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Have you ever caught your partner cheating on your birthday? If yes, what was your reaction? It was the same case for Aria. On the morning of her birthday she stumbles on her boyfriend Ethan cheating, and in a fit of rage drives off but accidentally crashes into the car of a young Alpha. Now she must choose between paying for the damages or being his mate till he finds her. She agrees to it, but one night of drunken passion leads to an unexpected consequence. She wakes up to find she was mated to him for life by a Lunar Tether. But does Aria want to be mated? Especially as she discovers his twin was her real mate. The both will have to protect her with their lives, trying to win her love. But what happens when Aria discovers she wasn't an ordinary wolf and her powers kept drawing enemies, do you think they would be able to protect their bond from the dangers lurking around or do you think that bond will tear them apart.

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Delinda Schumacher
38 chapters 7-8-23
2023-07-09 00:33:03
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Hello readers, I want to apologize for chapter twenty three, there's a slight error there, although it's been corrected, it's yet to show on the system, fret no longer it will soon be there.
2023-06-23 13:50:26
82 Chapters
Best Present
Chapter one Aria's Pov "Mum! I'm leaving." I yelled, banging the door behind me. "What about breakfast? You haven't had it yet." "Fuck breakfast, I'll eat in the school's canteen.""Don't worry about me. I'm good." The sun shone brightly in the sky as I stepped out of the pack house feeling the warmth of its rays on my skin, the gentle breeze blowing brushed against my skin. I felt a sense of excitement and happiness growing inside me. Today was my birthday. I am finally an adult and will be moving out soon. I couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement coursing through my veins as I thought of Alpha Ethan, my boyfriend. I couldn't wait to see him in school, not because he had promised me a day full of surprises and fun, but because he would be marking me as his mate. I walked to the garage when my stomach let out a loud rumble. Groaning inwardly, I wondered if I had time to grab a quick snack before school because Ethan would be waiting for me. Without a second thought, I
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The Accident
Chapter twoAria's Pov I walked towards the guest house, my anger at its peak. Did he dare cheat on me like that? I couldn't take it anymore. I felt betrayed and hurt. My heart was pounding, and my hands were shaking with rage. I didn't care about the students who had come out to watch the unfolding drama. All I wanted was to get to him, to know if this was true. "I'm going to kill him," I muttered under my breath, clenching my fists tightly. Finally, I reached the guest house, my breath getting heavier with each step I took. I pushed my way through the students and teachers, not minding who was in my way. I had to get to him, my dad was the beta of the pack and had a relationship with the Alpha, so I was quite powerful. "Excuse me," I said to the security guards blocking my way. "I need to get through now," I commanded as they looked at me with surprise and quickly moved aside, allowing me to pass. I could hear their whispers but didn't care. Finally, I arrived the first d
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An offer
Chapter three Aria's pov "What have you done to my car?" I shuddered in fear as my eyes fell on him. He was tall and muscular, with piercing blue eyes and a furrowed brow. His hair was jet black and his jaw was clenched tightly, looking like he could crush me with his bare hands. I knew at that very moment that I was in trouble. He was from the neighboring pack, and we were rivals. My heart pounded in my chest as different thoughts began running through my mind on what to do. "Should I apologize and offer to pay for the damages?" I thought when my eyes suddenly fell on the car. "I'm so sorry," I said, my voice trembling. "I didn't see your car." "You didn't see my car?" he said, his voice rising. "How could you miss a car like this?" "I wasn't paying attention," I said, feeling guilty. "I'll pay for the damages." "You damn right will," he said, crossing his arms. "This is a Bugatti Centodieci. Do you have any idea how much it's worth?" I shook my head, feeling even worse t
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What's that feeling
Chapter fourAria's Pov"Deal," I whispered, taking his hands. "That's good for you." And with that, he brought out his cell phone to make a call. It wasn't up to five minutes when a Honda Civic pulled up. "Get in." He said while I admired the car. The exterior was polished to a mirror-like finish, and the chrome accents sparkled like diamonds. I walked around and sat beside the driver's seat as he opened the door and sat. The interior was just as impressive as the exterior, with plush, buttery-soft leather seats that were a perfect match for the gleaming chrome accents. The car was fully loaded with the latest technology, including a state-of-the-art sound system and a touchscreen dashboard that displayed all the car's vital stats. He started the engine and I couldn't help but smile at the purring sound that emanated from beneath the hood. The road was lined with towering trees that created a picturesque canopy overhead, and we passed by quaint cottages and fields of wildflowe
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Tipsy night
