72. Uneven Fight

Ivanna's POV

"We won't let you touch Ivanna!" growled Gabby, then lunged at Jason, who nimbly managed to dodge. Then it was Ayden's turn to attack. The two were evenly matched in strength, but Jason was a cunning man. He used Bethany as a weapon to deter and complicate Ayden and Gabby's position.

"You have to finish her, Ayden. We have to save Ivanna." I could still hear the sound of the two of them talking as I occasionally heard metal clinking.

Meanwhile, Jason, who felt that he no longer had a burden because he had left the task of fighting Ayden and Gabby to Bethany and the feral who came with him, now approached me.

"Hand over your baby, and I promise to let you and Jax live happily."

I shook my head. "Don't dream, Jase! You're the one who destroyed Bethany by sucking her up. You knew you'd never match Beth's DNA, but you were desperate. And now you're trying to destroy me, Bethany's reincarnation, to bring her back to life."

The man laughed. He still stood where he was, no longe
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