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"Cupcake! I want you to be in control !! I want to watch you take control over every single move I make, take over every thrust into your pussy so don't you dare disobey my orders, and besides..." he leans in closer to my lips. "I hate it when I'm getting patient at the wrong time, Cupcake! I need you Now, and you must make me feel those wet walls beneath your slits, this minute!" *************** After a one night stand with Alpha Lex, the Alpha of the Silvermoon pack, Kayla gets humiliated and rejected by him and her own step-sister. She is instantly sold and forced to marry an Older Alpha lycan, Netayam who turned out to be a cursed Alpha. She doesn't want him but what happens when she realises that he is her second chance mate? What happens when Alpha Netayam can't go a day without feeling her warm skin beneath his finger tips? He is older and more possessive… Will she like this?

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THE ALPHA LYCAN'S FORCED BRIDE: Her Second Chance Mate Novels Online Free PDF Download

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You're doing a great job champ, I love it...
2023-09-23 18:49:14
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Delinda Schumacher
43 chapters 8-17-23
2023-08-17 13:14:58
103 Chapters
REJECTED MATE!Kayla's POV"I, ALPHA LEX ZEUS OF THE SILVER MOON PACK, REJECT YOU AS MY MATE AND LUNA!"A surge of intense pain stabbed through my heart, leaving me breathless for a split second. I slowly looked up at Alpha Lex, my eyes widening with shock and disbelief.My once joyful expression contorted into one of confusion and anxiety, like a wounded she-wolf.My heart pounded violently, as if it would explode out of my chest, while I stared at him, unable to look away."What...?" I struggled to utter, my eyes trembling with fear and confusion. I stood frozen, rooted to a spot as my entire body kept shaking uncontrollably in his overwhelming presence."You heard me loud and clear, Kayla Hills! I reject you, a worthless Omega and a pathetic pack slut, as my mate! You have no power to stand beside an Alpha! You can't even defend yourself, let alone your pack!""You were never meant to be an Alpha's Luna, and you never will be one!" He declared, a cruel sneer curling up on his lips
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ALPHA LYCAN'S FORCED BRIDE.Kayla's POV."I, Kayla Hills, accept your rejection, Alpha Lex!" I declared, my fingers tightly clenched on my worn-out gown, my gaze fixed firmly on both Lex and my step-sister, Kara.The smug grin on Kara's face made it clear that she enjoyed watching me go through pain and heartbreak.She had always been wicked and heartless, constantly trying to claim what rightfully belonged to me. But this time, she had gone too far, and I was determined to make her pay for making my mate reject me on my eighteenth birthday.I wasn't exactly sure how I would get my revenge, but Kara would definitely not escape the consequences of making me feel this way. "What? You accept what?" Alpha Lex's voice suddenly pierced through my ears, his hands pulling away from Kara's grasp.It was obvious that there was still a hint of connection between us and I could sense it. But Kara wasn't going to let him get closer to me.She firmly gripped his wrist, forcefully pulling him bac
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MEETING MY ALPHA LYCAN (Weird Connection!)Kayla's POV."You're nothing but a rejected Omega, and where rejected Omegas belong is where you will be!" Mrs. Draco stated, her words sinking into my heart like a heavy weight, intensifying the confusion that already consumed me."And where might that be?" I asked, my curiosity overriding the fear that crept within me. I couldn't help but stare at her from the back seat, hoping for answers.I had no idea that they would be this intimidating. If I had known, I would never have willingly entered the same vehicle as them. I would have run for my life without a second thought.Suddenly, the car abruptly came to a stop, but Mrs. Draco offered no response to my question. I found myself growing increasingly perplexed and stunned as I tried to figure out our location.The environment felt so cold and lifeless, a stark difference to the cheerful energy of the Silver Moon Pack. It was evident that we had arrived in another pack, but the sense of un
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Second Chance Mate. Kayla's POV"Get her out of my sight! I never want to lay eyes on her again! She's just like the rest, and she will always be!" His words, filled with bitterness and disappointment, echoed relentlessly in my ears as I found myself sitting on a bed in a dimly lit room, the blue light casting an eerie glow.Confusion and guilt gnawed at my heart. I couldn't explain why I felt a deep sense of remorse, why his rejection affected me so deeply. After all, I had been running away from him, expecting the worst."Could it be that the stories I've heard about him are false?" I whispered, my mind overwhelmed with questions and doubt."It's clear that he's not what you've been led to believe, Kayla! Don't you think you should consider apologising to him?" My inner wolf Lyra suddenly said, making me feel reluctant but still curious.The idea of apologising to Alpha Netayam felt daunting, as if I would be exposing my weakness once more. Yet, I couldn't deny the lingering con
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UNDER ATTACK (Her Soothing Touch) 
UNDER ATTACK (Her Soothing Touch) Netayam's POV."Where is she?" I demanded, my back turned against the door as I sensed Beta Liam entering the room.My face was filled with a mix of sadness and anger, the realisation sinking in that even my own mate didn't want me by her side."She's in the east room, Alpha, and I..." Beta Liam began to explain, but I swiftly cut him off, not wanting to hear any more excuses."Tonight is the full moon, Beta Liam! I specifically ordered you to take her out from the Pack's castle! She mustn't know what it's like for me!" I turned towards him, my anger coursing through my veins.To be honest, I didn't want her to get hurt. And to ensure she was safe, she needed to be far away from me during the full moon, where my wolf powers were at their strongest.I approached him slowly, closing the distance between us. With his head bowed down, I spoke to him firmly."Go get her out of here! She isn't my bride and I don't want anyone from the Draco's anymore!" I c
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No One Is Taking Over My Pack!
