half/closer [GL]

half/closer [GL]

By:  ReverseReverie  Completed
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"Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of your own fear, under the sea of your limitation and behind the zone of your comfort. All you need is to obliterate the invisible streak with courage. "Hilary Damien goes with the flow. Although she already has everything---popularity, friends, beauty, and wits, a tragic loss from the past contributed issues to go against her heart's desire. And she doesn't have the bravery to fight for what she truly needs.Khloe Summer goes against the flow. Although she has all the nerve to get what her heart's ambition- --a high-paying career, a modernized treehouse, an imperfection and error from the past concealed the truth about herself. And she fears that they will influence the momentum of her determination.However, because of art, they happened to be in the same flow. As they collide, will they be able to find strength from each other? Or meeting halfway and getting closer is going to be a heartbreak?...*some events are related to Raindrops and Kiss & Tease series so it's going to be more convenient to read them first*»This is an LGBT-themed story. Read at your own risk«

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Heather Laird
wonderful story full of every emotion!
2023-11-11 16:07:43
47 Chapters
Loneliness. It's the word that bounded me. The flood of feelings that conspired me to step out of the entry of my birdcage and had me thinking that I was no less than an unfortunate girl just like the others. It's the term that contained me inside my room, the moment when I burst out crying, realizing no one knows how unhappy I was. A time when you feel like you are drowning under the Austral Ocean while you see everyone around you breathing so effortlessly. But the odd thing is, the person who had heard my cry is the only one who dragged me up for the first time. The only person who had given me ship to sail beyond my known limitation. That's the one who brought me up to this point. The smell of breakfast, the faint sound of the cracking oily meat of the bacon under the fire while the AM radio announced that it was already time to gust out of the house and go to school. To spend my day with my peers, attentively listen to the teachers speaks, meet up with my best of friends at the
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"Where's my alfredo pasta?" Khloe asked innocently once she stood up from the floor and walked closer to me."I'm not your bitch!" I retorted, narrowing my eyes at her."But I'm hungry," she complained with a pout on her lips."Your fucking problem, not mine," I muttered, putting the silver key into the hole and unlocked the door of my art studio.Entering inside the room, I welcomed the familiar smell of paints and the sight of walls covered with artworks I had made so far. My white converse shoes made a squeaky noise against the wooden floor as ceiling lights automatically turned on, recognizing our arrival.As being one of the investor of this school, they gave me this private space at the fifth floor of our school administrative building, which I had furnished as my own art studio. Most of the time, I would spend painting on a blank canvas after school or during days I'm in the mood to create the vision revolving inside my head. It was no secret that I loved art so much. But they
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*trigger warning*"Oh c'mon, don't be such a clamjam!" Khloe teased loudly, causing Xander and Alec to holler along with the heavy metal music. I cringed when Xander banged his Mohawk head like a lunatic as he clenched his fist up, singing along with the incoherent lyrics.Listening to them made my head spin."Why am I here with all of you, crazy?!" I tried to pull out the aux cord but Khloe stopped me by restraining my arms and she was giving me a warning glare through the front side mirror of Alec's truck. She broke contact once her boy toy ushered her closer to his body and kissed her on the cheek.I rolled my eyes, irritated. I heard them laughing at the back of the car while Alec sang so loudly and out of tune. He better keeps his eyes on the road or else our plan would backfire.Getting tired of their animalistic behavior, I pulled out the cord, immediately killing the music and their wild antics. "That freak might wake up if you guys don't stop this!"All of them chuckled."C
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"Is this enough?" Khloe asked to Tiana as she gestured her hand out to Timothy. The bastard was knocked out inside an open-rusted container truck. He was blinded with a fabric on his eyes, topless and with a wood ply lynched around his neck. It was labeled 'I am a sinner.'"I already sent the photos to the school community," Maggie mused as she pointed to the dummy phone she was holding."And it's not a really good sight," James added with a smirk on his face."Tomorrow is going to be eventful," Alec commented, shaking his head.I sighed, already worn out from this whole prank. I glanced at Tiana and I knew that she was thinking that this wasn't enough. However, she made a promise to Bailey that she wouldn't do anything to lead her in a dangerous situation. Zoey pointed that out once she realized that her best friend didn't want to stop beating Timothy. It was the first time I'd seen her like that. To be honest. Girls are wild when they needed to be."Time to go home," Xander urged, a
