An Unexpected Lifeline


Tommaso spoke with kindness that made me instantly suspicious. “Your wrists look a bit rough. Infected, maybe. I’ll send someone upstairs to take a look at you.”

I said nothing as he led me up a wide staircase that branched off into two separate wings of the enormous, echoing mansion decorated in dark wood and rich, gray and emerald tile.

“A shower too, I think,” he said, his voice clipped and lifted. I looked up at him then, noticing the way his eyes creased sympathetically as he smiled. “Are you hungry? Thirsty?”

“I…” I trailed off. What was he playing at? Did he think he could appease me with hot water and a trip to the doctor? Maybe a lollipop if I behaved? Not likely. “No.”

I faced forward, trembling slightly as he shrugged in defeat and motioned for me to turn down one long, darkened hallway. Runners stretched the length of the wide hallway, lined with art in heavy wooden frames that might have cost more than the art itself. If my hands hadn’t been bound I would have reache
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