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I slid under his arms, seeking a safe place to catch my breath. I noticed a playful smile on his lips, but I chose to ignore it. "Will the transformation hurt?" I lowered my gaze and whispered. "First, your bones start to break, sending you to the ground," his eyes were closed. "Then, thick fur will grow all over your body. The limb stretching, I think that's the most thrilling part of the pain." The Alpha teased with a flicker of his tongue before continuing. "Next comes the shortening of the snout and the development of sharp claws and fangs." "Will I become irrational?" I covered my mouth, trying to control the knot that had formed in my throat. "How do you control it?" Laughing, he had already reached me and pulled me close, digging his claws not too deeply into my hip, causing a painful moan. "It takes strength, training, and having the goddess on your side, human..." He withdrew his claws, leaving only a long scratch, and returned to my chin, scratching it and collecting a drop of blood. He licked it and smiled. "Don't worry, I'll be here throughout your trial..." "To make sure I die?" With tears in my eyes, I took a few more steps towards his dangerous game, realizing that his breathing was slightly heavier. "You remind me a lot of her," he murmured, pressing his forehead against mine. "To ensure your transformation doesn't get out of control and to witness the deity's choice." With more pressure on my forehead, he forced me to take a few steps back in pain.

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Her breathing was heavy due to the frigid air of the Colorado streets; her lungs burned with every deep breath as she desperately sought air during her relentless escape. In the distance, she caught the menacing sound of a whistle, accompanied by cruel laughter and a hate-filled promise. “You can't escape us. We'll hunt you to hell, and you'll pay for your betrayal,” declared one of the pursuers. “Damn them!” Agatha whispered to herself, exhausted. “Why won't they leave me alone?” Turning the corner and entering a dark alley, she believed she had found temporary refuge. However, before she could catch her breath, heavy footsteps approached. A silhouette in the darkness emerged in the form of a wolf, teeth bared, clearly announcing imminent danger. “Please, leave me alone... I promise I won't reveal anything to anyone!” Agatha pleaded with the creature before her. “Ah, my dear, we can't let you escape. You carry our victory against him, and we need the offspring!” roared the super
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After the sad days that had passed, I assumed the painful task of taking care of my beloved sister’s body and burying it next to our parents. A sense of abandonment engulfed me as I looked at the newly covered land, as if everyone I loved had turned their back on me. A protest erupted from the baby in my arms, provoking a tired sigh from my lips.“All right, it looks like everyone left me except you, Conan,” I muttered with a tender smile directed at the little being fidgeting in my hands. Soon after, tears burst in my eyes, and a single stubborn tear rolled down my cheek. “ Yes, I know,” I continued as I carefully picked up the baby and put him in the trunk in front of my chest. “ I miss her, too, but now it’s just you and me, the brave one.”A gentle smile touched my lips as I caressed the softness of the baby’s cheek, gently swaying it to calm his restless spirits. As I did so, I would hum a soft melody, a reminder of the songs my mother used to sing to us as children.Suddenly, a
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I suddenly woke up looking for Conan. I noticed that my wounds had been treated and walked around the room with my eyes, finding my nephew in a crib near my bed. My attention was captured by the enigmatic figure of the wolf, who had an icy white hue mixed with silver lights, entering the room.“Don’t come any closer, beast!” I screamed, making an effort to look threatening, though my voice betrayed the nervousness I was feeling.The wolf continued to advance, stopping in front of me and sitting on his hind legs. He made a mocking sound, as if he found my threats amusing.“I’m warning you, creature. I will not allow you to hurt my baby!” I will repeat my words, and then there will be no doubt.The furry one approached, looking at me intensely and smelling the surrounding air.“This dog is not yours. The smell is similar, but not identical. It belongs to me,” he growled, showing his canines.“Are you talking? Or am I going crazy, listening to a wolf conversation?” I stammered, perplexed
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Placing my calmer nephew back in the crib, he turned his icy gaze towards me.“You ask too many questions, human,” he said, his voice carrying an enigmatic tone.“I've already told you, I need answers!” I protested, stomping my foot. He continued to assess my body with his penetrating eyes, making my skin tingle wherever his gaze passed.At one point, his eyes fixed on my ankle, causing me to instinctively pull my leg back.“You're asking the wrong questions,” the man in front of me declared, his curious expression furrowing his brow. “You've been bitten, aren't you concerned about the transformation you're going through?” His eyes returned to mine, probing my reaction.“Transformation?” I looked at my ankle, pondering his echoing words in my mind. I hesitated before asking, “What are you talking about?”Abruptly, he moved closer and forcefully pulled my leg forward, revealing the freshly tended bite.“You've been bitten by a wolf, and you're human.” He continued to stare at me, his t
