THE HUNT: Bound to the sky

THE HUNT: Bound to the sky

By:  Giuseppe Astrid  Ongoing
Language: English
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The story revolves around two entities: a vicious and domineering human girl who hunts down dragons to extinction, and a long-lived dragon sage, who aims to reclaim what was rightfully his. Due to an unforeseen event, they accidentally created a pact that ceased them from exterminating each other, that they ended up using one another for their own benefits instead. ---And the one whose heart falters first is ought to die. One world, two races. Their distinct beliefs set a feud that caused a centuries-year-old war to begin with. Which race will play the role of the meek sheep and who will be the cunning fox? Who will be the predator and who will be the prey? -2021 by _iLied-

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Luyd Chaong Alos
... I'm starting to read it.... This will be exciting ...
2023-05-29 16:31:34
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I'll be waiting for part 2:)
2022-02-12 16:44:46
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ready for more chapters, keep updating! 👍🏻 i'm wondering, do you have any socmed that I can follow?
2021-07-21 16:40:54
50 Chapters
[PART 1] CHAPTER 1: THE 1st HUNT: To kill or to be killed
Dusk stretches to the western sky and with the whispering anguish of the wind, the once lively slum had ceased their laughter, and the well-lit torches had demised. Blasters of iron locks plucked in at very houses as one each do their best to stay noiseless.   To kill or to be killed, that is the question.    Men known for their chivalry are once again in their shiny armor. They silently strolled into this gloomy, filthy pathway as darkness is drenching the rough-hewn wooden shantytown. Their heads were down, facing the ground that which would likely be their grave. Their heavy footsteps loitered in their dead atmosphere as they held their sword hilt and shield with their shaky hands.   ---Because whenever the night comes, all they could do is pray that they won’t be facing any beasts tonight.   Despite the known doom that awaits them, amongst the fear-bitten crowd, was a peculiar fellow. With h
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 “Those filthy dragons are the enemies.” That is what my maid always reminds me of every night before I go to bed, but as I grow up,“We are all created in equal,” They said, that it is making me wonder, how could a mere human rival a dragon?“We are more powerful than them,”---but why do we fear them then?“Once, they said humans and dragons walked the same ground together.”---What’s the point of this unending war then?“If we won’t hunt them down, they will.”---What if- *crackling fire* ---I guess they were nothing but monsters in the end. Before I could even notice, he was already near me, ready to pierce my neck, but I was able to dodge and jump back in pure instinct.Damn, he is fast.“How many souls did you manage to lead home today?” It was cold and yet,
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 This bloody moon. It wasn’t a weakness or a nuisance to us before. It was a brief moment where we remind ourselves who we truly are, what we truly are. I look up to the round object sailing in the night sky; I watch how its reddish color is gradually fading away.This night is meant for us to glide and fly freely up to the evening sky with nothing but love for each other. And humans, back then, were fond of us—They worshipped, obey, and were loyal to us.Back then, we gave them everything, everything that they deserved. We stood by their side and taught them what we know. Dragons secured their safety and swore to give them leverage.--Until everything had changed.In the end, what made them thought of betraying us? What corrupted their hearts to do such an unforgivable act?In a small amount of time tonight, I observed numerous souls, most especially the old ones, go ‘home’ with color depic
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The moment I woke up and recognized this old, lame stone ceiling, I knew I lose.My teeth gritted with anger as my hands clutched. Memories from yesterday elapsed in my mind, destroying my morning mood.“A pact, my ass!” I madly growled.Knowing this tainted blood running in my veins is a curse enough, now you think some lame pact could stop me?Eat that crap.I woke up and dressed myself in my uniform, ready for some scolding. As I tied a clean white bandage on my tampered wrist, an expected presence entered the room.“Your highness,” Arabelle, a maid, greeted me with a humble bow. Whenever I hear that title, I feel myself being suffocated.“General,” I corrected with a sigh before I pulled my long auburn hair together, tying them with a simple white ponytail.“His Majesty is waiting for your presence.” She formally informed with her normal tone. I only gave her a nod before pass
