His Forbidden Soulmate

His Forbidden Soulmate

By:  A.K.Knight  Completed
Language: English
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It is Jurius Hartshorn's time to find his soulmate, disappointedly he discovers she is a human and not a wolf shifter like him. A human and a wolf shifter can never be together. It is said to be a curse. Jurius must his human soulmate for a second chance soulmate, before the next full moon. Does he as the heart to her? or will he choose to face the terrible consequences of refusing to follow the law of the wolf shifters' council?

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Bella Cupid
Another story from one of my favorite author. I hope this story will be as good as the others. I love all your books A.K.
2023-07-16 02:10:13
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Cheryl Lynn Moody
A good book to read. I’m looking forward to reading more
2023-07-16 01:56:15
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A very nice book, good story line and spelling and English is excellent. It’s one of a series, but they all complete so you can read them.
2023-07-15 08:01:58
44 Chapters
Chapter 1
Freya If I had a choice to become an animal, it would likely be a wolf. Not just any wolf, but a lovely she-wolf with snow-white fur and sky-blue eyes. I'm sure I'd be OK. As much as my love life. If I'm fortunate enough to have one. It would not be as tragic and agonizing as my mother's. Tears streamed down my cheeks from my eyes. It tickled my skin and drove me to respond by wiping it away from my face, but more tears streamed down as I did so. It was something that happened all the time before going to bed. It was similar to a bedtime routine. I'd stand by my bedroom window, staring out at the moon in the dark sky, and it would end with me begging the moon to turn me into a wolf, as if the moon had ears to hear before going to sleep. I used to laugh at myself for being crazy and having a big imagination from reading too many romance wolf-shifter novels. I believed it to be true. Before heading downstairs, I got out of bed and went to the bathroom mirror. I would check to see if m
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Chapter 2
Freya It was futile to beg my mother to let me stay. She'd already decided to depart with Jack first thing tomorrow morning. I packed my stuff while in tears. "Are you done yet?" my mother inquired, leaning against my door. I threw my last pair of clothes into the suitcase and zipped it closed, not reacting to her. "I called Mom and Zira, and they are overjoyed to have you," she let me know. The suitcase crashed hard on the floor near my bed, and I dragged it past her outside to the car. She followed me. "Fine, I'll put up with your immature behavior. "I've been dealing with it for years," she complained as she closed the front seat of the automobile and buckled her seat belt. When I saw Jack approaching the automobile, I rolled my eyes. "Are you certain you don't want me to accompany you? It'll be lonely coming home alone," Jack said, lowering his head to hers. "I'll be fine, babe," my mother assured him as she kissed him. I felt like I wanted to hurl. I was so glad when t
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Chapter 3
Freya The moon is remarkable considering that it is constantly visible in the sky, no matter where you are. It's almost like it's keeping an eye on us. Why are the things that are out of your reach the ones that are closest to you? Like the sun, moon, and stars, but the ones closest to us appear to be the furthest away. I cried by the window the first night in my new house, just like I did at home. Looking up at the half-shiny moon in the sky. I didn't hide my puffy, red eyes from wailing all night in the morning when I went downstairs. There was no need to because what had happened to me was too sudden. As I walked into the kitchen, I was greeted by the overwhelming aroma of pancakes and chocolate syrup. Zira touched a strand of my long, black hair as Grandma brushed my cheek, sensing my gloom. Grandma brought my pancake and a steaming cup of peppermint tea to the dining room. I trailed her. "There you go, Hun," she said as she set it in front of me as I sat. "You'll be merry
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Chapter 4
Jurius "Jurius," I heard my father call. Immediately, I inserted my pen into my book and hid it under a rock before he caught me writing again. As the future alpha of the pack, my father wants me to concentrate on becoming stronger and a good leader. It is difficult to bear a big responsibility when you are only 18. "Son," he again called. "I'm here, dad." My voice directed him to me. I noticed he was not alone; my twin brother Tate was with him. Tate and I weren't identical twins. He too had a role to play; he was the future Beta of the pack. The second leader in case something should happen to me. Sometimes I wish he were the firstborn and I the second. Dad wasn't on his back like he was with me. Tate was free to do whatever he pleased and to even date humans. I could never do such a thing. My father feared his alpha son associating with a human. He thought they were weak. An alpha should never involve himself with the feeble. "Why are you from the pack? You should be guarding
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Chapter 5