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“I wasn't cursed like this!” A menacing growl erupted from the Alpha's chest, causing the hair on my arms to stand on end as I took a step back. His contempt for humans was evident, making it difficult to understand why he had gotten involved with a human or why he had saved me.I took a few more steps towards the surrounding forest; the cabin was in the middle of nowhere, and there was no one to come to our rescue. Before I could decide to run, a brown and gray wolf leaped menacingly towards me from among the trees, its fangs bared, making it clear that it was ready to attack. Still in his human form, the Lycan king showed no rivalry, leading me to conclude that the menacing wolf that threatened me was his minion.A she-wolf emerged from behind him, passing by me; her tones were beautiful in a blend of cream and white, and her stride was majestic and elegant. She walked up to the Alpha in her lupine form, stopping by his side and politely saying,“Brother, forgive this foolish human;
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I reached the highest possible point as nightfall approached, scanning the area below with my eyes in search of any sign of the wolf that was hunting me. I knew that the countdown had already ended some time ago, and I heard soft branches breaking on the ground, unable to determine if they were coming from the beast that was searching for me or from another animal in the forest.Likewise, I tried to calm my breathing until a deep, menacing voice echoed through the wilderness: “AAAA, little human, you're more cunning than I imagined, masking your scent!” A sinister laugh followed, “You've made things more interesting!”I covered my mouth when I realized that its heavy paws were rapidly approaching me. I prayed in my mind, begging any available deity to make me invisible to my mortal enemy. “I'm going to find you, little mouse!” His growling and amused howl indicated he was clearly reveling in his games.I attempted to climb even higher, fearing being seen. My feet slipped on the branc
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It didn't take long for a group of wolves to emerge from the depths of the forest, as if they had deleted the imminent threat. The Alpha had transformed into his lupine form just before the pack approached.“They are many!” I exclaimed, concerned, gripping my trusty dagger in my hand and pointing it at the beasts surrounding us. “Aren't you a king? Where's your pack?” I looked at him for answers, making him laugh at my words.“For these pests, only my Beta and I are enough,” he said confidently, and I couldn't tell if it was his ego or madness.“The human belongs to us, Alpha, return her, and we will leave you in peace without much harm,” growled a dark-toned wolf, seeming to be the leader of the small group.“Is the human an ally of yours?” Beta Oliver exclaimed.The dark wolf sniffed in my direction, trying to recognize me, until he stopped, narrowing his eyes in doubt.“Your appearance is identical, but your scent is not the same. What kind of sorcery is this? I've never seen anyth
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I abruptly woke up with the sun's rays invading the room through the window. My first sight was of the bed I had been in before. However, I realized that something was different. I got up, disoriented, and began to frantically search for Conan, my heart racing as my search proved to be in vain. He was no longer in his crib.A wave of fear washed over me, flooding my mind with distressing thoughts. Would I never see him again? Would I never feel his sweet baby scent again? My anxious footsteps took me back and forth across the room, and my hands trembled as I tried to open the locked door. A chair near the window caught my attention, and in a fit of anger and despair, I threw it with force. I felt exhausted and completely nervous.Screaming, I ran my hands through my hair and took a deep breath, trying to regain my composure. “Agatha, what mess have you gotten us into?” I exclaimed, directing my frustration at myself.Finally, the door unlocked, and Victoria entered the room with a gen
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It didn't take long for nightfall to approach. The moon in the sky was nearly full, indicating that the transformation was nearing. I felt my breath grow heavy, my instincts sharpen, and I could hear an owl in the background of the forest. On the ground, I could feel a snake slithering its way towards a nearby burrow. I looked out of the open window, sniffing various scents that filled the forest, from the dew on a plant to the damp mist that enveloped the woods.“I'm scared,” I confessed, squeezing my hands. The wolf sat there enigmatically, without uttering a single word.The pains in my joints began with a twist in my stomach, and my ribs felt like they were expanding from within, making room for a lupine soul. “Aiii, it hurts,” I moaned, crouching down and wrapping my arms around my belly. “I don't want this,” I pleaded, teary-eyed, looking at the Alpha in front of me. “Please, help me avoid this!”“Aiii, damn it, darn!” I yelled, surrendering to the pain. Cold sweat dripped down
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“Why is this happening?” Sophie's voice was like a whisper, filled with confusion and pain.Unconsciously, she nuzzled her muzzle into the Alpha's neck, sending shivers down his fur. A mixture of desire and the need to possess her overwhelmed him. The wolf before him had just undergone a transformation without losing her rationality—a process unlike anything King Laycan had ever seen. She had been promised to him by her goddess. Its effects were already noticeable, and he was making a tremendous effort not to claim her. It was too early; she still needed to understand what she had become, needed to be trained to control her transformation, and then she should accept him as her mate. Before his eyes, he knew it wouldn't be an easy task, but the challenge of winning his prey was tempting.“Why was I cursed?” Sophie's question caught the Alpha off guard, pulling him from his dark reverie. Her voice sounded like a lament, tinged with sadness.Retracting his muzzle, she lay down on her paw
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