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Mates are said to be the ones that love, care, cherish and protect you . That once you meet them your souls instantly connect and you will want to do anything to protect them from any harm and keep them by your side forever.But that was not the case for Mahnoor, the moment she saw Badar all she felt was anger, betrayal and sadness.Her mate was not there to protect, care, cherish and love her but was out there to take over her pack.Her mate just like everyone else thought that she is too weak to be an Alpha and lead a packWill Mahnoor ever forgive Badar? Will Badar ever regret his decision?Read to find out

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Princess Galaxiana
I like the synopsis. will read it
2022-06-25 17:23:03
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Darn it!!!!!!!! I can NOT wait for the next chapters!
2021-05-05 01:31:00
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Sasuvas Esiatc
Love the story...I wonder if she's going to accept him🤔
2021-03-31 00:04:54
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Hi guys, it's me the author of this book. just wanted to inform you guys that this week my exams are starting and they will end next week so i won't be able to post new chapter this then
2021-03-16 02:03:02
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Henry Reimer
I really like this book but you haven't updated any new chapters in forever so I'll give you 3 stars for now once you start updating chapters again I'll give 5 stars
2021-04-27 01:58:14
27 Chapters
MAHNOOR It has been two years since my father passed away, i was 18 and in China when i got the news that my father is dead. It has been a difficult year for the pack without my father. We all missed the Alpha greatly but now things are running much smoothly. I am now the new Alpha of the Moonstone pack, me Alpha Mahnoor daughter of Alpha Liam and Luna Sara, I know what you all might be thinking , that a girl should not be an Alpha, Alphas are supposed to be strong and girls are too weak to lead a wolf pack. It is due to the same thought that my pack is facing constant threats and danger from other packs. But what they don't know is that I am a warrior. I have traveled far and wide and learned the dif
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**Mahnoor's pov** We were in Newyork by noon. Newyork was covered in snow making it look more enchanting. We were on our way to the hotel when I saw the place I love the most in Newyork.  "Stop the car" I said in an excited voice. "What is it Mahnoor?" London asked while looking at me with a worried expression.  "London look it's the same ice cream shop that my father used to take me to when I was young," I said while clapping my hands with excitement.  
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**Badar's pov** By morning I still couldn't get that smell out of my head. I worked out for hours just to get the scent out of my head so that I could concentrate on Alpha of the Alphas competition but it was no use. My wolf on the other hand was super excited to meet our mate in the meeting. "What pack do you think she will be from?" Leone asked excitedly. He had been asking me annoying questions since last night. 
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**Mahnoor's pov** I still couldn't believe that Badar could do this to me . I couldn't figure out what my emotions were right now . I felt sad, angry,  betrayed all at the same time. "Even our mate thinks that we are too weak to lead a pack" my wolf Snow said in a sad voice. "Everybody thinks the same about us Snow,  even our mate. He is not different from others,  that's why i told you that we must win the Alpha of the Alphas tournament and prove them all wrong" i said with anger in my voice.
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**Third person's pov** As the break time came to an end Alpha Adam announced the competitors of round two in which the fight will be as follows Alpha Badar Vs Alpha JonAlpha Axel    Vs Alpha CaesarAlpha Caleb  Vs Alpha HangAlpha Arslan Vs Alpha OberonAlpha Stark   Vs Alpha Mahnoor  
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**Mahnoor's pov** As the finals began I stepped in the arena and soon a wolf with furs as black as moonless night stepped in. I looked in his eyes which were filled with a lot of different emotions. Love, affection, worry, pain, anger all were filled in his beautiful silver eyes. Badar then started rounding me, waiting for the perfect moment to attack me while I was doing the same to him. Soon I attacked him while he dodged it perfectly. Then he attacked at my neck making me lose my balance and fall down but I quickly got up before he could pin me down. This continued for about 2 minutes as he attempted to attack me and me attempting to attack him while making sure to not hurt each other badly. As soon as i recovered from his attack I made a jump for him making him fall down as i quickly got on top of him to attempt to pin him down which I had failed to do for the past several times. As I got on top of him our eyes met with ea
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**Badar's pov** I reached my hotel room tired after a long day. Although I had lost the competition I was not feeling bad about it. In Fact I was happy that even if I had lost it was to my mate, my Mahnoor. Just then someone knocked on my door. "Who is it?" "Your father, now open the damn door" I went and opened the door to reveal an angry looking father. 
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**Mahnoor's pov**  After the party was over Badar and I were led to a room with the werewolf commission to a separate room where we were told our duties and how we are supposed to work.  I must say I was extremely tried by the time the meeting was over. If it wasn't for the presence and scent of Badar that was comforting me I wouldn't have made it to the end of the meeting.   
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**Mahnoor's pov** I swear either Badar does not have a single clue on how to get a girl to forgive him or he is just trying to get on my nerves. Every other day he comes to my pack with stupid problems, not that i am complaining about it, i mean because of that Snow has connected to me again, anyways today Badar has exceed his craziness by bringing to me the problem of rabbits. Anyways after Badar left I went to the meeting room for the monthly check up  on the pack with my betas, gammas, deltas and other officials. After the meeting everyone got out except me, London and Olivia. "
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**Mahnoor's pov**London came running to my office with a worried face. "What happened London, why are you looking like this?" "Mahnoor..." he said but didn't finish his sentence. "What London!!!" his worried face was making me worried too. "Mahnoor, Badar got into an accident, he is severely injured..." he said I didn't listen to what he said after that but i d
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