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Ever wonder what you gonna do if you were born with a twisted fate of having more than one true mate? Elysian Jordan was born as a lowly Omega and went through torture, heartbreak and abuse all her life for a reason she was not responsible for. She had only one hope at life and that was to find her mate along with true love. That's when fate started to play with her by bringing different men in her life. Lorcan Leonore. The Alpha of the deadliest pack Vaughan. The one who was ready to fight with his life for her. Adrian Storm. The being powerful than all other beings. A legend they only heard about. The Mighty Water Serpent. Vincent Witson. The Beta. The secret keeper. Taylor Stannkus. The Gamma. The one who is underestimated but he is the king maker. And Cade Jo, one Mystical being. The one who has mysteries as his second skin. In this twisted game fate was playing with her, who was her true mate and destiny? Admist finding the true love she desired, what will happen if she finds out that she was not what she thought she was for her whole life? What if she was the legend of the Pearl Dragon? In this struggle between finding her true destiny and love, she might end up finding the reason of her existence. A fight between love, Illusion, Power and Responsibility will break out in which only one will survive.

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T.A. West
it's probably a good book but the grammar mistakes are horrible and it is very hard to read because of that.
2023-01-18 22:04:42
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This book is horrible. The grammar mistakes are severe. Why don’t people have books edited?
2022-02-15 11:19:37
user avatar
Hello! Is this book finished?
2021-07-02 22:52:30
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Bella Jersey
This very compelling story. I recommend you edit this book. I know is English is a tricky language when it’s not your first. After you edit it this book will be even greater
2021-06-21 11:33:46
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Loving your book ❤️❤️ Keep updating!! 🤗
2021-05-04 13:34:26
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Agni Aastha
I never knew, you can give me a rollercoaster ride through your writing, ❤
2021-04-29 21:26:03
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I really want to know whom that girl would endup with. Nice creation of characters.
2021-03-28 20:36:16
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Ace Matrix
So good to read!! brilliant work by this author! If i could i would have given 10 stars to this books! keep it up the hard work!
2021-03-28 20:29:48
user avatar
Seems interesting with unique characters and world development.
2021-03-22 20:43:53
user avatar
Super interesting world building! I like the idea of the multiple possible mates for our poor protagonist, and it'll be fun to see where the author takes it!
2021-03-21 04:30:03
user avatar
This book is fantastic!!!! The characters connection are so strong! The storyline is easy to understand! I can’t wait for the next chapters!!!!
2021-03-19 14:44:24
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I'm adding this to my reading list! This is one of the best werewolf/fantasy novels I have ever read. Out of all the males on this story, Adrian is my fave! ❤️😊 World-building is 5 out of 5! 300 characters wasn't enough for a review. All in all, the story was great! Few more editing=perfection! 😊❤
2021-03-19 01:08:55
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I would read more if I still have coins
2021-02-15 21:55:04
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Laurence Olivier
Wonder how she will gain the power!
2021-02-15 21:47:31
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2021-02-15 21:43:22
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96 Chapters
This book is a work of fiction. Names and characters are the product of the author’s imagination and any kind of resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely simultaneous. I love and appreciate your comments. I gladly like to hear what any of you might say. With that all out of the way, I hope you enjoy this book.  ♥WELCOME TO THE BOOK♥  ♥TAMING THE DRAGON♥ ❤ELYSIAN POINT OF VIEW❤  Being a human and living amidst werewolves isn’t easy. They treat me as an Omega, which comes with beatings when I do anything wrong. They call me words that get lodged in my brain, words that refuse to leav
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❤ALPHA LORCAN'S POINT OF VIEW❤ The war was at its peak. My Vaughan Pack was under attack by the rogues, it's quite often when it's come to get under attack by those shitty rouges. Being the Alpha of the deadliest pack I've been known for killing and cutting the throats of all those who came into my way of expanding my territory and power. However, those rouges still have the guts to face me only to die by my hands.  While cutting their throats I feel so exciting, it's my favorite thing to see when someone screams in fear of me more than pain.  My pack gets under attack in the morning and now it's dark. The purple and black of the night was so smoothing to take some rest under the clearance of shinning starry sky only if it weren't because of this war. Rogue
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❤️ALPHA LORCAN'S POINT OF VIEW❤️ While I was making my way to my room I was cautious as to not hurt my human mate with my tight grip. Once I reached my room where I gently placed my mate on the bed. I covered her with a thick blanket to make sure that she slept comfortably. The thought of her on my bed made me want to howl in happiness. But I wanted to kill every person who made her suffer in that way. After I made sure that my mate was comfortable, I covered her with a hug and turned to my mom who was smiling down at me. I returned the gesture and turn said, "Thank you, mom. I'll stay with her now. You can go to Dad and Harry and tell them the good news." "Oh, I sure will." She said I sun a laughing tone.  "And please tell, Vincent to come over here, I need to talk with him," I tell her, and she went out gl
