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Eight years ago, Alpha Sebastian Carter betrayed her. While she was pregnant with his pups, he exiled her to fulfil his mate’s evil wish. Jasmine had nowhere to go for years. From the gutters, she began to rise to fame with her triplets and her second chance love, Asher, at her side. But what happens when Sebastian comes back with a ring he vows to put on her finger? He still believes that Jasmine will always be his to possess. ~ “Do you think of me when he touches you, Jasmine?” his voice in her ear cut deep. She’s broken, shattered to pieces because of this man, yet he didn’t stop. “Move, Sebastian,” she begged, trapped in between him and the store room’s wall. “Wrong answer.” She tried to shove him, but he held her hands captive above her head. “I know your body remembers me.” “Shut up!” “My kisses are what you dream of every night,” he growled, and her thighs clenched. This was wrong. It was forbidden. He’s a mated wolf, and she’d moved on from the past. Right?…

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That is so bad Sebastian is the worst ml I have ever seen Now he want a second chance no
2024-02-29 17:58:58
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Blue sky
After 8 years and he wants to come back Who does that? No chance for him again I am loving the twist of this book
2024-02-29 18:00:32
139 Chapters
Chapter 1 - Alpha, You Are Mine!
JASMINE POV I tumbled down the stairs. My head and ribs collided with the sharp edges of each step riser. I moaned in excruciating pain when it stopped. "Seb–Sebastian," I croaked, tasting the salty tears that dropped. My vision blurred as I looked up. I still made out the four laughing faces of the pack wolves that just threw me down these steps. They hurried towards me now. "Oh, Jasmine! Did you think we were through with you yet?" A deep voice mocked me, getting closer and closer. My heart beat as fast as a freight train. A sob tore through me as they neared. Another licked his lips. "Sebastian's whore looks so edible while covered in her own blood." I had to stand up and run. I tried crawling forward, but a hand grabbed the scruff of my neck, slamming the back of my head into the opposite wall. A groan escaped me, "Argh." "No one can save you now, birthday girl," the deep voice laughed, yanking at my hair and digging claws into my scalp. I turned eighteen today. In fact
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Chapter 2: The Miracle Doctor
JASMINE POV Eight Years Later… Beep. Beep. Beep-beep Beeeeeeeeep. "Code blue!" I couldn’t breathe. Blood spurted from the open stomach of this old woman with a kind smile. Her only mistake was that she had been on my surgical table tonight. "Dr. Ross! The patient is having a cardiac arrest. Her vitals are dropping below dangerzone!" The nurses screamed at me while I froze, hands shaking in the air. For two years, I've lived as a famous and highly successful doctor in New York City, and believe me when I say there has never been any death on my record. I went into surgery rooms confident, too confident. And today that had worked against me. There was about to be a death on my record. 60 year old Carmen with a kind smile. Her family waited outside for her to come back to them. Carmen's smile haunted me now as I watched her shake wrongly on my surgical table. The machine lines flattened, and her pulse dropped as fast as a countdown. 55/30...20/10... A hand shook my shoulder
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Chapter 3: A Scandalous Proposal
JASMINE POV Each time I heard that last name, flashes of who I used to be would come back to me. Jasmine, the orphan of the Ice Wolf pack. I remembered her. How miserable she was. More importantly, it reminded me of Sebastian Carter. My chest constricted. I placed a hand over it. Breathing became difficult as it would every time I thought I was about to see him again. "Mr. Carter!" Brady beamed. He stood on his feet to welcome the young man, who just walked in. The knots in my stomach loosened. I sucked in air in bouts. It wasn't Sebastian. He still hadn't found me after all these years. Brady shook hands with the man. "Welcome to Greenbrook. This is Dr. Varma, Dr. Banerji, Dr. Jenkins, and Dr. Ross. They are the cream of the crop within these walls." Carter said, "Nice to meet you all. I hope we have a productive year together." We offered him a curt bow. I had fallen in ranks. A bitter taste spread through my mouth at the humiliation of bowing to my replacement. A year
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Chapter 4: Between The Devil and The Deep Blue Sea
JASMINE POV Jasmine, what the fuck?!" Sebastian shrieked as I poured the milk all over him and his flashy ring. I gritted my teeth. "I was never yours in the first place, you asshole!" He winced as I stomped down the aisle, but he grabbed my elbow, pulling me back. "Wait! Wait a second," he raked a hand through his soft, long, milk-stained hair, "Let me do right by you. Please." "Seb, it's been eight years! I have forgotten all about you, and I don't need a fucking reminder of the heartache." As I stormed away, I heard him mutter to himself. "This isn't over, Jasmine. You'll be mine soon." I shuddered at that dangerous promise, blocking it out of my mind as I met the kids at the front of the line. Emily had my wallet with her. I dropped the empty bottle of milk on the counter, and the cashier gave me a weird look. "Don't forget to add that." I smiled nervously. When everything had been processed, I grabbed the grocery bags and the kids, hurrying out of the store. At the lot,
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Chapter 5 : Brewing Chaos
JASMINE POV I froze like a statue. It was not enough that Sebastian showed up like a bad dream and now he would work in the same space as me, worse still, as my boss? Oh no!My breathing alternated from slow to fast pace and right now, it felt like my heart would burst from too much workload. “Dr. Ross,” Brady called wryly. My soul jerked back to where my body remained in a frozen state. The movement caused my phone to slip from my hand and fall with a loud thud. I'm certain my screen must be damaged and also certain it's not up to what my life would be in minutes. Wrecked. Absolutely chaotic. I reached down in swift seconds, retrieved it like it never occurred, and saved myself the heartbreak of looking at the damage. “...are you okay?” Brady asked with that goofy grin. I could stake my career on the line that he didn't give a bloody hoot about how I felt. This whole charade was to rub my misfortune right in my face. “Ye..ah” I gulped balls of thick saliva that were about to
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Chapter 6: Revenge Plan?
