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Mora discovers that Mayor Lycan is the man she slept with the night she was drugged, she tries to reach out to him, but there was a stumbling block, it was too late, and Mayor Lycan not remembering anything that happened the night they spent together branded her a gold-digger. When, Lycan knew of the secret, that his mother took to her death bed with, he was devastated, he searched high and low for his biological son, claimed by Philip as his son. Life isn't a bed of roses for Miles while growing up, tagged as a bastard, and bullied by the strongest in school because of him being handsome, he learnt how to defend himself, and stand up against those who hated him. The man who forsakes him, in the time he was desperate, showed up at his doorstep one day, claiming before his foster father, and everyone that he is his biological son, the man whom he blamed as the one who killed his mother. Philip blamed Agora's family for the death of his family, his hunger for vengeance, he decided to use a willing tool, which is Miles, to get back at the family, who took away everything from him. Living the life of Agora's president group to the public, and as a mysterious music genius in the dark, the people of country H don't even know who Mora's mask is, their favourite singer, but their are fanatics supporting the anonymous singer. Sneaky, realising how much she has fallen in love with Miles, the one she had lived under his shadow as a brother with, will she abandon her vow to remain as a brother to him, or reveal her feminine charms, when faced with competitors. As the successor of Agora's family, will Miles destroy it legacy?

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The gripping fiction novel "The Illegitimate Son" will keep you on the edge of your seat. The book tells the story of a man who learns that he is the illegitimate child of a wealthy businessman. As he deals with his newfound family and wealth, he uncovers dark secrets and dangerous enemies. The protagonist's illegitimate status creates perilous obstacles as he struggles to reconcile his past and present. Unveil the captivating truths within "The Illegitimate Son" and immerse yourself in this captivating tale of deceit, power, and family.

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Emily Anderson
oh the book is so interesting, I love it.
2022-08-20 03:56:02
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“Mora, stop” an old tired woman called out to her, she paused briefly, and turned towards the old lady, who was revealing her frustration. It was valentine's night, pretty lights, and melodious songs could be seen and heard in lover's park. The woman sat in a chair beside a flower, in the corners of the garden, lovers are lurking in the dark, having a romantic time. Mora returned and met the woman who has settled on a chair, she looked tired and worn out from the continuous walking. “Mother, you don't have to accompany me, you can go home, I need to make more money so that I can release my first album,” “Look over there, there are many people there I will perform for and get paid, and I also have to buy your medicine” she reasoned with the old woman. the old woman nodded “alright, alright, you can go, but please stay, safe, I will return home right away” Mora beamed and helped the woman up from the chair she sat in. Mora turned around carrying her guitar, on her way, she met Phi
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Philip opened the door of a grand sitting room, an aged woman sat on a sofa, with four security guards standing behind her. Philip fell to his knees and bowed before the aged lady. “Punish me Madam, Vanessa, I have failed to take my work responsibly” he pleaded. The aged lady glanced at him and reclined on the sofa “Philip, you have failed to tell me how you failed in taking your responsibility seriously, enlighten me” she said coldly. Philip's body trembled, his hands shook lightly, and a cold sweat covered his back, and he recounted what had happened at the party earlier. Madam Vanessa's face became gloomier, she shot Philip an angry gaze “I will give you this chance to clean up the mess, and never you appear in Z district again, hope I made myself clear” Philip's body stiffened, he nodded immediately, before leaving with two Madam Vanessa underlining escorting him. The door where drunk Lycan and Mora were sprawling on the bed was opened by Philip, and two men accompanying him
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Steward Bass handed Mora over to two locals, he is the Agora's family steward, they brought her home, with a brown envelope. One of them carrying Mora stood, while the other went and knocked on the door, an aged woman opened the door slightly and peered from inside. “Hey, who are you looking for?” she asked. Mama Sarah was popular among the peasants “Mama Sarah, is me, Peter, a good Samaritan gave Mora to us, we brought her home” he responded. The old woman's eyes widened, she flung the door open, and saw her daughter hanging on someone's shoulder “please, bring her in, quickly, is she alright?” she asked. They brought her in and the aged woman instructed them to put her on the bed, Mora was mumbling while sleeping. “My child, she looks so pitiful-” Mama Sarah lamented, close to tears. “We take our leave now,” Peter said, the woman nodded, thanking them, before she bade them goodbye. While the two locals were leaving, some meters away from the farmhouse, “do you think we should
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The doctor started sweating from the whispering he was hearing from behind, and Mayor Lycan's face became gloomy. He shot the entourage behind him a glare, they shuddered, and Mayor Lycan turned to Doctor Sun. “I don't know you don't discipline your nurses, Doctor Sun, I am highly disappointed,” he said coldly. The nurse started to shiver when they heard the angry tone of Mayor Lycan's voice, they were all scared to their wits. “Doctor Sun, are you going to fix this, I can't allow my people to be treated with such ill-mannered nurses” he chided. “I will do so, Mayor Lycan, you all should apologize to Mayor Lycan quickly” Doctor Sun ordered. “We are sorry Mayor Lycan, we have reflected on ourselves and such will never happen again” they all pleaded. Mayor Lycan “you are kind, Doctor Sun, but I wasn't the one that deserve the apology, you all should go and meet the lady and apologize, come with me Doctor Sun” He said and left with Doctor Sun, before the Doctor departed the hospit
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“I will do that right away, sir, I am yet to contact a member of the deceased family, I will let you know if I did” she responded. The morgue attendant nodded, and watched her leave, he shook his head in pity. “Poor lady” Coming out of the morgue, she flagged a taxi that she entered, and the driver drove to the address she offered. Her phone started ringing, she stared at the screen. “Mama, are you home?” she asked. A voice came from the phone's speaker, “of course, I am home, where are you, Mora? I have searched for you in the entire area, but you are not there!” Mora exhaled, she pondered on telling her where she is “Mama, I went to the hospital, I will be back soon” she promised. The Old woman ended the call, Mora dropped her off at a police station, paid the driver and entered the station. She filed a case, and two officers went with her to investigate the crime scene, and also visit the morgue. At the Agora's family mansion, Madam Vanessa came out of her luxurious car.
