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Vladimir Fear, a vampire who hides in the shadow of humans, met Cassandra who knows his secret. In return, Cassandra asked him to become her boyfriend until all her bottles of dreams come true. Slowly, Vlad realized Cassandra isn't what she thought to be. In the midst of discovering her identity, what will Vlad do when he finds out he was part of her secret?

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27 Chapters
Here I am again.I found myself running down a narrow and old road that seems to have been abandoned by time. The moon was smiling above me. At first, it was like a greeting but when you look closely I felt like the moon knows some secret only it can see from the above as it illuminates my path. After all, when the moon forms a smile above the sky, darkness often enveloped the whole world and for the first time I can see it. I was out of breath from running. I can no longer remember which part of the place I started running. Why did I come here? Why did I change the path I was taking home? Maybe, this is my end. I was trembling as I reached the end of the alley, just a few runs, just a few steps and I could see the light from the pole when he appeared in front of me. His body was covered in black. When he looked up, I couldn't even leave my position as his red eyes opened. And when he opened his mouth the shape of his teeth gradually changed until I could feel the blood slowly flo
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Vladimir’s POV “They're getting bigger again,” My brother Van said anxiously as we drove down the dark alley. "He is really building an army," he added. I did not answer what he said because I was irritated by the variety of smells I was inhaling. I wouldn't have gone with him and just let him do what he wanted to do but I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep when something bad happened to him. "You should have told me that we are going here," I said. "You should have told me to bring a mask." "I'm sorry, I thought you're not coming and Dad told me to keep this a secret from anyone until it's over." I was about to speak when suddenly the surroundings became quiet.
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Vladimir’s POV “Are you really sure? I told you I have not seen the girl. I saw no one, ”Van said with conviction. I told her about the girl, the new student. “Who is she? What’s the name? ” Via asked. "There was also a new student in my class earlier, maybe they are the same." "Cassandra." I plainly said. That’s what I remember when she introduced me after she sat down. The professor told her to sit next to me since it’s the only vacant seat. “Oh, the girl with the strong blood. Cassy. ” "Cassy, ​​are you close?" Van asked, wondering. “Yeah, I was next t
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Vladimir’s POV I didn’t confront her. I was waiting for the right time so I just observed her. For the last few days, she became close to my sister Via. I warned Via about being too close to her and she told me she would eventually change Cassy’s memories in due time. She just really enjoys her company because she is so smart. She even told me that Cassy didn’t believe all the rumors we spread. Somehow, in the last hundred years she met someone again who she wanted to be friends with. "I feel at peace when I am with her, like I've known her before." I remembered Via said in which my other sister Vanna agreed by saying, "Sometimes we meet the reincarnation of the people we've met before." I didn't argue anymore. Usually, when Vanna speaks we just listen to her and we always
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Vladimir’s POV We are in the living room. We were watching a series. Via kept on watching Vampire Diaries telling us how much she loves Damon. She seems to want to meet and write the Vampire Diaries to tell her something true. Mom and Dad kept on laughing at her. They’re both cool. Dad is actually a police detective, he mostly focuses on rare cases like us, the disappearance of people and the corpses found with vampire bites. He tried his best to divert the truth from them. Sounds unfair, but we can’t risk our life. While my Mom is a doctor in a hospital for vampires. She is the head of research that studies vampires and how we can survive the modern world. Van was sipping blood, while I was reading a book when Vanna came out of the kitchen. She brought her sketch pad and then s
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Vladimir’s POV "Can you at least pretend just for a while," Cassandra started, as she sat across from the telescope. She was already done naming all the constellations, stars, and galaxies she’d seen through the telescope. She got tired of blabbering while I just watched her. Though, okay that’s a lie. I didn’t just watch her, I talked to her and for the first time we actually found something that we could talk to. I always loved the universe and never found someone who loves it just as much as I do. Earlier, we talked with sense, not that she’s been talking nonsense since the first time I met her but this is the only time we had a topic that we both like. Weird, I’ve felt like I’ve seen through her soul. She even told me all the stories of the constellations, each of them though I already know them.
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Vladimir’s POV "She got a tattoo," Via said as she entered my room. It took her days to actually say that. I’ve been waiting like crazy because I’m dying to know. I did nothing but wait and cook for her everyday. I don't know, that woman is getting used to me cooking for her. She even wanted me to cook not only for her. Actually, she always gives the things I cook to the children at church. "And," I said impatiently. "What covenant?" Then, she’s a witch— “It’s no symbol of covenant,” Via dropped it. She shook his head. “I’ve searched for it. Stan did and so did Mom. It’s not a symbol of a covenant or anything, not even a symbol of a wolf, ”she sighed. "It's just a tattoo of broken wings." “So, it’s nonsense?” I asked. “Yeah, sh
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Vladimir’s POV   The people believed the so-called epidemic and some of them even rushed to the nearest hospital to ask for a prescription. There’s no medicine to cure the virus, and no prevention so they also didn’t get it because normal doctors are still studying it - what they thought was a disease when it’s not.   Though, there is really a cure and it’s our blood. When bitten by a vampire, using the vampire's blood it will heal but when the virus spreads only the human blood is the cure but that would make the human a vampire.   The whole place declared no business for days because of what happened. They were so afraid so they bought a lot of stocks and hid inside their houses. I don't know how long people will do that but it's still a good decision especially and we're not sure when the half-bloods will start. They had better stay in their homes first.   Mom and Dad were not yet
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Vladimir’s POV I tried calling Mom and Dad but they didn't answer their phone. Van is patrolling the town together with Stan and the other vampires from our house. Via and Vanna are in the living room, talking about her visions. I told her about the shooting star today and the meteor shower next month but she told me that that wasn’t connected to half-bloods. There is something that will happen to the world but they still haven’t figured it out.What they have actually figured out is the war between half-bloods. They already know the hide-outs of the other half-bloods but they are still figuring out where their king’s hide-out is. It will happen in two days, so we started warning the people in the way they would believe.The Ruin already controlled the media, the police and even the palace because hide-outs of half-bloods were scattered all over the country.&
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Vladimir’s POV I was spacing out. I can’t clearly think when I’ve reached the council but I’ve tried my best not to think of it for a while to focus on what’s happening. My Dad and Mom were already standing at the front gate waiting for us. We were joined by Stan and his brother as well as their parents who already went inside to lock the system. Vanna was also inside with the other owl. We left some guards outside the area to patrol while we locked the gate. Dad made a barrier out of fire to lock us from the outside and I saw him a while ago putting some fire on the ground. I freeze the inside of the area. "Brother," Via reached for the box. When I opened it, it was blood from a human. “Mom bought some from the blood bank. We need it, you need it. ”I nodded and drank a bag of blood from a human. I felt the effect of it on my veins as
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