TWIN ALPHAS' Moon Whisperer

TWIN ALPHAS' Moon Whisperer

By:  M.A LAMOUR  Completed
Language: English
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Twin Alpha males are mated with the same woman. They are both powerful alphas and leaders of their pack. One Alpha was strong enough for the pack, but with two Alphas? The pack is deemed untouchable. Anisha has no knowledge of the supernatural world and she is caught in the middle of two possessive twin brothers, each vying for her affection. Confused, she lets them. And the more she explores the world unknown to her, the more she feels in love with its beauty, but most especially the beauty of the twins who are as sexy as their sweet asses can be. Who would have thought that wolves are sexy and lustful beings? As the story unfolds, she is introduced to a world of werewolves. A world where fear, the mystery of her life, secrets, desire, and lust, are daily occurrences. She begins to uncover the dark secrets of their pack, including her life's secret and a long-standing feud with a neighboring clan, and a looming threat from a dangerous enemy. *** "No, mate. You're not getting away with it so easily. You knew it was dangerous. Am I right, brother?" Kallum asked Kazimir with a smirk on his face. I glanced at Kazimir, his eyes grew increasingly intense, and his lips tightened into a thin line. "I didn't think it was dangerous because I trained with Riahbel," I interjected, attempting to sound innocent. However, guilt weighed heavily on my conscience. Kazimir stepped closer to the bed, "We both know that it was not true." slowly unbuckling his belt, his voice dropped into a sexy octave. My thighs tightened and my heart began to heave in anticipation. I swallowed thickly. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK. REMEMBER. THIS IS VERY VERY STEAMY.