JASMINE POVWith that, Nurse Carol was gone. Sebastian is surely getting on my nerves! For about a minute, I forgot I had the 'Carter’ problem to deal with and just with a message from my supposedly annoying director, I lost composure. “What does he want?” I murmured and began pacing, hovering about in the small workspace. “Is there a problem?” Liam asked, curious. "Yes, there is." I spun to face him and he looked surprised at seeing a new side of me; terrified. “Do you need anything? Water...”"Brady just knows how to piss me off, and I would make him pay!” I revealed it anyway, yelling at the top of my lungs. Thankfully, the door was shut because I needed to vent, and now that I have... Well, it still felt the same. "Whoa,” Liam muttered and gestured for me to calm down. Eyes closed, I inflated my lungs with the cold-conditioned air. “What has Brady got to do with this, I thought Nurse Carol mentioned ‘a Sebastian’...”"You're right.” I bluffed. If only he was wrong. “Wait,
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Chapter 7: How Dare He?
JASMINE’S POV _Smash the freaking ketchup on his face!_ _Pull his ears out till he looks like Penny!_ These were a few of the tens of revenge ideas that came to mind. Instead, I kept mute, stabilizing my mood. After the milk incident at the mall and with me still not over it, it would be plain stupid to make things worse. My bloodshot eyes burned with intense hate and irritation. Sweat dripped from each of my pores. I was furious and he knew it. "Jas. You should think about this.” He reached out for my hands on the table and I cringed. “First, you don’t get to call me that and lastly, there's nothing to think about.”"Don't act rashly, Jasmine. You can take a few days and...” “Have a nice day.” I pushed the chair backward, as the squishing sound made silly noises and drew unwanted attention to us. I avoided eye contact with a few of the staff that chose my business over theirs and wore a fake smile. The news of my demotion rocked the four walls of the hospital, and with my rep
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Chapter 8: What If I Want You?
JASMINE’S POV "No secrets; remember your pinky swear?" He scanned my face for any reactions. “Common, honey.” I sighed. "Like I said, it's nothing. What could possibly be wrong?” I threw the question back at him. "Anything..." He shrugged. "And in this case, I’m sure something is up.” He doesn't change his foot. I exhaled and groaned loudly, so he knew how frustrating this was getting. I thought I was gaining his sympathy until he chuckled and went silent. That's all?! I frowned. “Asher, you're beating yourself up for nothing.” I squeezed his arms roughly. "I’m fine.” I insisted. “You ain't fine, and we both know it.” His brows furrowed. Gush! Could this be any easier? For the umpteenth time, I told him I was fine, but he just wouldn't indulge me. And the more I didn't budge, the more he didn't go weak on his stance. He let go of my waist and started for the centre table. “Where are you going? This is the way to the kitchen, remember?” I rolled my eyes. He ignored me and kept u
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Chapter 9: She Is Mine.
Sebastian’s POV _I want her so bad..._ It scared the crap out of me as I would do anything and go to any length just to claim her... My hands beneath her thighs, where they belonged, her head peacefully laid on my bosom, and my nose buried in the length of her neck, as I sniffed her sweet vanilla scent. "You’re mine,” I murmured. If I can't have her, nobody would. I was ready to make up for all those years I hurt her so badly. I was naive and stupid and helpless. Everyone deserves a second chance, I won't be ripped off. Back then, she was this soft-spoken, calm, and quiet weak girl. Eight years was enough to change your whole personality. She was no longer the girl I knew her to be. The Jasmine I was faced with was fierce, stubborn, and more beautiful than I imagined. It made it even more difficult to think of the best way to win her over...She was a totally different person. Life was going fine for her, I didn't need a seer to know that; being in a big city, and a good doctor
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Chapter 10: Dreadful Threat.
Jasmine's POV _8: 00 AM_ I was already late and I was sure to get scolded by Brandy. _Silver paws and fur so wild,_ _A gentle heart, yet fierce and mild._ _Underneath the stars so high,_ _A lullaby for the moonlit sky._ “Argh.” I groaned, about to explode because I needed peace and quiet and the kids' singing was not helping matters. “Easy, darling.” Asher nudged my elbow. "They're just having fun.” “If fun means ruining my mental health, then I don't want it.” Asher just chuckled, having more tolerance than myself. They didn't seem to care as they jumped and clapped in excitement, with Emily taking the lead. She would definitely be the death of me aside from Sebastian. For about an hour and a half, we drove around the city, navigating our way through hounding traffic and road workers. I couldn’t keep up with the number of rules Asher broke ever since we started this less than two-hour journey. If I told him that the kids were watching and might pick up from this bad habit of h
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