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I knew I had overreacted when I saw Nikka come out of the vehicle, knowing it belonged to Kairo. I didn’t even consider she was coming from the backseat.

Since we met two weeks ago, we’ve been exchanging messages, but just friendly ones. She was only seventeen, and I was almost four years older than her. Besides, I didn’t want to set any expectations. I had no plans of breaking any females’ hearts, especially Nikka.

But I couldn’t deny that I felt jealous thinking she was here with Kairo — alone. I told her I would be here at the Eclipse Pack, so it hurt a bit that she didn’t tell me she was heading here as well — like I was not important.

It was too late when I realized that I was not. I was just like any other guy that she probably flirted with. But still, I couldn’t just ignore her.

Roan: I’m sorry for snapping at you.

I sent her a message after they left Joshua’s packhouse. I knew I should have talked to her personally, but I didn’t want to make a scene.

Cassandra M

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Emma Reid
Yes like I said Eva is one to watch for sure !!
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Lori Ramsdell
Thank you for the update! I can’t wait for this “girls night out “ plays out in the next chapter!
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I just love Cassidy.. And eva is a sassy one

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