No One Is Taking Over My Pack!Netayam's POV. "Mine!!!" My inner wolf growled as I heard the soft whisper of my new Bride next to me. Her voice is soothing and calming.I could hear her heart beating gently since she embraced me as I was still on the ground.Slowly, I turned to look at her, locking my eyes with hers. At that moment, all I craved and yearned for was her skin on mine.She was a strong, fearless female who wasn't afraid of being hurt by her cursed Alpha, her mate.But then, my inner wolf calmed down suddenly, though I knew it could react again if provoked.For a brief moment, our eyes met deeply, and I admired the beautiful features she possessed.Her presence beside me filled me with a sense of warmth and belonging. It was as if the missing piece of my life's puzzle had finally fallen into place. I couldn't help but feel a deep connection to her, one that I had never experienced before with any Omega.As the Alpha of my pack, I had Come across many challenges and resp
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Kyle? Show Yourself.
Kyle? Show Yourself.Netayam's POV."Open the gates! We've got visitors, and we should treat them right!" I growled, my claws extending from my fingers as I made my way slowly toward the castle's entrance.The guards probably would think that I was being a foolish or some silly Alpha, but sometimes, you have to play the fool to win a battle. Especially when you're dealing with rogues who will stop at nothing to take over a pack.But one thing I knew for sure; no matter what they did, I would still assert my dominance over the pack and never allow myself to fall into the hands of rogues. I would fight to claim what was rightfully mine and protect my pack at all costs.Right then, the gates swung open, and without any hesitation, they all charged into the Pack's castle. Their growls were irritating, and the stench oozing from their bodies was utterly repulsive to me, making me regret for a second why I had allowed them into the Pack's castle."Get the Alpha's head!!" I heard a menaci
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I Feel Him; Mate Bond.
I Feel Him; Mate Bond.Kayla's POV."I'd rather fight to get my pack back than sit here and try to fix what can't be fixed, Beta Liam! So, what's it gonna be? Will you fight with me or stay put like a weakling?"I observed as the Alpha posed the question to his Beta, but instead of an immediate reply, he received only silence, with Beta Liam bowing his head in submission.'Is he insane?' I asked inwardly, squinting my eyes as I looked at him."What's wrong with him? The Beta is supposed to stand up and fight alongside the Alpha! What kind of a Beta is he?" Lyra, my inner wolf, asked, puzzled by Liam's behaviour.The Alpha realised Liam wasn't going to say anything and decided not to press further. He must have really been disappointed at his Beta at that moment.He swiftly exited the room, leaving just his Beta and I behind like I couldn't protect myself. Well, he was way much older than I was and he had every right to act In that Manner.The room suddenly fell into a heavy silence, a
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Falling For Him…
Falling For Him…Kayla's POV."If being connected to him makes me experience his pain, then I'd rather be without a mate as an Omega than have him as my second Chance mate!" I said, struggling to stand up due to the intense pain in my back.It felt like I was bleeding, but honestly, I was only sensing the same pain he was going through on the battlefield."What? What are you thinking, Kayla? This isn't right; he is your mate!" My inner wolf, Lyra, said, trying to convince me to stay back. However, since she wasn't feeling the pain like I was, she couldn't make me change my decision."Let it be, Lyra... I'll do what I have to do just to be fine!" I insisted, rushing out of the Alpha's room.With every step I took, as I made my way from the hallway towards the battleground, the pain intensified, and I couldn't help but groan furiously.The pain kept increasing, making me want to stop and give in, but the thought of enduring future pains with him urged me to keep going.Lyra was disple
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The Warmth Of His Embrace.
The Warmth Of His Embrace.Kayla's POV."Grace, please, don't go... Please!" These words kept echoing in the room, so loud that it felt like they were whispered right into my ears while I was sleeping."What's that strange noise?" I mumbled, feeling grumpy as I slowly opened my eyes. Everything appeared blurry at first, and for a moment, I thought I might be losing my vision.Earlier, I had dozed off while staying with Alpha Netayam, who was in a weakened state and I had made sure he was resting peacefully before moving to the couch in his room.The darkness in the room made it pretty hard for me to identify the speaker or locate where the voice was coming from."What time is it?" I asked again, clutching my head and squinting as I sat up on the couch, sniffling.I reached for my phone, which was nearby, and that's when I realised I had been asleep for quite a while.It was already past midnight, and I, a Luna responsible for taking care of her Alpha, had dozed off like a log.But i
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