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"Do not read it"!! He yelled at them, she told me not to let you read whatever is written in the book. "Who believes someone that looks close to being a ghost" Dani retorts back at him. He was trying his best to talk them out of reading whatever was written in the book, but they were all adamant, they were going to read it anyways. "I'm not going to be a part of this" he said and left angrily.. A psycho thriller novel, mystery e.t.c

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J Kaloko
Everyone should read this book and support the author. She is amazing and she created a frightening story. Read it, then read it again, and read it until your eyes pop out ??? No seriously, this book is wonderful and I highly recommend it. Support the author! ❤️?
2020-08-10 22:10:40
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Danny Syck
Good book very interesting
2020-09-20 13:33:18
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Author's Note
Hello to my readers. First of all I want to say thank you to y'all that would be reading my book and I want to assure you that, you won't get bored while reading the story! Secondly, its a book about Eight College Students that went on a vacation and ended up having illnesses. This book contains mental illnesses that are psychological and beings such as ghosts. Thirdly, be rest assured, its my original work, anything in it that relates to human beings or to real life is nothing but a coincidence and please no plagiarizing.Copyright © Ruthie Balo.
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Dani's POV She sat crossing her legs together and clasping her palms together, she hung her head low. Her face held no emotions. Her hair was sticking up and scattered, it looked like she had ran her fingers through it. Her lips were pale and had dried blood on it. She had chewed on her lips till it bled.On her wrist was the hospital wrist band, her name written boldly on it 'Danielle.' The hospital gown had a badge with the room number on it, 'Patient 220.' Every patient in that hospital had a wrist band and a badge. Everyone's socks was white and with a pair of white canvas to match the socks. There were always fluffy slippers to change into when they were back in their wards. The only difference was that the females wore a blue gown, while the males wore a blue shirt and trouser.=================================No day passed by without patients fighting with one another and one of my friends was always involved. Seems he never changed afterall
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Ezekiel's POV  He sat on the chair, cupping his chin in his palm, his eye bags were obvious. He looked like he hadn't slept for days and he looked thinner. His hair was overgrown and now reached his shoulder.He didn't like the interview room, even the doctor and nurses observed. He was mostly quiet and didn't talk much. When asked a question, he never gave a straight answer. He'd chew on his nails for some minutes, mumble incoherent words in Chinese, toy with his shirt.Other days he wouldn't even say anything, depending on how the question was asked. Since he was having issues with sleep, it causes him to have heart attack or he would go blank. He would keep staring at the ceiling until he was half dragged out to his ward.Patient 225. He held his wrist band, spelling his name out, "E-Z-E-K-I-E-L."=======================It seems like it's been forever since the police found us and brought us here. How long? Two weeks?
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Louie's POV This morning I was given more than the amount of drugs I used to take. I think I'm the only one close to normal here, I'm fine, I'm sane, they don't believe, the doctors call me a destroyer. I beat patients up, especially the ones whispering about me among themselves or the ones staring at me.It's just so funny that in a mental home, not everyone is crazy. The guy I beat up yesterday, is normal; he's just battling with depression and he has so many cuts because he cuts himself and then there's another one that doesn't really talk and interact with patients vety well except for the doctors and nurses he communicate with very well. Louie looked ariubdband his eyes landed on another guy that drugs had turned his life upside down. He hissed and face palmed.The security standing beside the cafeteria door looked at me in a pitiful way and heavens know that I was irked already. I gave him a glare and he
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Ivan's POVPatient 222 There's always a lady wearing a white sort of dress and small cap that never seems to fit on her head. In fact, every lady that I've seen in this stupid place all don't have fitting cap.Today he seems to be full of confidence and energy," I hear a lady in white say, looking at her badge! Her name neatly spelt Cassie.Cassie," I repeated thrice nodding my head, blurting out, "Cassie where are my friends? Where's my boyfriend?" The nurse was staring ahead and wheeling me to the interrogation ward. "You long-faced chimpmunk, answer me!" I kept screaming.If I wasn't tied down to the wheel chair, I would have held the nurse by her dress and screamed at her until I became tired. I haven't been coping well either since I've been having persistent mood disinhibition and mood euphoria and my behavior that has become different from a normal person's behavior. Sometimes I have mixed feelings and I get depressed on some d
