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**THE ACCORM** Chapter 1# Dorian is a princess of the ACCORM legion but she had to abandon everything in order not to be tied with someone she despise and do not love. What would be her fate?. #Mysterious death of two photo artist in a forest took forever to be unraveled and the cause of death?, well you would have to find out. Chapter 2# Johnson is a special person right from his childhood but would be faced with different trials. He would have to make sacrifices for others along the way. Marpha "The prime ruler" he is the father of Dorian, he lost his wife during child birth, at a point he went missing. What really happened, is he dead? Let's see #Darius is the adviser of Marpha and the grandfather of Dorian. He holds unto a prophecy given by the moon. Come find out!!!

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25 Chapters
Chapter 1: BANE FOREST
Middle of the night, (panting heavily) Dorian ran through the forest as the moon rises in it's elegance mixed with the glowing star light, she couldn't stop for fear of been caught and taken back to the palace. It's winter and the forest is freezing cold, the trees are covered with snow and the wind hallowing rapidly from every corner of the forest. Dorian haven't gotten this far from her home before, the forest is an ominous and dangerous place to be at night time but she is not scared of the forest rather is she slowing her pace. At this point she has probably lost those who were chasing her as it will be difficult for them to trail her in her human form without realizing that she has crossed pass the Accorm territory. Now she could see the end of the forest as she approaches the road lit with street lights and cars parading to and fro. It's a two lane road with road signs like an (S) showing users that the road is curvey and also a SLOW DOWN sign on pole sticks at both sides of
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Chapter 2: TWIST IN TIME
"Hey Johnson come join us, here have a bottle. You've been working since morning when do you have time to rest?." "thank you Big j, you know I don't take Alcoholics" Johnson said. "Hahahaha who says that?, look i know i don't go to church but I have watched that one time even priests drink wine on that huge table, uhhh what do they call it again?,(he asks rhetorically) the Altar!!!, Yeah that's what they call it." "OH YAH ME TOO!." a man said roughly. "let me tell you something, you don't have to become a bad guy before(in a low tune) you do this things" Big j said. "DEM RIGHT!." "I know you gat great potentials boy, put them into use." "DEM RIGHT!." the man still talking "come on Johnson you know it's a free world and this motherfuck*rs ain't better than you." "DEM RIGHT!." the man keeps interrupting "hey you shut the fuckup Fitsher, you're a gad`damn drunk, how many bottles would your sh*t belly take before you stop, with your chicken hands. What do you mean by "dem right!
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STATE MUNICIPAL CLINICThe room is covered with tiny check curtains and the floor designed with vinyl composition tiles, there is a nature based art design of a forest hanging by the side of the couch. It's past 11pm and Johnson is discussing the level of damage the young lady has suffered with the doctor and how much hope is there of her surviving. They were standing close to the door a little bit far from her bed."We successfully stopped the outer bleeding but right now she is suffering from intracranial hematoma including compression fractures which are very severe." the doctor briefed him"what does intracra..ahhh,(confused) i don't understand what you are trying to tell me doctor, please can you break it down in a way I can understand" Johnson asked."okay what I'm trying to say is that she has a trauma and this is because a blood vessel in the brain has been broken right beneath the skull creating a serious internal injury on the head, and also the compression fractures are spi
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The "White moon" was created by Marpha himself after he picked interest in knowing about humans and how dangerous they can be.There is the "Optima troop" which gathers information about the medications and how to preserve the royalty lifespan, for Centuries the Optima troop has made sure to produce natural herbs using special tree branches and leaves to treat the sick and heal the wounded. The white moon has helped them evolve in medications and now they have different varieties of drugs to use in treatment. The Optima troop keeps record of every new development archived.The "red troop" known to be ruthless and blood thirsty, they are the front men in battle which comprises of hunters and soldiers of Accorm legion, they are the ones who go for hunting in the forest. To be in this group you must be extremely fast, strong, smart and emotionless, for anyone who allows his emotion get in the way of a mission would not be speared. The beast who attacked Johnny and Rony was from this troo
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"Hello!" the person who called said."Yes hello who is on the line" Johnson asked."Good day sir, please I'm i speaking with Mr Johnson Blake?" Nurse Hellen asked."Yah that's me who is this?.""I'm calling from the STATE MUNICIPAL CLINIC, please you have to come to the hospital right now it's urgent!" nurse Hellen replied."What!, what happened!, is she okay?, did something happen?, please talk to me, is she alright?" Johnson asked in fear."She's not okay, just come over to the hospital and everything would be explained to you sir" nurse Hellen said."Okay okay I'm on my way" Johnson said as he grabbed his car key and rushed out to where he parked the car, he could hear Big j saying something but he has no time to waste, he quickly drove off at an average speed.CHAPTER 4: BLOOD BONDJohnson arrived at the hospital within thirty minutes even though the traffic was hectic, he got out and went inside the hospital in a haste.THE STATE MUNICIPAL CLINIC"Now i hope you are getting my po
