Vladimir’s POV

She was gone. Or maybe, that’s what I thought because she didn’t see me for a week. I am going crazy thinking about what happened to her.

What is she doing?

Is she okay? I don’t want to think she’s gone. I want to believe that she’s just too tired so she can’t use her human form. I just want to think that I lost every ability I have to see her because maybe I lost all her blood in my veins.

I tried to calm myself because that might hurt her if she’s beside me so I focus on other things. I spent most of my time on the council, helping the other house restore it. I attended a meeting to replace my father’s absence even though it bored me so much.

I went to university, listened to lectures that didn't even make sense to me. I tried everything just to stop me from thinking about her. Yet, everytime

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