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Patrick’s POVPatient 223I saw him before he was wheeled away, my heart aches more, I miss him and I need him now more than ever. I wish I could see him, just to hold him, the last conversation we had was when I refused to talk to him some days after the words in the notes started having its effect on me, and I held his hand and told him I love him." A tear rolled down my cheek. That cabin needs to be burnt down. I’ve lost track of how long we’ve been brought here.I’m mostly quiet and usually depressed, my hands are tied together, I remember the first week I got here, I’d use my nails to inflict pain on myself, I’d scratch my skin until it starts bleeding or I hit my head on the wall, it’s an act I repeat so on most times, a nurse always comes to sedate me. I remember every detail of the cabin but I’m too scared to talk, If the notes could make us have disorders then definitely we could die if we say the truth or
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The PastHe kept on checking his phone and for the fifth time. There were no missed calls or any text from her. He was beginning to get worried and so he called his best friend.The first thing "Hey buddy, what's up?"Nothing much, you good?"Yeah. I can't reach Dani, is she over at your house?"Nope," he replied stressing the 'p' sound. "You can call Stacie or Ruth, they may be together or something, ya know those girls how they do," Louie stated."Thanks, man, I'll see ya." Ezekiel dialed his sister's number and she picked on the second ring. He quickly asked her if Dani was with her."Yes, she's with me but Ruth is not here. I'll tell her you called and she'll call you, keep your mind calm."His mind was at peace hearing his girlfriend was having a nice time with his sister. He smiled."That girl got me wrapped around her fingers, he muttered to himself. His phone vibrated in his pocket. Checking the caller ID, he smiled."Ni hao."Ni hao ma."Wo hen h
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 Later that night, 11:37 pm... Stacie and LouieShe rested her head on his chest, circling her fingers on his chest, while he was caressing her back down to her butt cheeks. He was thinking, he seriously had a feeling that something bad was going to happen but, all his friends were going so he has no choice."I can't tell my parents, I'd send a message to my brother Michael, he thought." He broke off his thoughts and stared at his girlfriend."Babe, I'm having a bad feeling about this, I don't know, but she's my best friend, I can't say no, and my brother is also going to the cabin. I'm scared."She was obviously shivering, chewing on her lower lips, and hugging him tightly."Hey don't be scared, we'll be fine."He raised her face closer to his face. His eyes roaming her face, he used his index finger to trace her lips softly. He kissed her."Stacie, you're beautiful, you're unique and I'm glad you're mine."She smiled."I'm g
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The trip to Lakewood Cabin was a rather quiet one. The kids had taken off two hours ago, 11am, not the actual time that was agreed upon the night before, thanks to Stacie and Louie, who had arrived at the meeting point at 10.57am.They had tendered some excuses about having to wash the bus and have it fueled for the trip, which none of the kids were having, since they were always the ones to come later than the rest. It was Ezekiel, the eldest among the clique who first took the initiative to take a jibe on the two love birds, then the rest followed like gang members, who had been waiting their turn to assault a target. The two had apologized sincerely, and everyone had taken their spot in the white Ford Transit that belonged to Stacie's grandpa. Ezekiel had taken the wheel for one hour and an hour later, Louie relieved him and drove for another hour.The sun took on a harsher form as noon passed by, its golden ray beamed brightly on the windshield, forcing Louis
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"Guys, guys, we can’t just stand here forever." She threw her hands up in frustration.Ruth who hasn’t said anything all through the ride down to Lakewood was already losing her patience."Ugh!" she grunted, "Dani can you lead the way inside, please? I’m tired and I need to pee. If y’all wanna stay out, fine!" She took her duffel bag and box and walked up to the door."Let’s grab our stuff and go in," Dani said, scurrying past everyone to unlock the door. As soon as they all entered the house, the stench of dust hit them hard, the house felt cold."I-I-I can-n-n-t finds a switch. Oh, okay, I got it," Ruth said, feeling excited already. The house was neatly organized and decorated as if someone cleaned it because they were coming."Whoa!" Stacy exclaimed."Let’s get settled then, we should pick our rooms," said Ezekiel, he picked up his box and followed his girlfriend, they all followed Dani.Ruth wh
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