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♥ ELYSIAN'S POINT OF VIEW♥ I left my pack and left everything and started to make my way out of the forest and reach a territory. Which was making me nauseous only by standing nearby the border. I decided to make my way back to my pack, but a big hand covered my mouth from behind and started dragging me back.  Being rejected and heartbroken I could not have any energy to fight against the person who was dragging me behind but still, I struggled with all the energy I had left but as expected I lost all my senses and everything started getting shattering and my body left my side as the darkness engulf me and I stopped the struggle, hoping to die after all this thing. Finally, I am vanishing. Death is taking over my life and I was happy about this. Ultimate, everything is ending. And I lost myself in the darkness. Do not know for how long I have devoured my time, floating in the endless darkness. I was feeling so lightweight as I just keep swimming in
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❤️ ADRIAN' POINT OF VIEW❤️    When we heard the panicked voice of Lorcan's mother from upstairs. We ran there, without thinking a second, we followed Lorcan, who ran to see where did his mate go missing. Yeah, his mate. From when he has found her, he's staying with her, not moving his body and not even giving a damn to his Alpha's business, like seriously how can he be so irresponsible just because he has found his mate. The most important fact is, he doesn't even let us see what the hell she is. Whenever we try to ask him to see her he started suckling.   I mean, yeah man we know you're a werewolf and she's your mate and it's your right to be possessive over her but we are his friends, right? and it's not like we will gonna hurt her. But since when he's started acting all possessive over her I'm starting hating his mate. It is better if she's gone
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❤Elysian's point of view. ❤   After I collided with something firm. I shut my eyes with unforeseen collision but nevermore forget to subconsciously touch the hard surface only to discover it was a hard muscular physique of a man which was getting hot with the touch of my hand. Suddenly once again I was being pulled much closer than before and was being covered with a trench coat over my head by that man to hide me from the heavy rain that was pouring at that time and the guy, whom I don't even know was standing strong, like a mountain, towering me and hiding me in his strong, muscular arms, not letting me getting wet in that rain.    Whoever it was to cover me in the trench coat was given a safe vibe with his action, in that downpour with the cold wind, that was piercing through my body to my soul. But I was too afraid with the fear of me being locked in a room or gravest, in prison considering I was certain I'm no
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❤ELYSIAN' POINT OF VIEW❤  As the man was decreasing the space between me and him, my heart was shriveling down in the shape of a bean with the fear which was making up in me. I consolidate myself to face him with what strength I had in me, after whatever was happening with me since earlier this morning, " who--who are you?" this was the second question I asked the person, however, no matter how I tried to be courageous in front of him, I was just a frightened cat in front of him and stammered.  But this time I got the response from him, but it was not the answer it was a question with escaped his lips with a husky voice, "Elysian, what are you doing here, at this time?" Asked the person and the smile make a perfect curve on my lips, recognizing the person. It was none other than my mate, Bruce, who has rejected me earlier without showing any mercy on me.  Still, my heart was somehow at rest, seeing someone from my pack, especially my Mate, I me
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❤ Adrian' point of view ❤  I have been wondering where did that girl go exactly, as I wasn't able to trace her down, neither there was any clue for me to hear her thoughts.   "Damn it where did she go exactly" I cursed at the situation, it's getting dark here, I just hope she would survive this night although there are few chances to be alive in this dark forest. It is not the place for humans to saunter at night time.  I was standing at the edge of the eastern fraction of this dark forest when I sensed some different energy that was coming from the western part. My brows knitted as I sensed it was mixed with the werewolf energy.  Is it someone from Vaughan pack? No, it can't be, they all know it's forbidden to enter this forest for their safety, only a fool could come here.   If not the member of Vaughan pack then could it be? I stopped going any further as per my plan to hear the thoughts of that wolf, I ha
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A man in his early twenties comes out to the light of half-moon from the somberness of the woods, his cheeks bones were high, embracing his face with the shadow of his god-like features, yet his high nose and thin lips making him absolute eyes candy for those who see him, no matter if it is daylight or night time. He stood up all alone like a cold mountain, towering over everyone else as if they are nothing but ants with his muscular body. His shoulder square in shape, it was acceptable to intimidate anyone. He wore his all-black attire making it hard to discriminate between him and the darkness if it is not because of his cold pale skin, which was shining brightly like the crystals. His nineties blondes hair complexing his look. The dark-undertone hue was all the range in the nineties and Adrian is definitely still rocking it today. The black oversized coat he was wearing, with matching black trousers and a black turtle neck, was covering his whole body, yet there w
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" Oh, if that's the case, I'm not sure what kind of creature you are to call that piece of shit a 'mate' as far as I know he's not anymore your 'mate'. " This time Adrian especially, highlighted the word 'mate' with his thick accent as if he was mocking her and so-called mate, Bruce. And just then, Elysian heard a loud growl behind her and subconsciously ran to hide behind Adrian. And Adrian's body becomes tense just the touch of her soft hands. Elysian was clutching the fiber of Adrian's coat in her fist, observing his warmth, and sharing her shivers with him. Unknowingly, it was Elysian's turn to tease Adrian, unknowingly she was taking her revenge for being teased by Adrian's intensive eyes game.  "W-what the hell is this?" Elysians stammered looking at the blood-thrusting eyes of Bruce. It was not brown in color as earlier but it was more like the color of pitch darkness with the threads of blood surrounding the round shape of his retina. 
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