18. Secret Lives and Lies


I gasp at the person standing at the foot of my bed, pulling the covers over my naked body. Fear stabs through me as I wonder what she could want, but then she shakes her head, and my eyes narrow.

“Cleo? What are you doing here?”

She puts a finger to her lips to tell me to stay quiet and walks towards me. “I wanted to apologise to you for my behaviour today. What my sister said was…it was awful,” she whispers. “I just wanted to make it clear to you.”

I frown as I look at her, not understanding. “You both continued to insult me, making me feel like I don’t deserve Cassian—”

“That’s not me, I promise!” she says in a hushed tone and sits on my bed. “I’m fine with you being his mate; he’s the happiest he has ever been since he became King and everyone can see it! It’s just…”

She trails off her last sentence and laces her hands together on her lap, sighing and hanging her head. I don’t know why, but I feel uneasy with her silence. “Cassandra… she has an unhealthy obsession with
J. Tarr

Sorry for skipping a day. I had a 24 hour electricity blackout x

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Bella Jersey
Can not believe it
goodnovel comment avatar
Yuck yuck yuck to cassandra!!! Hope Reyna gets that proof soon!!
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Connie Wilson
I gotta say I didn't see this coming! What a mess!

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