Vladimir’s POV

I woke up but I can’t remember when I fell asleep. My last memory is of Uriel kneeling in front of me before Gabriel stabbed the knife in my side. Did I die?

Or wait, no. I’m dead? Am I dead?

No, maybe? I don’t know anything about heaven or hell, but I am very sure Fermine’s bookshop is neither of the two. How did I get back here?

Am I just dreaming all these times? I felt myself. The wound on my body is gone. I am no longer weak.

I’m back as if nothing happened.

I looked around, called for Fermine, but he’s not around. I decided to go out. It’s still the same place. Other infrastructures are still broken and vampires are still around.

It’s like I was dreaming ... so, it was all a dream? The angel Gabriel ... and everything!

Ugh! I g

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