68. A Fellowship

Ivanna's POV

It amazed me seeing the entire contents of the building where we were going to live and settle down next. And one thing I just found out is that this building is the long-abandoned residence of the Reynz family. I must admit, the Reynz and Alsen family seem to have a lot of power. They're even willing to lend a few pack members to help us out here until Jax finds some people he needs.

I can't say much other than to accept their help and kindness.

"Ivanna, I hope you don't mind and don't take offense at what I'm doing. Really, we want nothing more than to give you a little help." Ivory said.

"I hope you don't take offense at my questioning either, Ivy. Why are you being so nice? We didn't even do anything for you guys," I replied. Ivory, who had been smiling a lot, immediately faded her smile and turned around.

"I've been trusting people easily, Ivanna. Even the people I trusted ended up betraying me. However, meeting you, I can't deny the feelings that drive me to do
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