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Chapter 6: Visitation
Mora felt uncomfortable hearing that from Regan, she stuttered “y…e... I want to speak to you, sir” Mayor Lycan looked at her pensively, and shrugged “come with me” he told her, and the both of them walked to a shade.Madam Vanessa was watching the two of them from her room's window, the Agora's family butler was behind her “Ma, this is the lady with Mayor Lycan the other night, should we execute the plan?” he inquired.Madam Vanessa turned around swiftly and looked at Bass with mixed facial expressions, confusion, indecisiveness, and fear clouding her eyes, Butler Bass was perplexed, he has never seen the weak side of Madam Vanessa.The most feared woman in District Z, scared of a lowly peasant “Bass, I guess you don't know who the girl is, just let her be” she said in a defeated tone and strode out of the room.Mora sat nervously in the chair that Mayor Lycan offered, she opened and closed her mouth before she finally spoke, “Mayor Lycan, I am here searching for Philip”.Mayor Lyca
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Chapter 7: The Gunshot
Mama Sarah had no choice but to drag her tired body along “Alright, alright, let me get my purse, so, I can go with you” she said before leaving with the boy.Mora hesitated before she finally went after her mother, after some minutes of deliberation within herself, arriving at the crime scene, the forensic team have already gone in.Mayor Lycan stood with the police commissioner, while the peasants in their numbers stood in a corner, a little boy tugged on Mora's gown, she looked down and saw her student.“Gabriel, what are you doing here, all by yourself?” she asked, looking around for the child's parents, the little kid took a deep breath before speaking “Mistress, I came on my own, I admire Mayor Lycan so much, I heard he scored the highest in the national exam, and he also performed beautifully as a mayor, I want to be like him when I grow up” he vowed with determination.Mora raised her head and looked at the man the kid was babbling about, a vague image flashed in her mind, mak
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Chapter 8: Peace Keeping
“I will get it” Mora informed her mother, and went to open the door.“Is your mother inside?” a voice asked from outside, “who is that Mora? Bring her in” Mama Sarah told Mora.She shifted from the door and ushered the woman in, a pleasant smile appeared on Mama Sarah's “Melissa, you came to see me this late? You would have waited until daybreak”.The middle-aged woman responded with a kind smile, before settling down, “I just have to make it here, the entire settlement is under tension, troops deployed here are harassing our people, and there is even a case of molestation” she complained bitterly.Mama Sarah gaped at her, she wasn't aware of the deployment of the military in an internal affair that required the police, has the internal security structure collapsed, she contemplated.Worry creased her face, “I will look for a way and settle this, I will go to the mayor's office tomorrow, mobilize some women too, we have to go there together, our numbers matter a lot” she relayed her
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Chapter 9: Political Traps
The security man lowered his head, and coward before Mayor Lycan “higher up” he voiced out with clattering teeth.Mayor Lycan turned to his secretary, “you know what to do”“Yes, Mayor Lycan” he responded immediately, Mayor Lycan ushered the women in and instructed his entourage to entertain them with bottles of water and snacks.He came back to address the women, Mama Sarah stood on her feet “Mayor Lycan, after what happened yesterday, soldiers have been tormenting our settlements, we are peaceful peasants, and there is no need for them at all”She said loud and clear, Mayor Lycan was stunned, he was surprised to hear this from them, he forced a smile on his face “you don't have to worry about that, I will make sure they are redeployed back to the barracks” he promised.Mama Sarah and the other women were happy, they left the district council afterwards in a truck of a man, who supplies the factories with raw materials.Secretary Hào met with Mayor Lycan when the women left “Mayor, I
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Chapter 10: Arrogant Visitor
Arnold swatted the beads of sweat on his forehead, he heaved heavily while staring blankly.“I will get the jeep,” his subordinate said and jogged off, Mora lowered her head and simply spoke softly, “Sir, I have to rush down-home.”Arnold due to exhaustion simply agreed “alright, go ahead” he responded without rationalizing his response, Mora scurried away.When the jeep arrived a bottle of water was given to him, he rejuvenated and sprung to his feet “let's go” he ordered.His subordinate looked around, and saw the lady with their boss has left “Boss, she left already” he reminded Arnold, and his eyes widened.In regret, he lamented, “why did you let her go? And how are we going to see her again, useless!” he scolded his two subordinates haughtily.His subordinates pursed their lips tightly and wore an ambiguous look on their faces, they felt wronged “Sir, it isn't our fault, you are the one who permitted her to go” one of them reminded him, and Arnold's face sank.He couldn't blame
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