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I watched as the black van stopped in front of the steps. I could hear Joshua and Roan talking, but my focus was on the van. It was weird to have Alpha Kairo drive one like this unless he had many warriors with him. But why was he looking for me?

The car hadn’t stopped yet when the sliding door opened, and Nikka jumped out of it. I was not even sure if she saw me because her eyes were already fixated on where Roan was standing, and she was smiling widely.

“Why are you with Kairo?” Roan’s voice echoed around the grounds, which surprised me.

The only time I heard Roan use this voice was when he would end up in a heated discussion with Mom or Dad because, let’s face it, my brother was the most peaceful and calm Alpha I had ever known.

It was only then that his question registered in my head. He didn’t like that Nikka was here with Alpha Kairo.

“What?” Nikka’s smiling face warped into a frown as her forehead creased. “I’m not here with Kairo. We are here with Kairo! There’s
Cassandra M

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goodnovel comment avatar
Are we go to get separate books for each couple? Cause I'm totally digging them
goodnovel comment avatar
Cyrus, because his sisters are there. and Walker because Cassidy is there.
goodnovel comment avatar
I think Zack & Cyrus should pop up& I want more of Cassidy & Kairo!!!! Pleaaase

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