify this person.” He explains.

I stare at him incredulously. Does he honestly think I won't have a problem with his demands, or being kidnapped? He literally just said he wants to 'use' me. I'm not a toy he can pick up and play with!

“No.” I state simply. His eyes shoot up to mine, he looks angry. I work not to drop my gaze as I usually do.

“No?” he repeats.

“Exactly. No.” Okay, so I planned to hold my temper but I just can't do it.

“Why on Earth would I do anything you tell me to do? You're ordering me around like I should care about what you think. No. I have no intention of listening to anything you have to say. You show up at my home and invite yourself in. Then, when I tell you to leave, you yell at me, and now you have basically kidnapped me! I was at work. I am probably going to lose my job now because I left early. What gives you the right to do any of this?” I demand. Bellamy glares at me.

“I am the Alpha here and leading people is my job.” He states boldly. I roll my eyes.

“You aren't my Alpha and you're definitely no leader. You're only a leader if people choose to follow you, I had no choice in coming here. That makes you less of a leader and more of an asshole.” I explain. 

Bellamy stands and steps closer to me, glaring down at me.

“You didn't exactly leave me any choice. You refused to speak to me when I was at your house.”

“Because you pushed your way in and demanded my time. Did it never occur to you to ASK me, or maybe invite me to meet up with you? If you recall I got myself into this mess because I want to protect your sister. I'm not going to suddenly abandon that. I am perfectly willing to help your sister. What I am not willing to do is run around after you and obey your every order like some kind of pet.” 

I expect Bellamy to be fuming by now. 

Instead of yelling back at me, he takes a step away and turns away from me. He sighs deeply and begins pacing the room. He walks back and forth at least three times before he turns back to face me.

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