Freya I would often go to the back of the house, hoping I would see that wolf again. It's been five days since I haven't seen it and a long time since I haven't heard from my mom. She promised she would call me every day. She lied. My head lowered miserably. Why do I always fall for my mom's promises? When will I learn that she will never fulfill any of them? I guess I hope that one day she will. It's disheartening to know that she would do anything for her lovers other than her own daughter. Why? Didn't I matter to her as well? I put down the new werewolf romance novel I was reading, another novel by A.K. Knight, Alpha Christian. It's about a powerful and kind alpha with a pure heart whose mate foolishly rejects him because of her father's hatred for him. I just hope they get back together; their love for each other was too beautiful to walk away from. It was the afternoon, so I went downstairs for a quick snack. "Emily," I heard my grandmother speaking to my mom on the phone jus
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Chapter 6
Jurius "Tonight is the full moon; are you nervous?" Kathara approached me and leaned on my blue Nissan pickup. "No," I answered with a bright smile, completely adding air to my tire. I lied; I was. Another rule of being the future alpha was that I was forbidden to show any emotion that made me seem weak to my pack. The pack was to always see only the strong side of me and never the weak. "Okay, brother," Kathara said with a bright smile. Her face moved as she observed something with curiosity, which caused me to inspect what it was. It was a strange white car heading toward our land. "I'm going to get Dad," Kathara said, running off. It was odd to see a car that we didn't know show up on our land. There were two elderly females inside; they were humans. I could smell the fresh scent of their blood flowing through their veins. I observed them as they exited the car hurriedly. Dad was appearing from the house as well, according to the news. I listened closely as Dad approached
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Chapter 7
Freya Immediately I sat up as a strange, young male jumped before me. He was shirtless and very tall. He had dark, short, wavy hair that lay above his thick eyebrows and hid his ears. "I'm not going to hurt you," he said as he held both hands before him. His voice was smooth and clear, one that assured you he wouldn't. But how can I trust a stranger, for instance, a male I just met who is also bare-chested? I looked at where he leaped from, and I was soon surprised at how far he had jumped. I moved backward, scared. "Stay away from me," I warned him. "Are you hurt?" His eyes scanned my right foot. I had fallen hard on my right foot; it felt like it was sprained. "Your grandma and another elderly female came to my dad for help; that's why I'm here." His dark brown eye stares into mine, hoping to calm me down so I could trust him. "Where are they?" I cried, regretting that I had foolishly run off into the forest. "I'll take you to them," he informed me. I tried getting up, but
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Chapter 8
Jurius All who were prepared to find their mate stood beneath the full moon, waiting for The Pull. The pull is a powerful feeling that emanates from the full moon once a year. It helps you by guiding you to your soulmate, the one you were destined to be with forever. It is a feeling that gives you a sense that you need to be somewhere--a certain place, I've heard. My brother was the first to be taken by The Pull. I observed him as he shifted into his wolf, which was almost identical to mine, sprinting off into the forest. The others soon followed. I found myself becoming anxious. Sometimes a wolf doesn't find their soulmate at the age of 18 or never does, just like my sister Kathara. I glimpsed her peeking through the curtain of her window, looking down at me. Kathara was 24 and still mateless. Within her eyes, which were as green as our father's, I could see that she hoped I didn't fall into the same position as her. Gladly, I wasn't going to. At last, I was experiencing the pull.
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Chapter 9
Jurius The night I couldn't sleep after I'd returned home. How could I, knowing that my mate was a feeble human and not a wolf shifter like me? and that I'll have to kill her? I wish I had climbed into her bedroom window and ripped off her tiny neck that night, but the disappointment was just too much. Why does this have to happen to me? Why couldn't I have not found my mate instead? Then I wouldn't be in this complicated situation. I heard a knock on my door. "Jurius." It was my mom. She was here to check on me, assuming I hadn't found my mate. "The door is open," I notified her. I sat up and threw away the football I had in my hand. My mom came to me and sat on the bed. "Oh, honey," she said as she embraced me. I returned her hug bitterly, loathing the fact that my soulmate was a frail human. "Don't be too hard on yourself that you didn't find your soulmate. You will within the next full moon. My mother tried to cheer me up. Remember, your father and I didn't find each ot
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Chapter 10
Freya Spotting my first wolf last night, I went to the back of the house, hoping I would somehow see him again. There wasn't any sight of him. Recalling the way he looked at me when I was in my most painful moment, it felt almost human-like. I will never forget his stare. I'm disappointed that it was only for a short while before he ran back off into the forest. "Freya," I heard Zira calling. "I'm coming," I said, running around the house. Grandma Zoey and Zira were on the porch; in their hands, I saw they had their handbags. "Are you both going somewhere?" I asked as I monitored them. "The house needs some food supplies, and you might also need some stuff for school next week." I forgot I had school in two days. "I have everything I need for school," I told them. I wasn't the type of girl who liked going out. I loved being locked up in my room and reading wolf-shifter romances while attired in large blouses or any clothes that were oversized and felt cozy. "Freya, your grand
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