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I woke up as my alarm went off at seven in the morning. Rolling on my bed, I blindly took my phone from the bedside table and killed off the sound. Honestly, I had no energy to stand up because I wanted to stay on my bed and sleep until I had enough. Khloe drove me home at four because I didn't want my parents to know I was not in my room for the entire night and I was at Khloe tree house, hoping for sex.And I had school so without any choice, I pushed myself up and headed to the bathroom to do my morning routine. I had no time to ponder about my outfit today or even choose which lipstick color I would put on my lips. I just wanted to come to school, listen to the daily drama, finish my classes and -Shit!Oh my God! I forgot that I rescheduled our cheerleading practice today."Damn Khloe!! Why are you ruining my life?" I whined as I threw my towel in my laundry basket. After I fixed myself for the day, I stomped my feet downstairs, greeted my parents lazily and had my breakfast.I was
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"DARE!!!" Chad repeated our answers, causing the partygoers to celebrate. I think all the people in this party were already here to witness the war between Khloe and I. Obviously, we got all their attention and I was going to make sure that I'm gonna win. Or else, she would get all the credit. We were throwing this party to gain more popularity— for our cheerleading team to be the talk within the district and it would be ugly for our reputation if I lost.Clenching my jaw, I gave my opponent a piercing glare. She tilted her head a little and then winked at me. How annoying!The game was simple yet severe. First, you had two choices: Truth or Dare. If you choose TRUTH, you're going to be the loser automatically, the crowd will mock you for the rest of the night and the opponent will have a one day privilege of being your master.The TRUTH of being a total loser.However, if you choose DARE, a sequence will commence. There were a lot of sequences, actually but the crowd screamed for 'Ch
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If there was another way around to keep my self-control, I would delightedly take that prospect. However, the circumstances at hand was so revolting to the extent that I wanted to just turn to dust and crawl through the gap of the door to escape this reality. The unforeseen pause due to the astonishing turn of event entombed my capacities to think straight. Some universal force must be punishing me for leading me into this small room with the girl who made my high school life so problematic.Why?There were a lot of reasons why I detested this girl and what was happening this night fired up the rising emotion within me. The alcohol in my system was not helping at all. I really had a lot and that was not a good indication. Usually, I would distract myself from drinking too much because I always had to take care of my girls. They were always my responsibilities and you could say I was the mother in the group. Bailey would be the father for handling us in terms of life and knocking wisdo
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Those flashback drizzled out of my mind once I parked my car on our house garage. The machine of my Jaguar died down and the silence reborn in the surroundings. The air became so thick and cold in solitude. I assumed my parents were already on their way back home with news about Tiana. I dreaded to hear any possible outcome from all the raids which occurred all over the town.But it was very weird.... It was odd that I was reminiscing about Khloe during this severe moment. It might be due to the level of insanity of the events. It was nothing of ordinary and it reminded me of her. That must be it.After the promise I had made after the party, I went to a mission to prove her that I wasn't a bad kisser. However, each of our encounter resulted to the same exclamation - that I'm truly the worst kisser. Which contradicted the make out session inside the girl's bathroom during third period. The tongue-tied war between us inside the guest room of the Valentine's Italian mansion after their
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Tell a tale of a girl who was in turmoil, sitting on the lap of another girl at the passenger seat of a car. With arm wrapped across another girl's shoulder, she remained her eyes close. In unexpected safety and in unexplainable contentment.For how long? I had no idea.It was a bizarre gesture.She was gentle. Against of how the people viewed her. In contrast to the first impression I had for her. Part of me didn't want to believe that she came for me, another part was confused and the rest of the feelings were somewhat imprecise. Of all people, Khloe was the one who comforted me to tender calmness.She was the one who brought me inside her embrace.For how long? Doesn't matter.As our hands were entwined on my lap, the radio turned into another pop song I couldn't recognize. It was sweet but I tried my hardest to ignore the melody.The last thing I wanted, is to make her feel awkward at our position. I didn't want her to retract her arms around my waist. I didn't want her to think t
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"How's everything, Quinn?" I asked the blonde across the table who just resumed her class after her recovery.The familiar forest eyes shifted up to mine. I gulped at the intensity of them. It seemed like she knew something that she isn't supposed to know. I wondered if they were the kind of siblings that tells each other's everything. Well, there was nothing to tell anymore because Khloe and I were already friends.Yup, friends. That's possibly the start of everything good... I hope.Shit! No, girl. What type of 'good' were you referring? Of course, we could be best of friends. Khloe is a cool friend. She was someone between famous and infamous. Her popularity alone was above average among the students, even among teachers. Heck, she was so fine as an individual!"Are you okay, Ry??" I heard my captain questioned me as she waved her hand in front of me. She got my attention immediately. "My girlfriend is talking to you."I coughed to hide my embarrassment. "S-Sorry, I just can't stop
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