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"It's alright Mr Johnson, you did all you could to save her life, you almost endangered your own life just to make sure she survived, none of this is your fault because you did not do it on purpose and I don't think God will hold it against you for trying your best" Doctor Brown said, touching his shoulder to comfort him but Johnson is just sitting down looking into the empty space, he is lost in his thoughts. Before now nurse Hellen already recorded the time of death and was standing by the side of Johnson worried because she had hope that Dorian will survive.According to the monitor Dorian is already dead because it can no longer read her pulses, her heart beat, temperature, the oxygen level is zero, blood pressure and other things but inside her organs the blood cells are mingling up with the donor's blood to rebuild her blood circulatory system and when it finally matched, the arteries started functioning and blood flowed slowly through out her entire body, from the heart to the
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"of course, it's no big deal, i mean if I can't help a friend then what is the use of being friends!, I will see you by next week" Collins stretched his hand and they both hugged."Alright then I will be expecting you, bye."Collins made his way to the car park in style and he puts on his shade, hopped on his car and ignites it as the sound of the engine filled the air he drove off. (What would Captain Robert do next)SOMEWHERE IN SAN FRANCISCO, AMERICA"Good i love it!, back in my home we have something like this but this one is quite unique" The mystery man said as he keeps checking the artifacts in the museum."yes sir you can say that again, this one in particular is said to be over two thousand years and it once belonged to the late Emperor of Rome, Emperor Augustus!, a.k.a Caeser Octavian!, this ring here is pure gold with the face of Augustus caved on it." the curator of the museum exhibition who is in charge of managing the displayed items boasted of his knowledge."hmmm, wow
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King Elias stood up and made a pronouncement"Today we have seen our warriors battle fiercely!!!, everyone has been given a fair chance to prove himself!!!, to show their strength!!! and make a name as the best!!!, well who would it be!!!" ....The whole crowd went wild cheering...."It's not the end yet, to the winner victory!!!" King Elias left the arena to his Chambers......Victory!!! Victory!!! Victory!!!.... the drum beats filled the air as the crowd cheered on. A maid walked into King Elias Chamber carrying a tray of fruits and vegetables with local tea made of natural roots and some ointment, she keeps the tray on a wooden table and was preparing the tea meanwhile King Elias wouldn't stop starring at her body inappropriately, taking a good look at her cleavages his fangs became itchy. After pouring the tea on a cup the maid sort to leave but King Elias grabbed her wrist and tugged her into his arms, grabbing her behind he ripped off her outer garment and watched the maid e
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The sight is new, the people looked strange, nothing seems familiar with home. A loud noise disrupted her thoughts and she froze in fear, she stood back and watched as people entered a long object and in few minutes the object started moving. Dorian kept moping at it dumbfounded, the way it moved gave her absolutely no clue but the sound it makes made her giggle."Hey beautiful, are you lost, what is your name sweetie?." A strange tall looking guy approached Dorian, he is wearing a black hoodie with blue crazy jeans and white Nike high Sneakers, definitely a thug"My name is Dorian." she smiled "What! what kind of name is that, anyways what are you doing standing alone, waiting for the train?." this guy moved closer almost too close."The train!?." she stared at him confused"Yeah the train!, come on don't act dumb with me, whatsup with you, you got a boyfriend?." when he saw how beautiful Dorian is he attempted to touch her hips, instinctively Dorian moved two steps away from him bu
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When Johnson saw Dorian he was surprised but he was not that happy to see her after what she did, she made him worried and sick."What do you want, how did you find me?." Johnson asked barely showing concern"I'm sorry, i didn't mean to make you worry, please forgive me, I'm truly deeply sorry." She stammered as words became to heavy to pronounce, her heart melted in sadness because Johnson probably hates her now so she tried using thesame words he used to ask for forgiveness when she was at the hospital.Dorian wanted Johnson's forgiveness genuinely because he is the only one who has shown her kindness since she got to this strange place. Those pain she wanted to forget so badly appeared again as tears rolled down her cheeks..... no one cares after all what I'm going through, maybe I'm cursed.... Dorian thought in her mindShe turned and was about leaving but Johnson couldn't help but stop her, his conscience kept pushing him to not let her go or he would be restless for God knows
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