UM - 028 Roan and Nikka


Alpha Riley and Luna Nadia’s pup.

My stomach knotted when I saw Roan enter the bar. I’d been checking the door since we got here, excitedly waiting for him after he promised he would come here.

I had seen him earlier, but the effect didn’t change. My heart still palpitated at the sight of how dashing he looked, wearing simple black jeans and a shirt with its sleeves rolled up on his arms. Roan was not too tall or too bulky like Zach or Dad, but I liked it more.

I was really crushing hard on the Alpha of the Moon Lake Pack, and regardless of what Zach said about him and his family, I knew I wanted him.

The only problem was that I needed to make him want me, too — just me and not any other females around him.

My eyes rolled when I realized he was walking toward us with a female I hadn’t seen in my whole life. Cassidy said Joshua was taking his sister with them, so I assumed it was her.

So Alice and Joshua are couples, and now his sister and Alice’s b
Cassandra M

Here's for tonight. I know you're all eager to see if any other Alphas will show up, but we can't just ignore these two. I hope you enjoyed their moments ❤ Don't forget to drop us some bling bling (gems!) for these side story side characters, lol! 

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goodnovel comment avatar
If Nikka and Roan don’t know by now that they are “intensely” attracted to each other then???? lol
goodnovel comment avatar
Ahh!! She needs to turn 18 already!!! Lol
goodnovel comment avatar
I'm excited to read more of them. and, of course, how Riley would react in all of these....

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