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Me me
Will there be part two of this story? It was an amazing read. I will read this over again! Thank you Author!
2023-09-01 12:43:34
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Cyndi Raymer
you have wonderful writing skills, beautiful story I cannot wait to see where this ends.
2023-06-25 10:45:01
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Delinda Schumacher
81 chapters 6-23-23
2023-06-24 03:46:40
default avatar
I want more...
2023-06-08 19:33:16
default avatar
I love this book…I recommend it. It’s steamy, hot but heartwarming......
2023-06-03 12:49:38
176 Chapters
Chapter 1
"You need to dance!" Riri shouted over the loud music. "It'll make you feel better!" Her words were meant to comfort me, but they made me feel even more out of place. I wasn't very confident about how I danced, but Riri was.Riri had always been very outgoing and enjoyed being around people. She loved going to parties and meeting new people. Her attitude was what drew me to her, and we had been friends for almost five years. We met before college and clicked instantly. She became my go-to person for everything, and we hung out and talked all the time.Today, graduation was finally upon us and we could finally start our lives. It had been a long journey but it was all worth it. We finally made it!Today, graduation was finally upon us, and we were ready to celebrate. Riri had decided we should go clubbing, which I thought was a good idea. But after one drink, I was already feeling tipsy while Riri remained unfazed."Come on, Anisha! The music's great!" Riri called, looking stunning in
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Chapter 2
"Do you want to drink more?" The man asked, his voice deep and smooth.My response was quick. "Yes. another glass if you don't mind." I noticed the corner of his mouth raised, but it disappeared just as quickly.He towered over me as he stood up and walked to the refrigerator. His commanding presence made me feel small, intimidated even, but I tried to keep my composure. I didn't know him and he didn't know me.Riri's teasing tone interrupted my thoughts. "Stop staring and start eating, An."I replied, "I'm eating," as I stuffed a piece of fruit into my mouth. "You can tell me what you want to tell me while I'm eating, Ri. That way, we can save time."In my peripheral view, I saw him take his seat before placing the glass of OJ near my plate. Despite his obvious presence, I ignored him and focused on Riri."As you know, school is over, and you want to find a job." She started. I hummed in response, still eating. "Remember the Creekpine town?""Your hometown that you never let
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Chapter 3
"I need to call my parents," I said as Riri was following behind me. I turned to face her and noticed the seriousness in her expression. "I don't understand what's going on," I told her."An, this is serious," she said. "I need you to be open-minded and understanding, please.""Please, Riabhel, can you spare me from making any demands? I believe I have been quite understanding so far. I'm still trying to process everything and I'm not angry yet about what you've done." As I entered the room, I noticed my bag on the sofa and began searching for my phone inside. "Where on earth did I put my phone?" I muttered in frustration."It's right there," Riabhel said, directing my attention to the bedside table where my phone sat next to the alarm clock.I couldn't help but roll my eyes inwardly as I responded, "Did you hear what he said about a pack? And he even growled like some sort of beast. You heard that, right, Riabhel? And now you're acting strange. You're being defensive and it seems lik
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Chapter 4
RIRI"Because you were chosen," I told her.The furrowing of her brows revealed the depth of her inner turmoil. It was as if her mind was a whirlpool of thoughts, desperately trying to make sense of the information at hand. Her face betrayed the myriad of questions and concerns that were swirling within her.Lost in contemplation, her brown eyes would deepen in hue whenever she concentrated on something, drawing in anyone who happened to be observing her. The intense gaze she projected was captivating, and I wondered if she was even aware of it. Perhaps no one had ever mentioned it to her before.When I was initially tasked with protecting this woman, I expected it to be a difficult assignment. However, I was proven wrong. Her gentle nature, compassion, and understanding made everything seem effortless. As I spent more time with her, I realized that she was no longer just a person under my protection but someone I would willingly give my life to defend. In fact, she was the most impor
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Chapter 5
ANISHA"My name is Kazimir."I gasped as I gazed deeply into his eyes. It felt as if he could see right through my soul with the intensity of his stare. My heart raced and my stomach churned. Pushing against his chest, I stepped out of his arms, and he let me go."You've met my brother, but I haven't smelt his scent on you." He said, watching me intently as I took a few steps away from him."You look very similar to each other," I whispered. I whispered. If he hadn't introduced himself, I would have thought he was the same person I met this morning. As I eyed him, I noticed a sterner demeanor and a colder expression, but the resemblance was still uncanny.What should I have expected from identical twins? I groaned internally, placing the blame on Riri. She had failed to mention that they were the Frodhart twins, the Alphas who ruled the pack. She only told me that the pack was led by twin Alphas, without revealing that I had already met one of them. If she had, I would have realized t
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Chapter 6
ANISHAKallum strode toward us. His eyes were drinking me in. I couldn't help but feel like I was under a microscope. I felt myself blush.Craning my neck to see his face, he stopped in front of me and leaned down, his face mere inches away."You have been sampled. I wondered if he had a taste." He said, his voice low and smooth. His breath was fanning my face, minty and fresh. I couldn't help but think he smelt good. I shook my head internally."Kallum," Kazimir breathed. There was a warning in his tone."Don't use that tone on me, brother. I've been controlling myself and yesterday was not an exemption but you," he spat exasperatedly, "not even an hour, yet you already had your scent all over her." He said accusingly.Shaking my head, confused, I stepped in. "Uhm, Kallum, he...he just greeted me with a hug," I said, feeling guilty remembering that it wasn't just a hug. It was more intimate. But his eyes said it all. I shuddered. Was he jealous? Was this a thing in this pack? I wonde
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Chapter 7
KALLUMI noticed her blush but quickly averted my gaze from her body. I recalled the water incident that happened a week ago, and I knew she remembered it too. Although, to me, nothing is sexier than seeing my mate blush.Going a week without seeing her was excruciatingly painful for both me and my wolf, as well as for my brother and his wolf. We were obliged to attend the Pack Union Conference (PUC), where Alphas and High Councils from the governing association were in attendance. However, we had to be very discreet during our stay, since matters concerning the woman in front of me had not yet been discussed." I want another thing, though," I said, trying to control myself from grabbing her and marking that smooth skin on her neck. I was like a newly released mental who needed his dose of maintenance. She wasn't doing anything yet, but I was ready to explode if I couldn't touch her."What is it? It's late." She said, putting the glass in the sink and facing me. She walked towards me
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Chapter 8
KAZIMIRI watched her sleep.The dim light illuminated her sleeping form, peaceful and angelic. She lay under the blanket, wearing one of my shirts after I had accidentally ruined her pajamas. I couldn't help but smirk. I remember how responsive she was, and I liked it that way.My brother and I were able to hold back ourselves and, instead, found pleasure in her pleasure. Getting a sample of her taste was enough for us...for now."Do you want to sleep next to her?" Kallum asked, strolling out of the bathroom."I don't think you're sleeping next to her either," I whispered softly, though I doubted she would wake up from exhaustion.I heard him groan in protest."I think I want to sleep on the bed with her," he said, starting to climb on the bed. But I quickly grabbed his shirt before he could put any weight on the bed and cause it to creak."Nay. Nay. Not tonight, brother." I said firmly. "Not happening.""Come on," he groaned in a hushed voice when I let go of his shirt, frustrated.
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Chapter 9
ANISHA"So," I said, pushing the plate away and wiping the corner of my mouth. I turned to the two good-looking Alphas who were watching me swallow every food like I was some sort of food entertainment. I internally shook my head, realizing that my hunger had overridden the discomfort their eyes gave me."Um, last night," I cleared my throat, feeling nervous despite my attempts to deny it. "I...actually, I couldn't explain it. Am I your mate?" I blurted the question out, unable to contain my curiosity any longer.I heard them chuckle loudly. They both looked at each other as if they were communicating. Their eyes were glowing and flashing; they appeared to be focusing on something beyond our physical surroundings. And I remembered what Riri had told me about.I gave them the eye. "Hello, I'm right here, and I want to hear it too, you know," I said with an innocent smile. "I've heard that wolves can communicate through Mindlinking, but it's not appropriate to use it when I'm in front o
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Chapter 10
ANISHAThere they had it, putting their wolf thing in the open. I couldn't help but feel embarrassed when I saw them picking up on my arousal in the air. They could smell me? Why was I still surprised by their ability to detect it? Their predatory eyes intensified. I quickly crossed my legs as if to hide the scent that only they could smell. The truth was I had no idea what to think. They said it sensually like they liked the scent in the air. However, the pain and distressed expressions on their faces suggested otherwise."What should I do?" I asked, feeling vulnerable in their presence.Kallum's gaze met mine, his eyes now back to their clouded brownish-green eyes. He stood up slowly but did not move any closer. He seemed to gain a few more inches taller by the way he stood his ground. Kazimir's gaze remained fixed on me, his eyes never leaving mine and staying dark as coal, his breath heaving."Like last night, your scent can drive our wolves crazy. We want nothing more but to devo
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