Chapter fiveAria's PovI stood up abruptly, knocking my chair back with a loud thud. All eyes turned to me, scanning me with quizzical expressions. My heart was pounding so hard against my chest that I thought it would burst out at any moment. My birthday was supposed to be a day of celebration, happiness, and joy. But it had turned into a mess, thanks to Ethan. "Aria, what's wrong?' Orion asked as I turned swiftly from him. "Like you care." I ran out of the hall. I couldn't bear to be in that suffocating atmosphere for a second longer. Tears were blinding my eyes, making it hard for me to see where I was going. But I didn't care. All I wanted was to escape, to get away from everything and everyone. As I burst out into the cool night air, I felt a wave of pure pain wash over me. How could Ethan do that to me? How could he ruin my birthday like this? I trusted him and loved him with all my heart and yet, he had betrayed me, shattering my world into a million pieces. Was Olivia
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The mark
Chapter sixAria's Pov I blinked my eyes open, squinting against the harsh sunlight that filtered through the curtains as I groaned, feeling like a truck had hit me overnight.And as I shifted on the bed, its creaking sound echoed in the room, and I rubbed my eyes, attempting to clear the fog in my mind.With a weary sigh, I pushed aside the soft duvet that had enveloped me throughout the night, as if coaxing me to face the day ahead."Why on earth did I drink so much last night?" I mumbled to myself, sensing the lingering effects of a brutal hangover.As I surveyed the unfamiliar surroundings, my mind raced to piece together the events that led me here. Then, my horrified gaze landed on the mirror, and I gasped in utter disbelief."Oh no, no, no!" I shrieked, my naked reflection sending shockwaves through me.Panic coursed through my veins, and I hurriedly tried to cover myself, my hands trembling as I struggled to recall the happenings of the previous night."What happened? How did
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The Lunar tether
Chapter sevenAria's Pov "Taxi," I called out for the fifth time, standing outside the "royalties" hotel as they all sped past me.I wasn't with my phone to even call my dad. What should I do? I pondered, playing with my hair. "Why don't we go in and wait for Orion as the receptionist said?" My wolf Eva advised."To hell with your advice, Eva. I can't look at the face of that rapist," I replied, my head pounding like a drum being beaten mercilessly inside my skull."Don't forget who you're referring to," Eva warned."And he isn't a rapist. You all wanted the same thing," she added.Eva was a white and meek wolf, there was nothing special about her, she was just beautiful and had flawless skin, but she was as weak as the least human.I hardly shifted, because letting her take control was another tiring journey, I was the one who protected her and not the other way around.The throbbing intensified with each passing second, causing a wave of nausea to wash over me. I squeezed my eyes
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Chapter eight Colton's PovMy wolf, Ash, roared in pain when she said she had been marked. It felt as though a silver blade had pierced my heart, leaving me speechless."And he isn't my mate," she added as my anger began to boil inside me as I turned to her."Who isn't your mate, Aria?" I asked, feeling the threat of Ash's presence rising, ready to take control."Orion," she said, and suddenly the world around me fell into silence."I am just a substitute for his mate." She whispered as I felt hurt and insulted."I knew it," I said. It was as if a switch had been flipped, and I was no longer in control."Why are you acting this way?" she whimpered, and I gave her a hard stare, realizing she didn't know the truth.Despair washed over me. The person I thought was meant for me, the one I was destined to be with, was now out of reach. "You're my mate Aria," I said as she just stared at me.It felt as though the universe was conspiring against me, mocking me with what I could never have
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Lion and Ash
Chapter nine Orion's PovMy hands gripped the steering wheel tightly as I drove back to the hotel, fear coursing through my veins and my heart pounding in my chest.The weight of responsibility pressed down on me. Thoughts raced through my mind. "What trouble has she gotten herself into?" I wondered, speeding towards the hotel.I had to leave a meeting to come back here when it wasn't even 1 pm."Cursed lunar tether," I muttered under my breath, frustration evident in my voice. "Why did she have to let me mark her? Now I'm bound to protect her, whether I like it or not."I couldn't face her. It wasn't part of the agreement. A night of passion had led to her begging me to mark her."Jeez, Lion, this is all your fault," I spat at my wolf who remained quiet, feeling guilty for what he had done.I could feel her fear. Something was wrong. The lunar tether tend to make me feel and sense her fear, and if she was in danger, I would lose my powers and worse, my life. She was more or less m
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Brother's Clash
Chapter tenAria's PovMy heart broke into a thousand pieces when I realized who Colton was and why I had been feeling weird and drawn to him.Why hadn't I recognized him earlier as my mate? And here he was talking about how powerful the lunar tether was.I saw the pain and hurt in his eyes, making me feel guilty and I immediately felt a deep hatred against his brother Orion.If only he didn't give me the offer if only he knew I was under the influence of alcohol. I whimpered, wondering what would be going on in Colton's mind I looked at his eyes which had a glowing brown color and wondered if he was about to shift? as It all felt weird to me."Get out." He said to me, his voice laced with hatred.I knew he needed to be calm, cause if he leaves in this situation, he might hurt someone but was shocked when he aggressively pushed me, and I staggered backward, landing on my butt. I looked at him in fear and could see pain evident in his eyes, he hadn't done it on purpose.Just yesterda
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