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Two days from now is the so-called special day, but they already set a job for me to do. That is escorting nobles and some distant relatives of the royals.An escort is needed since bandits mostly show up in this kind of situation, or worse, dragons would.They would take this opportunity to enter the castle and just like before, they will tear down these walls, and flood the castle with seas of fire.I could hardly remember what it looked like before.As I stand by the gate of stones, waiting for official orders. Carriages of exquisiteness already reached the castle, safe and sound. Gladly, not a sign of any assault from the foe, it is making me wonder.I was about to stroll towards the other side of the gate when I heard my co-general called my name.“General Rhys,” he formally greeted, “We assign you in the outskirts of the palace.”I only gave him a nod, took my horse from the stables, and headed immediatel
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The grand day has come.Colorful buntings, lanterns, and posters decorated every house and street, and the castle was lit as the sun is about to set.Several carriages await at the entrance as the Nobles enter the great hall.As I got in into the main hallway, murmurs and giggles muddled in the empty atmosphere. Maids, mistresses, and visitors, they sure do talk a lot.They had been talking about finding a partner for tonight, pathetic.Instead of being stuck in this crowded place, I would rather do some safe-keeping job before the party starts. As I wore my same old lame uniform today, I walked out of the hall, towards the supervision area.“A dragon was insight,” I heard from a messenger inside the tent, “By the border.” He added.And that is where the fun starts.Alone, I rode towards the outskirts, looking for any sign of the sighted demon. I want to see that dragon myself before the army catches it.
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(Before nightfall...) “Leonor said he will be reporting at midnight,” My servant, Fish, informed as we stood by the crowd. I then glanced at the window with curiosity; it was still giving off evening signs.“And what about the girl?” I asked next.“I don’t think she is here, sire.” Was his reply.Hmm.She is a royal, yet she isn’t here. But the party has not started though; maybe she will be coming by any time sooner. The room was getting crowded as visitors were piling up. Everyone is clothed with nobleness. That it shone together with the dazzling light of the glow stones. The place was wide enough for four full-grown dragons to fit and quite grand.Well-furnished maroon tiles, an old canvas of dragons and human beings painted together on the domed ceiling, and a kindled crystal chandelier in the middle. A throne is nowhere to be found, and
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“How dare you fail to show up yesterday, Rhys.” Fiona furiously probed as she fixes my hair at a bench by the garden. I was meant to be scolded today either, but with my aunt around, I managed to avoid that, yet sadly, they dismissed me from my hunting job and must remain inside the walls once again.---since I so-callingly broke an important protocol.“Ouch,” I softly mumbled when she accidentally pulled my hair a bit too harsh. Involuntarily, my gaze traveled upon my bandaged hands, resting on my lap. Then, it slowly averted onto this thin, white, average-length dress that my aunt forced me to wear today.How unpleasant“Look at you, you are growing old.” She madly spat with the voice I could hardly recognize, “Do not wait for love to find you and just go on, MARRY someone and leave this crappy place.”“Yeah, and be stuck with some crappy guy too, huh,” I coldly responded. She didn&rsquo
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Damn, I can’t stand her, leaving just like that in the middle of a discussion. Where did she even go?I scratched my head as I remember how I waited for her to come back only to know she runoff.But looking back earlier, with that plain white dress she wore and her braided hair. I never thought she has such side, I mean, she looks good in it.Her behavior is a drawback though. She even blabbered about seducing someone; I am not planning to go that far, that bastard!---And she did not even thank me for lending her a hand to go home, how ungrateful that is.I left the mansion and fled back to Leonor’s resting place, planning to investigate. Who even bothered to start an assassination on such a prestigious day?---The place will obviously be well-guarded.My mind then flashed a memory. I don’t know but; it is bothering me, why she opened up to me just like that. It was kind of unusual for someone wicked like her.
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 Fierce untamed flames and flailing dreadful screams became my everyday bedtime story. It creeps into my mind, corrupting my once lively dreams into nightmares. I tried to bury it all deep down into my guts yet it only kept resurfacing, pleading to be released from this benighted prison of misery and sorrow, wishing to see the so-called light one more time.I realized I was the one foolish on that part. That these dark cold demons inside me crave for the warmth of the light even though they know they would perish, and I obliged them from that due to the fact that I cannot just let things go.Just because I am afraid to remember, I am afraid to feel too much. I have prolonged my agony for so long that it clouded me from recognizing freedom.After all those terrible years of being alive, I decided to let it go. I faced my demons head-on with the courage that I could muster. I devoted myself to ending this century-year-old suffering of mine once and fo
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