Don't Make a Sound


The body of the man who’d bought me continued to bleed all over the bed as the man who’d shot him in the back of the neck entered the room.

Without thinking, I pushed the body off me, flailing as I tried to stay calm but lost the battle.

He was fucking dead! Right on top of me.

“Calm the fuck down,” my alleged savior said, coming at me. He growled through gritted teeth, but I smacked at him blindly, trying to get away.

Manhandling me seemed to be no problem for him. Within seconds, his strong hands clasped my arms, twisting them as he pulled me against him, putting yet another bag over my head and hoisting me over his shoulder.

He didn’t tie my wrists though. Still wild, I bucked and tried to comprehend what was happening. He merely adjusted my weight with a little toss that sent me a couple inches into the air. When I came back down and landed on his shoulder, it took the wind out of me. A hiss of involuntary sound left my lungs. He patted my rear end as if calming a skittish do
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